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The Cold War:. Background:. After WW II, the US and USSR emerged as rival superpowers. Each nation was strong enough to greatly influence world events. Potsdam Conference July 1945. Final wartime conference Big Three England = Attlee USA = Truman USSR = Stalin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1The Cold War:

2Background:After WW II, the US and USSR emerged as rival superpowers.Each nation was strong enough to greatly influence world events.

3Potsdam ConferenceJuly 1945Final wartime conferenceBig ThreeEngland = AttleeUSA = TrumanUSSR = StalinStalin promised to allow free elections in Eastern Europe

4Satellite NationsStalin never allowed truly free elections.Instead, communist governments were installed in many Eastern European nations.Main Purpose?Protect USSR from invasion from the West

5Containment PolicyGeorge Kennan, career Foreign Service OfficerFormulated the policy of containment:US would not get rid of communism, but would not allow it to spread.US would contain communism where is already existed.

6The Iron CurtainWinston Churchill coined this term.Famous speech on March 5, 1946 at Westminster College, in Fulton, Missouri.



9Churchills WarningChurchill felt that behind the Iron Curtain, the USSR was planning to attack and conquer Western Europe.

10Division of GermanyThe Allies decided to divide Germany into 4 zones after the war.Also, the capital of Berlin was divided into 4 sectors.



13Problem with Berlin?Berlin was in the Soviet Sector.

Stalin was not happy with a small piece of democracy in Eastern Europe.What did he do?

14Berlin BlockadeJune 1948, Stalin attempts to starve West Berliners into submission.All rail and street access was blocked.

15Berlin AirliftAmerican and British planes flew food and supplies into Berlin for 327 days.Stalin lifted the Blockade by May 1949.


17Operation Little Vittles During the Berlin Airlift a group of pilots decided to help boost the spirits of the German children. They organized a mission to drop candy to the children using parachutes made of handkerchiefs.