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The Connection June 2009

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• You will then hear the follow- ing message: “Welcome to Over the Air Programming, please hold while we update your roaming capabilities. This call is airtime free. ” Telephone now accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. If you would like to use a credit card to pay your phone bill, please contact our office at 869-2220. • With the phone turned on dial *22891 and press send. check and the cost of a stamp to mail your payment to us. Roger Beinlich Controller 1

Text of The Connection June 2009

  • Kennebec Telephone can save you money when paying your phone bill. One feature that is available to all customers is ACH payment. If you choose to use this feature, you will continue to receive your monthly bill on the first of the month, and on the 10th of the month that amount is taken from your checking account as a direct payment. By using this feature, you save the time of writing a

    check and the cost of a stamp to mail your payment to us.

    If you would like to use this fea-ture, please call us at 869-2220 for more information. One item that is needed to use this feature is information that is on the bottom of your check.

    Another method of paying bills is the use of a credit card. Kennebec

    Telephone now accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. If you would like to use a credit card to pay your phone bill, please contact our office at 869-2220.

    Roger BeinlichController

    Manager Moment

    KTC Cell Phone Customers

    This is a friendly reminder for people with cell phones through Kennebec Telephone. Updating your phone every 30 days will en-sure you have the latest roaming available. This may provide better service when traveling. To do this use the following steps:

    With the phone turned on dial *22891 and press send.

    You will then hear the follow- ing message: Welcome to Over the Air Programming, please hold while we update your roaming capabilities. This call is airtime free.

    There will be music while you are on hold and a message saying please continue to hold

    while your phone is being pro- grammed.

    Once the programming is com- plete you will hear two beeps and your phone display will say programming successful.

    Then press end to disconnect.


    Do you miss some of those favorite game shows you used to watch like Hollywood Squares, The $25,000 Pyramid or Whammy!/Press Your Luck? You can find these games and more on GSN. GSN is the only net-work dedicated to game-related programming and interactive game playing. This is where you can find classic and contemporary game shows, reality series, documentaries, alternative sports programs, and casino games. GSN also allows the viewers a chance to win prizes by playing along with GSNs televised games via To find out more about GSN call our office at 869-2220.

    inside this issue:Page article2 electricians with Powercom electric & communicaitons2 Frenquently asked questions3 summer electrical saFety4 Features working with unlmited long distance

    Volume 4 Issue 6


  • PowerCom Electric and Communi-cations is proud to announce the edition of two new apprentices electricians. Darren Anderson and Chaz Bowar started full time in May. Chaz has been work-ing part time for the telephone company since 2000. He went on to Mitchell Tech after graduating high school and graduated in May after completing the electrical program.

    Darren Anderson also started in May after completing the elec-trical program at Mitchell Tech. He graduated from Lyman High School in 2007.

    With the addition of Darren and Chaz, PowerCom Electric will now have 4 full time electricians available to work on

    residential, commerical, and agri-cultural electric and communica-tion needs.

    Electricians with PowerCom Electric & Communications

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Where can I call with Unlimited Long Distance?A: You can call all 50 states. Fees apply for International, 900, and Directory Assistance.

    Q: If I subscribe to HBO on Channel 2 can I upgrade to digital for no extra charge?A: Yes, you can upgrade any of your current premium channels at no extra cost. You will also receive more channels such as 10 HBOs, 13 Showtimes, 4 The Movie Channels, or 6 Cinemaxes.

    Q: Kennebec Telephone upgraded DSL speeds in May. Why does mine not seem faster?A: There may be several reasons why it is not faster. 1. Your computer may be infected with a virus and spyware that slow your computers performance down. 2. You may have an older computer with a slow processor. 3. Your computer may be bogged down with programs, files, pictures, or music. We can check out your computer to see if we can help.

    Its Here!!!!Unlmited Long Distance

    Only $21.95 a month

    Call our office to sign up.

    with a Telecom CareerCONNECT

    View the video! See more about this exciting program at:


    Get t

    he Ed

    ge yo

    u nee

    d to e

    nter t

    he fas


    ng Teleco

    mmunications and Data Networking industry!

