The English Renaissance 12 CP British Literature Mrs. Frantzen.

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Royal Family Lines Tudor royal line began with Henry VII- crowned in 1485.


<p>The English Renaissance 12 CP British Literature Mrs. Frantzen Renaissance The word renaissance means rebirth. The English saw a reawakened interest in Science Art Literature Education Royal Family Lines Tudor royal line began with Henry VII- crowned in 1485. Royal Family Lines Henry VIIIs reign began in Known for leading several successful wars and for marrying six wives. In 1530, he broke with the Catholic Church and established the Church of England (Anglican Church). Royal Family Lines Divorced, beheaded, died, Divorced, beheaded, survived. 1. Catherine of Aragon: Divorced 2. Anne Boleyn: Beheaded 3. Jane Seymour: Died 4. Anne of Cleves: Divorced 5. Catherine Howard: Beheaded 6. Catherine Parr: Survived Royal Family Lines Henry VIIIs reign was followed briefly by two other children, but his daughter Elizabeth I took the throne in Turned England into a great sea power and supported cultural development. Royal Family Lines Queen Elizabeth I was known as the Virgin Queen She sacrificed her own personal happiness so that she could retain the complete power of the throne. Her reign is referred to as the Elizabethan Era (when Shakespeare wrote ) Royal Family Lines After Elizabeth Is death, the throne was peacefully passed to her cousin, James I, of the Stuart family. James was responsible for the translation of The Bible, known as the King James Version. Both James and his successor, Charles I, had unsuccessful reigns. Oliver Cromwell became the commonwealth ruler for several years, but the monarchy was restored in 1660 when Charles II took the throne. Protestant Reformation In 1571, Martin Luther protested against the sale of indulgences by the Catholic Church. These protests began the movement called The Reformation---this began what we know as Protestantism. The Times Explorers were hitting the high seas in search of gold, glory, or God. Galileo built a telescope that allowed him to see the surface of the moon. Potatoes, tomatoes, and turkey are new foods introduced in Europe. Umbrellas are first used. Heels appear on the shoes of men and women. The Times Breakfast was uncommon- they ate twice a day. White skin, fair hair, and red lips were the epitome of beauty. The theater was the place to be for all social classes. (though Puritans fought to close them) Dancing was a favorite pastime. Parliament feared a decline of archery so they outlawed tennis, bowling, and football.</p>


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