"The Challenge of Young Academic Europe integrating and overcoming University tradition". Antonio Scaglia Universit  Magna Grecia CZ 2012 ESD Summer School

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"The Challenge of Young Academic Europe integrating and overcoming University tradition". Antonio Scaglia Universit Magna Grecia CZ 2012 ESD Summer School 2012 Sustainable Young Europe Slide 2 Europe - University - Modernity Greece (Hellas and Colonies) develops philosophical thought. Pre-Socratic, Socrates Dialogues, Plato (Foundation of Academia, Aristotle's School - Peripatetic's, Sophist School, Hellenistic philosophy and world vision Slide 3 Rafael: Academia Slide 4 School of Athens Slide 5 Hellenistic globalisation Hellenistic globalisation deletes Polis Democratic Model in favour of a new dramatic political dream: from the autonomous city to the Alexanders Great Empire Miletian City and Alexandria Library Slide 6 Rome: Law Roads - Army Dominium and Pax Romana Rome builds up a powerful Empire Abandoning the Republic System for the Empire System based upon an high structured Law, Army, Economic and Political Unit: different countries but dominated and submitted to Rome. [Rome is strongly bounded to Greek culture (language, philosophy, art] Slide 7 Roman Road: Pompei and Balkans Slide 8 Theodor Mommsen Rome History and the Max Weber Bourgeois Culture The Th. Mommsen Book (Rmische Kaisergeschichte: 1854-1885) is highlighting Romes Greatness and Weakness Rome abandon Republican Spirit and develops an aristocratic and authoritarian social and political system Patres Conscripti as a process transforming bourgeois in noble class Slide 9 The Light of Bourgeois Culture Nevertheless, in Max Webers opinion, the Ancient Society and Culture, after a long sleep which followed the Roman Empire decline and fall, awaked again in the Middle Age which places Ancient Culture up in the Light of the Bourgeois Culture.Birth of Modern Bourgeoisie Middle Age Cities and Corporations looking for freedom Slide 10 Ulmer Town Hall Bruges Town Hall Slide 11 Reims Cathedral Slide 12 Corporations: Symbols and Power Slide 13 European Bourgeois Culture: Empire, Democratic Communes City and Bourgeois Modernity Middle Age European University was born in order to express (- culturally and professionally in the best way capacity and power of a new ruling class: Bourgeoisie Brgertum Borghesia. Note: The contemporary German historic, economic and sociology School is highlighting central meaning of Middle Age Society Culture and Politics: (W. Nippel, Gh. Oexle, K. Reiner, J. Kocka etc.). No - legitimate Power in decided and creative way ( A. Scaglia: Max Webers Idealtypus der Nichtlegitimen Herrschaft (Leske+Budrich 2001) Slide 14 Bologna and Paris University Slide 15 The mor ancient Universities (Europe) Scuola medica salernitana, Salerno, Italia verosimilmente founded IX Century Universit di Bologna, Italia, founded 1088 Universit di Parigi, Francia, founded 1090 Universit di Oxford, Inghilterra, founded attorno al 1096 Universit di Parma, Italia, founded 1117 Universit di Modena, Italia, founded 1175 Universit di Cambridge, Inghilterra, founded 1208 Universit di Arezzo, Italia, founded 1215 Universit di Salamanca, Spagna, founded 1218 Slide 16 Universit di Padova, Italia, founded 1222 Universit Federico II, Napoli, Italia, founded 1224 Universit di Vercelli, Italia, founded 1228 Universit di Treviso, Italia, founded attorno al 1231[5] Universit di Siena, Italia, founded 1240 Universit di Valladolid, Spagna, founded 1241 Universit di Macerata, Italia, founded 1290 Universit di Coimbra, Portogallo, founded 1290 Slide 17 Universitad Complutense de Madrid, Spagna, founded 1293 ad Alcal de Henares Universit La Sapienza, Roma, Italia, founded 1303 Universit di Perugia, Italia, founded 1308 Universit di Firenze, Italia, founded 1321 Universit di Camerino, Italia, founded 1336 Universit di Pisa, Italia, founded 1343 Slide 18 Universidad Alcal de Henares Slide 19 Universit di Prague, Check Republic, founded 1348 Universit di Pavia, Italia, founded 1361 Universit Jagellonica of Cracovia, Polony, founded 1364 Universit di Vienna, Austria, founded 1365 Universit di Pcs, Hungaria, founded 1367 Universit di Heidelberg, Germany, founded 1386 Universit of Colonia, Germany, founded 1388 Slide 20 Universit di Ferrara, Italia, founded 1391 Universit di Zara, Croatia, founded 1396 Universit di Torino, Italia, founded 1404 Universit di Lipsia, Germania, founded 1409 Universit di St. Andrews, Scozia, founded 1412 Universit di Rostock, Germany, founded 1419 University Cath. di Lowen, Belgium, founded 1425 Universits of Poitiers, France, founded 1431 Universit di Catania, Italia, founded 1434 Slide 21 University of Glasgow, Scotland, founded 1450 University of Barcelona, Spain, founded 1450 University of Istanbul, Turky, founded 1453 University of Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germania, founded 1456 University of Friburgo, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germania, founded 1457 University of