The Center for Academic Excellence presents... Death of Icarus, by Brueghel

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The Center for Academic Excellence presents . . .

Paintings for Appreciation

Death of Icarus, by Brueghel.

Cargador de flores, by Diego Rivera.2

Detail from a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.3

Still Life, by Czanne.4

White Crucifix, by Marc Chagall.5

Death of Marat, by Jacques Louis David6

Oath of the Horatii, by Jacques Louis David.7

The Milliner, by Degas.8

Liberty, by Delacroix.9

The Eiffel Tower, by Dufy.10

Raft of the Medusa, by Gricault.11

Geraniums, by Childe Hassam.12

Nighthawks, by Edward Hopper.13

Monsieur Bertrin, by Ingres.14

Wave, by Hokusai.15

Blank Cheque, by Magritte.16

The Gleaners, by Millet.17

Impression: Sunrise, by Claude Monet (1872).18

The Scream, by Munch.19

Prayer, by Norman Rockwell.20

Arles with Irises, by Vincent Van Gogh.21

Landscape, by David Shevlino.22The EndPowerPoint Presentation by Mark A. Spalding, BA, MEd, MA (2009).2324


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