    Brad, Barrot, Chaz, Darren


  • Summer Electrical Safety

    Summer is here, and everyone is outside sprucing up their yards, houses, etc. So when you are out-side making those updates or re-pairs, remember a few safety tips before turning on those power tools, lawn products, and such.

    Dont wear loose clothing or jewelry when using power tools. Dont use power tools around electrical wires or water pipes. Never remove the guards from the power tools or lawn products. Mark your extension cords for outdoor use only.

    Another summer electrical problem that may arise is when stormy weather comes. Did you know that at least 100 people are killed each year by lightning and approximately 500 people are injured by it? And floods are the deadliest natural disaster that

    causes an average of 100 deaths each year. So, lets try to keep that number down by following a few safety tips:

    If you have a swimming pool, keep all outdoor receptacle covers on and keep cords and other electrical devices away from the pool. Dont let your power cords become wet. If moving to a new house or getting a new appliance, make sure that the wiring is ok before plugging anything in. Use a ground fault circuit inter- rupters to help with the electri- cal current. Make sure you know which fuse or circuit breaker controls each switch, light, and outlet. When working on an electronic device, make sure you turn off the circuit breaker that it goes to.

    Always test a circuit before you touch it.

    If lightening is in the area take the following precautions:

    If you are outdoors, go inside and stay away from windows and doors. Dont use corded telephones unless its an emergency. Unplug all electrical equip- ment and avoid contact with the plumbing such as sinks, baths, and faucets. If in a crowd dont stand close to other people.

    So, always use precaution wheth-er you are using power tools, working around the house, or when a bad storm arises.

    What can you get in a KTC Value Pak?

    * Basic phone service with 4 calling features and Unlimited Long Distance * Basic cable and Enhanced Digital Basic programming * DataNet 3000 with Client Tools * National 450 with 250 text messages

    You can get as many services as you would like with rates starting at $39 per month.

    Directory Changes:

    Darren Anderson 895-2278 Mike Knodell 869-2161 Dan & Kathy Wunrow 895-2277

    Important Dates:

    Flag Day June 14 Fathers Day June 21 Summer Begins June 21


  • Kennebec Telephone Co., Inc.Kennebec Long DistanceKennebec Telephone ConstructionPowerCom Electric and Communicaitons

    220 S MainPO Box 158Kennebec, SD 57544Phone: 605-869-2220 Fax: 605-869-2221Email: [email protected] Website:

    Our mission is to provide the highest quality telecommuniations and information service to our custom-ers at an affordable price. We will strive to offer prompt, friendly and dependable service along with the latest technology to attain the higheest possible customer satisfaction.

    If you would like more information or have questions about anything in this newsletter feel free to con-tact us at 605-869-2220.

    We are now offering Unlimited Long Distance to our customers. Aside from being a great value for making long distance calls, it can also enhance other services.

    Voice Mail is a great feature replacing an answering machine. There is an option in Voice Mail to press zero to dial an outgoing number. For example if someone called my home phone number and got my voicemail, they would hear hi, we are not available to answer the phone right now; please leave a message, and we will get back to you, or press zero to be transferred to my cell

    phone. Businesses could use it to ensure they never miss a job or a call from an important customer.

    Find Me is another feature that is enhanced by Unlimited Long Dis-tance. With Find Me, a person can call your home or business num-ber and up to five other numbers can ring at the same time or in an order set up by you. An example of this would be someone calling my home number I could have my home phone and cell phone ring at the same time for twenty sec-onds; if nobody answers the call it would then ring my wifes cell phone; if there is still no answer, it

    could go back to my home num-ber, and go to my Voice Mail.

    These two services will charge the long distance call to the number with the Voice Mail or Find Me on it if its being forwarded to a non local call. With Unlimited Long Distance, you still get the long distance charge, but you dont pay any extra for it. If you would like Find Me, Voice Mail, Unlimited Long Distance, or would like to find out more about them, give us a call.

    Features working with Unlimited Long Distance