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The Civil War Civil War intro

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The Civil War Civil War intro. 1861. Jan. 1861 – South Carolina becomes the first state to succeed after Lincoln’s election. March 1861 – Lincoln is inaugurated. 1861. April 1861 – Attack on Ft. Sumter July 1861 – 1 st Battle of Bull Run. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Civil War Civil War intro

The Civil War

The Civil War

Civil War intro1861Jan. 1861 South Carolina becomes the first state to succeed after Lincolns election.

March 1861 Lincoln is inaugurated

1861April 1861 Attack on Ft. Sumter

July 1861 1st Battle of Bull Run.

July 1861 blockade of the South set up Anaconda plan in place.

Ft Sumter

1862McClellan trained troops in East wouldn't attack.

War in the WestUS Grant brings the Union victory in Tennessee Fort Henry & Fort Donaldson

1862Battle of Hampton RoadsThe Monitor & the Merrimack face offBoth ships were Ironclads The Confederates retreat. Hampton Road

1862Battle of Shiloh TennesseeUnion wins High losses Congress wants Grant goneLincoln says I cant spare this man he fights.Battle of Shiloh

Fall of New OrleansNew Orleans largest city in South

1862Seven Days BattlesSouth loses more men but McClellan retreatsHe thought he was out numbered.

Lee went on the offensive and invades North hopes that Europe will step in and help the South.

1862Bloody Antietam MarylandBloodiest day in all of American HistoryUnion found the battle plans25,000 dead or woundedLee lost 1/3 of his army retreatsMcClellan lets him escape -Could have ended the war gets fired Burnside takes over.Bloody Antietam

Emancipation Proclamation1/1/1863Freed slaves in Confederacy onlyPres. Didnt have power to free slaves in UnionFreed very few slaves most in the deep South Union troops werent down that far.Allows African Americans to fight, 180,000 sign up

54th Massachusetts Regiment

All African American fought without payFredrick Douglass had 2 sons in the unit

1863Siege of VicksburgLast Confederate hold on the Mississippi Grant surrounded city- cut off city for month and - starve them out.Vicksburg

Gettysburg Turning Point of the WarLee goes North to PA. July 1/2/3 1863Go to Gettysburg in search of shoes.90,000 Union troops vs.- 75,000 ConfederatesPicketts Charge attack the middle of Union line leads to a Confederate retreat.Again Lee allowed to escape.

1863July 13th 15th NY City Draft RiotsOver 100 dead over 300 wounded.Rich mans war poor mans fight

1864Shermans MarchTakes the city of Atlanta-marches to the coast.Total War destroy everything burnt towns- killed farm animals destroyed railroadSherman's March

Election of 1864Lincoln vs.- George McClellan (the general he fired)

Sherman wins the election for LincolnLincoln looking for a end to the warLet us striveto bind up the nations wounds Lincolns 2nd inaugural address.1864Virginia CampaignGrant & Sherman vs.- LeeUnion loses more & more troops but will not retreat Union takes Richmond Confederate Capital Lee retreats.

1865Jan 13th - 13th Amendment passed, ending slavery in the US

1865 Surrender at AppomattoxLee surrenders to Grant 4/9/1865 at Appomattox Court House.

Grant treats Lee & his men wellFeeds them lets them go home.

Prison CampsElmira, NY & Andersonville, GA50,000 men died in the camps from disease, starvation and exposure.

1865April 14th 1865John Wilkes Booth assassinates Lincoln at Fords Theater. "Sic semper tyrannis


Affects on Society - SouthDeserters Confederates lost 40% of troopsStates rights had South fighting amongst its self.Economy fell apart money worthlessHyperinflation dozen eggs =$6 Southern soldier made $18 a month.Affects on Society - NorthCopperheads Northern Democrats who are against the war.Lincoln arrests protesters suspends the writ of habeas corpus no trialConscription draft- rich people could pay someone to go for themIncome tax pay for the war