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    December 2013


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    Surplus funds generated by all Cal Poly Pomona Foun-dation operations go back to the University to provide

    financial and facility resources to benefit

    students, faculty and staff.

    Cal Poly Pomona Foundation. Inc.Ph: 909-869-2912Fx: 909-869-4549

    Farewell, Dr. Edwin A. BarnesCal Poly Pomona and the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation honors Dr. Edwin A. Barnes in his retirement by placing a street sign within the Innovation Village Project named Ed Barnes Way. Dr. Barnes has been instrumental in the initiation and eventual development of the 65 acres now known as Innovation Village and it is fi tting that his name is placed within the project in a special way. The Foundation thanks Ed for his support over the years and wishes him well in his retirement.

    2013 Holiday ClosureThe Foundation Administrative offi ces located in Building 55 (Financial Services, Grants and Contracts, Employment Services, Dining Services, Real Estate, Marketing, and Administration) will be closed two weeks for the holidays from Monday, December 23, 2013 through Sunday, January 5, 2014.

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    Mark Your Calendars!


    12/2-12/13 Holiday Sale at Bronco Bookstore

    12/2-12/6 Student Appreciation Week

    12/5-12/13 Bronco Bookstore Buyback

    12/6 Last Day of Fall Quarter

    12/10 Los Olivos Holiday Luncheon

    12/13 Last Day of Fall Quarter

    12/23-1/3/2014 Foundation Closed

    12/25 Christmas Day

    12/31 New Years Eve


    1/1/2014 New Years Day 2014

    1/6 Foundation Reopens/ Winter Quarter Begins

    1/6-1/13 Bronco Bookstore Buyback

    1/20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

    1/24 Spring Faculty Acquisition

    1/31 Mid Year Inventory

    upcoming events ...

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    News From Employment Services ...As most of you know, Foundation had the Kaiser Mobile Health Vehicle visit Foundation on October 30. The goal of the Mobile Health Vehicle was to assist Foundation employees with their individual goals of remaining in good physical condition, mainly by offering personal biometrics screening. They also gave free fl u shots which reduced the need for employees to take time away from their job to accomplish this important task.

    By all accounts, having the Kaiser Mobile Health Vehicle on site during our benefi ts open enrollment was a positive event for Foundation employees. We are already planning to have a similar event for next years open enrollment and are hopeful Kaiser will participate again.

    Speaking of next year, Foundation Board of Directors approved an increase in the amount we receive for Flex Dollars. The annual amount will increase from $600 to $660 for each employee eligible for this benefi t.

    The Board also approved a modifi ed holiday schedule for Foundation employees during the month of December. They have agreed to give benefi ted employees a Foundation paid holiday on December 24, 2013. (It does not apply for 2014.) This allows many Foundation offi ces to close from December 20, 2013 and return on January 6, 2014. Those employees who will also be off on December 23rd will need to use a vacation day, personal holiday, or take the day off without pay. Please be sure to check with your immediate supervisor to verify your specifi c work schedule since some Foundation departments will actually be open during the holiday shutdown schedule.

    HR/Payroll/Timekeeper System Update As many of you know, in March 2013, our human resources information system and timekeeper system (Kronos)

    became inaccessible from outside of the campus environment, which removed functionality designed to access the system from outside of campus. We are happy to report that by January 2014 we will have that functionality returned to all usersand there will be no need to use VPN. The timing of returning this functionality is ideal since many employees like to view their W2 information online while at home instead of waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Although the function is not available yet, we are highly confi dent it will return in January. We do not know when W2s will be available, but please know we are dependent on tax updates from Kronos before we generate them; as soon as we get those updates, we will issue and distribute W2s.

    As a friendly reminder, now is a great time to go into Employee Self-Service and update your addresswe do not want to send your W2 to the wrong address

    Employment Services is also creating a WebEx library, which will be short WebEx presentations on the most common processes handled in Employment Services. The fi rst WebEx is already posted on our website and it explains the process of hiring a full-time employee at Foundation. While we still want customers to contact our department for their needs, many processes we complete in Employment Services do not change much over time, and those processes are ideal to have a short WebEx for reference and for instructional purposes. If you have any suggestions on WebExs material, please notify Angelique Hernandez at ext. 2953.

