The Changing Face of Leadership in RtI

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The Changing Face of Leadership in RtI. Cathryn E. Lokey , MS/ Ed.S , NCC. How many balls can one educator keep in the air?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Changing Face of Leadership in RtI

The Changing Face of Leadership in RtICathryn E. Lokey, MS/Ed.S, NCCHow many balls can one educator keep in the air?

No leader can possibly have all the answers . . . The actual solutions about how to best meet the challenges of the moment have to be made by the people closest to the action . . . The leader has to find a way to empower those frontline people, to challenge them, to provide them with the resources they need, and then hold them accountable. As they struggle with . . . this challenge, the leader becomes their coach, teacher, and facilitator. ~ Steve MillerThose who spend the most time with the student are the ones who know best what the student needs.BeforeTEACHERSSpecialistsAdmin.In RtITEACHERSSpecialistsAdmin.Broad Steps of School-Wide RtI ImplementationChoose an RtI CoordinatorForm an RtI TeamSchedule regular RtI Team MeetingsPlan for Staff-wide trainingSet up data management systemTrain, train, train! There is no such thing as too much.Do what works for your organization!Case Study: The School of Arts and SciencesThis is how we did it. The process is not set in stone. Stick to the philosophy!Choose an RtI CoordinatorSomeone with RtI trainingSomeone who can devote substantial timePeople skillsStrong instruction abilityPatience!Persistence!

Form an RtI TeamCreative mindsdevelop a think tankReasonable number of people (ours has 6)People who have their finger on the pulseSome possibilities are: RtI Coordinator, Principal, Assistant Principal, SLP, School Counselor, School Psychologist, grade-level team leaders, ESE teachers

Schedule RtI Team MeetingsWeekly to start out.Find a time that works for everyone (um . . . good luck)Focus on school structures, not individual students. Begin Staff-Wide TrainingTraining should begin before tasks are given.Assigning reading is not training.Can be conducted by the RtI Coordinator or other experts.Short regular sessions are bestlots of repetition.Begin with the philosophy to insure buy-in.Initial focus on vocabulary and basic skills.

It is unfair to hold teachers accountable for tasks they have not been trained to do, or for which they have inadequate resources and support.Data Management SystemIf possible, form a data team.Develop a consistent way to manage data school-wide.Commercial products are available (i.e. AIMSweb).This is a vital resource for those responsible for progress monitoring.Train, Train, Train!Dont worry about doing too much, because you will never be able to come up with time to do enough.Use staff meetings.Bring in expertsfresh voices.Have staff train each other.Find a way to get everyone invested.

One last step: Keep calm and carry on!Questions

If you want to build a ship, dont drum up people together to collect wood and dont assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.~ Antoine de Saint-ExuperyThank you, and good luck!Cathryn E. Lokey MS/Ed.S, NCCSchool Counselor/ RtI CoordinatorThe School of Arts and Sciencessimmonsc2@leonschools.net850.386.6566For more information and training/workshop availability: