The Clone Wars Campaign Guide

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The Clone Wars Campaign Guide launches heroes into the middle of sweeping battles to determine the fate of the galaxy. This book provides everything you need to set your adventures during the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Separatist forces under the command of Count Dooku. This book includes new information for heroes on both sides of the war, including new talents, feats, prestige classes, and equipment designed to tailor characters to the unique feel of the Clone Wars conflict. More than just information for players, The Clone Wars Campaign Guide provides Gamemasters with descriptions and statistics for starships, vehicles, allies, opponents, and planets and features in-depth information on material drawn from Lucasfilm's new CG animated series, The Clone Wars.

Text of The Clone Wars Campaign Guide

  • COVERCreditsContentsIntroductionChapter 1 - SpeciesTable 1-1: Species Ability AdjustmentsTable 1-2: Age by SpeciesTable 1-3: Average Height and WeightDugsGen'DaiIktochiKaleeshKaminoansKerkoidensNautolansNelvaaniansVurks

    Chapter 2 - Heroic TraitsHeroic ClassesSkillsFeatsTable 2-1: Feats


    Chapter 3 - Prestige ClassesNew TalentsNew Prestige ClassesDroid CommanderMilitary EngineerVanguard

    Chapter 4 - The ForceForce PowersForce TalentsForce TechniquesForce SecretsForce-Using Traditions

    Chapter 5 - Equipment and DroidsMelee WeaponsTable 5-1: Melee Weapons

    Ranged WeaponsTable 5-2: Ranged WeaponsTable 5-3: Wrist Rocket Ammunition

    ArmorTable 5-4: Armor

    EquipmentTable 5-5: Equipment


    Chapter 6 - StarshipsSpace TransportsStarfighters

    Chapter 7 - Clone Wars CampaignsDecline of the JediVillainsMilitarizationClone Heroes

    Large-Scale ConflictMass CombatTable 7-1: Character Weapon RangesStarting Mass Battles

    Chapter 8 - Galactic GazetteerContested WorldsPlanetary Updates

    Chapter 9 - The JediInfluential FiguresKybuckVehiclkes and Starships

    Chapter 10 - The Republic OrganizationThe Republic High CommandPersonnelInfluential FiguresChagrian Species TraitsUmbarian Species Traits

    DroidsOther Republic ForcesVehiclesStarships

    Chapter 11 - The ConfederacyOrganizationThe Separtist Droid ArmyPersonnelGeonosian Species TraitsInfluential FiguresOther Separtist ForcesDroidsVehiclesStarships

    Chapter 12 - Fringe FactionsInfluential FiguresVehicles and StarshipsBeasts

    AppendixBACK COVERClone Wars Campaign Guide Errata