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The Firefighting Robot

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The Firefighting Robot. By: Jacob Kemble. What is it?. Name: OLE (Pronounced “oh-luh”) and means (Off-road Loescheinheit) It’s a St. Bernard sized bug Designed by Professor Ulrich Wohlgemuth from Germany. Specifications. Made from fire-resistant ceramic-fiber compounds. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Firefighting Robot

  • The Firefighting RobotBy: Jacob Kemble

  • What is it?Name: OLE (Pronounced oh-luh) and means (Off-road Loescheinheit)Its a St. Bernard sized bugDesigned by Professor Ulrich Wohlgemuth from Germany

  • SpecificationsMade from fire-resistant ceramic-fiber compounds.Can stand temperatures up to 1850 F.The robot is equipped with tanks of water and powdered fire extinguishing agents.

    Cost: $125,000 $200,000Weight: 150-200 lbs.

  • How does it work?Stays balled-up until its sensors pick up a fire within a half-mile radius.Self-guided by GPS, intelligent feelers, infrared and heat sensors.Has six legs to navigate itself through and around obsticles

  • Where would it be useful?Would be most valuable to have in small business stores, factories, or restaurants. Germany plans to place these bugs in campgrounds in order to prevent wildfires.

  • Limitations

    Many believe it will be a better scout than firefighter.Cannot leave outside for long periods of time due to battery life.It is not meant to put out large fires.

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