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    Tuesday, December 10, 2013 | 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. | KW Auditorium

    Foundation Financial and Employment Services Focus Group Meeting

    This meeting is for individuals responsible for Foundation accounts. The emphasis will be on improving communications and account holders understanding of policies and procedures as well as providing a forum to exchange ideas.

    We will be discussing the following topics:

    2014-15 Budget Process Reimbursement/Travel/Services Webform Financial Services Updates Grants and Contracts Website Update Reports

    Following will be an open forum for any questions, comments, and suggestions. We hope you have the opportunity to participate as we plan to discuss numerous ideas.

    Light refreshments will be provided.

    Please RSVP to Debra Poe at

    Navigating the New Desktop Campus User Login One Solution & WebEx/Doc Locations PCI DSS Compliance-Gap Analysis Current Topics in Employment Services

    Presenter Subject TimeDAVID PRENOVOST Senior Managing Director/CFO

    2014-15 Budget Process 9:00

    HALEH MINAKARYReimbursement/Travel/Services WebformGeneral Business Manager

    Financial Services Updates 9:30

    DEBBIE SCHROEDER-LINTHICUMGrants and Contracts Manager

    Grants and Contracts Manager Website update


    KAREN SANDOVAL Financial Analyst DEBRA CHAVEZ Financial Systems Analyst

    Reports Navigating the New DesktopCampus User Login/One Solution & WebEx/Doc locations


    RANDY TOWNSENDDirector Information Technology

    PCI DSS Compliance Gap Analysis 10:30

    DENNIS MILLER Chief Employment Offi cer/Managing Director

    Current Topics in Employment Services 10:45


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    A Note of Gratitude ...Dear Foundation,

    Thank you so much for your contribution to the Amelia Hammond scholarship & Emeritus ceremony. The recipients were thrilled to receive your Los Olivos mug, lunch coupons, and the CPP 75th anniversary t-shirt coupon.

    As always, the Foundation has shown its support and commitment to our CPP staff and to Staff Council. We truly appreciate this.


    Becky Pepping, C.P.M. CPPBBuyer III, Procurement & Support Services

    Congratulations, Emeritus Recipients!This years Staff Emeritus Reception took place on Tuesday, November 12 in Ursa Minor at the Bronco Student Center.

    Established in 1981, the staff emeritus title is awarded to retiring employees who meet certain criteria, including a minimum of 10 years of service to the University, outstanding performance in a position, demonstrated support of university programs, benefi cial support of university philosophy, exceptional personal contribution to the university, and active participation in university-wide activities. Staff emeritus privileges include gratis parking, use of the library, admission to campus events, and use of facilities and discount coupons upon personal presentation of an emeritus I.D. card.

    Congratulations to the following retired Foundation employees who were granted staff emeritus status!

    Jack Ferrero Bronco Bookstore

    David Matheson Central Facilities

    LaVena Reyes Accounting

    Brett Roth Dining Services

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    Engineering a Quick Fix

    On Thursday, November 14 at 2 p.m., Foundations Anne McLoughlin, Executive Assistant to Executive Director Paul Storey, received a frantic phone call. It was Matt Pleines, an Environmental Engineering student who was running the Environmental Engineering Fair to take place the next day on campus. The Fairs theme is to achieve sustainability on an individual level, thereby magnifying the positive effects on the environment. As host to 220 local high school students, water conservation was to be a major part of the education component, and Matt needed to demonstrate the concept and practical usage of personal reusable water bottles. He had been promised enough water bottles by an outside vendor, but they only came through with 50; he turned to the Foundation for help.

    Anne consulted with Aaron Neilson, Interim Director of Dining Services, and during their conversation, he reached over to his bookcase shelf and handed her a Village Housing water bottle, given to new residents of the Village during move-in. Eureka! But would Ken Fisher, Foundations University Village Housing Director, have enough for this horde of high