Basilea, Switzerland, founded 1460 Universit of Munich in Bavaria, Germany, founded 1472 Slide 22 University Uppsala, Sweden, founded 1477 University of Copenhagen, Danmark, founded 1479 Eberhard Karls Universitt Tbingen, Tubinga, Germania, founded 1477 Universit di Genova, Italia, founded 1481 University Aberdeen, Scotland, founded 1494 Universidad Santiago de Compostela, Spain, founded 1495 Slide 23 First European Universities as Studium in different fields and deserving ruling classes If Bologna due her initial glory to Law studies and Paris to Theology, Oxford will very soon develop her fame bounded to the Logic and Sciences School! Universities deserve the ruling classes expectations: Church, Corporations, Politics Slide 24 The huge science development: Dewey Decimal Classification 1 Class 000 Computer science, information & general works 2 Class 100 Philosophy & psychology 3 Class 200 Religion 4 Class 300 Social sciences 5 Class 400 Language 6 Class 500 Science 7 Class 600 Technology 8 Class 700 Arts & recreation 9 Class 800 Literature 10 Class 900 History & geography 11 See also 12 References 13 External links Slide 25 Subclassification 300: Social Sciences Class 300 Social sciences 300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology 300 Social sciences 301 Sociology & anthropology 302 Social interaction 303 Social processes 304 Factors affecting social behavior 305 Social groups 306 Culture & institutions 307 Communities 308 No longer usedformerly Polygraphy 309 No longer usedformerly History of sociology Slide 26 Otherwise USA University USA Universities show from the Beginning great flexibility, private initiatives strong influence and an autonomous regulation, The Middle Class constitutes a central engine of University system (look at the actual debate in USA President election). Slide 27 Harward USA University Slide 28 Back to E. J.Syeys and A. de Toqueville E.J. Syeys: Le Tiers Etat Alexis de Toqueville: Ancient regime and the Revolution, Souvenirs. Max Weber: Die Brgerliche Kultur (Last Lectures) 1919/20: Munich). The struggle between Lenin bolshevism and Social democratic mediation Rosa Luxembourg and Kautsky) trying to open the rigid Leninist model (Capital Accumulation 1913) Slide 29 Opening of the Etats Generaux: 5th May 1789 Slide 30 Academic Youth integrating and overcoming University Tradition The more advanced academic young people, even accepting national and local rules and models Is trying to break the enclosure of Universities Tradition keeping more and more in contact with different universities system worldwide this Young Academic Leading Movement represent the new Ruling Class a real no legitimate Power Tradition: scientific knowledge, Rhetoric, vocational skill New Perspective: Innovative capacity to understand and draw up new scientific, communication and productive world Breaking the Iron Cages of the Luhmanns blocked World Slide 31 Breaking Classical Sociological Paradigms From M. Weber survive the open Historic Social Research Method Up with T. Parsons Social System and Structural Functionalism (also with the R. K. Merton Updating: Theory and Social Structure) Up also with K. Marx Historical Dialectic Capital Proletarian Class Breaking the Iron Cages of the Luhmanns blocked World :autorefererential closed communicative circulation and interferencies Slide 32 Students move in the World Slide 33 Eminent elements of the new Young Academic Ruling Class (1) Politically independent and not necessarily radical Learning first Epistemology and Methodology in order to acquire easily and quickly professional skills Multicultural personality: to pass from society to another one, from culture to another one, to speak different languages, interact tolerantly with different partners (colleagues, students, managers and clients) Able to avoid the rigid domination of Finance, Politics and University Close System Slide 34 Eminent elements of the new Young Academic Ruling Class (2) Because educated in different academic milieu and national institutions, this New Academic Ruling Class is naturally dealing with interdisciplinary perspective: or in building up scientific theoretic Model or working out applied projects independently from International Corporations ESD Students are surely a Minority but looking at the acquired experience they are breaking the Iron Cages of the Luhmanns blocked World:thez will be the New Academic International Ruling Class Slide 35 ESD: sociologydegree.eu Look at the website: sociologydegree.eu Please provide reflections, comments, experiences of International Educational Sociology; provide also pictures to be uploaded on the website: sociologydegree.eu Slide 36 Enlightenment, Positivism, Modern European State (Napoleon) This Ruling Class has to resist against: Modern Continental University marked and leaded by the State. The way out from this central political model is strongly characterizing European Continental University. Binomial of Modernity: Bourgeoisie and State Slide 37 Bourgeoisie Max Weber and Karl Marx: Bourgeoisie, Proletari