The Cold War 1945-1991. What is it? Cold = tensions Cold = tensions Tension b/w USA & Soviet Union Tension b/w USA & Soviet Union Democracy v. Communism

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Text of The Cold War 1945-1991. What is it? Cold = tensions Cold = tensions Tension b/w USA & Soviet Union...

The Cold War

The Cold War 1945-1991What is it? Cold = tensionsTension b/w USA & Soviet UnionDemocracy v. Communism Almost war

Berlin AirliftGermany divided after WWIIUSSR blocks Allies from BerlinFly in supplies Eventually build Berlin Wall

Photo: Berlin Airlift newsreel 3

AlliancesNATO: US, France, Great Britain, Canada, & 8 other European nations Warsaw Pact: USSR & Eastern Europe

Iron CurtainSpeech by Winston ChurchillMeans the world is split in two: West & East

Not an actual curtainMETAPHOR

Arms RaceWe have nukes; they want nukesThey get nukesWe get nervous. We build better nukes. (H-Bomb)They build better nukes.We threaten each other with our nukes: Mutually Assured Destruction We agree not to blow each other upbut keep our hands hovered over the BIG RED BUTTONjust in case.Mushroom Cloud: Newsreel of H-Bomb explosion in Bikini Atoll 7

Cuban Missile CrisisUSSR puts nuclear weapons in CubaUSA threatens to attack13 days of tensionUSSR agrees to back offAlmost nuclear WW3

Map of Nuclear Range: NBC coverage of CMC 9Space RaceUSA & USSR want beat each other into spaceMaybe send weapons? Shows who is powerful USSR: first satellite (Sputnik), first animal (dog) & man into space (Yuri Gagarin)USA: first man to land on the moon

Sputnik Picture: newsreel 10

Moon landing video 11Cold War Heats Up in Asia China becomes communist seen as lost

North Korean tries to become communist Korean War UN & US involvement Korea divides into North and South

N. Vietnam tries to become communist US gets involved Vietnam war lasts 10+ years US withdraws in 1970s all of Vietnam falls to communism

Collapse of USSRGorbachev comes to power in USSR, allows freedomsReagan: anti-communist, calls for fall of Berlin Wallsymbol of freedom Torn down in 1989

Collapse of USSRUSSR loses territory, people rebel Soviet Union dissolved in 1991

Flag: news, end of ussr 14