The Founding of the American Colonies. New England Colonies

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  • The Founding of the American Colonies

  • New England Colonies

  • Seeking Religious FreedomMassachusetts__________ wanted to break with the Church of EnglandThey felt it was too much like the _____________.SeparatistsCatholic church

  • Mayflower CompactRoots of DemocracyThey vowed to _________agreed upon for the good of the colony.The Mayflower Compact helped establish the idea of ______________and ____________in America.obey lawsself-governmentmajority rule

  • Puritanswanted to reform or purify the Church of England.Great MigrationJohn Winthrop Governor

  • _______________ was the colonys Puritan governor.John Winthrop

  • PuritansThe Puritans created a commonwealth in their colonyEach __________set up its own town.The ___________ was the most important building in each towncongregationmeetinghouse

  • Only ____________________could vote or hold office.The colonists elected representatives to the _____________, which in turn chose the governor.male church membersGeneral Court

  • The New England WayBy law, everyone in town had to attend _____________in the meetinghouse.Sermons provided instruction in the _________________.This emphasized servicesNew England Wayduty, godliness, hard work, and honesty

  • All children in New England, including girls, were taught to read in order to ____________.This ____________ led to rapid growth and success in New England.

    read the Biblework ethic

  • ConnecticutNot every one happy with strict rules_______________ moved his congregation to Connecticut.Hooker believed that not all laws should be based on _______________.

    Thomas Hookerchurch beliefs

  • Fundamental Orders of ConnecticutThey gave ___________ to non-church members.They limited the power of the__________.First Constitution in the Coloniesvoting rightsgovernor

  • Rhode IslandJohn Williams and another Puritan, _______________, believed in religious toleration.They opposed _______________ at church.They opposed taking Native American lands ________.Williams and Hutchinson were forced to leave ______________.Anne Hutchinsonforced attendanceby forceMassachusetts

  • Rhode Island guaranteed _______________ and the separation of church and state (government).The _______, another religious group, fled Massachusetts for freedom in Rhode Island.religious freedomQuakers

  • King Philips WarColonists forced Native Americans from their land.Puritan colonies fought a war with Native Americans, called ______________. King Philip was the English name of _________, leader of the Wampanoag.________________lost the war.King Philips WarMetacomNative Americans

  • Salem Witch trialsIn Salem, Massachusetts, some village girls were told stories about witches by _______, a slave from the West Indies.The girls began to falsely accuse others of ___________.This was seen as a sign from God to return to a ____________________.More than ____ people were arrested and tried, and ___ were put to death.Titubawitchcraftstrict Puritan lifestyle10020

  • Middle Colonies

  • New YorkDutch settlers financed by the _______________________ founded the colony of ______________.They set up a _______________ to attract more settlers.A _______ was a person who brought ___ settlers to the colony and received a _________ in return.Dutch West India CompanyNew Netherlandpatroon systempatroon50land grant

  • _________________ was the governor. Under his leadership, they attacked a Swedish settlement to add land to the colony.

    The colony became very ___________Peter Stuyvesantprosperous

  • Englands king sent his brother, the ______________, to attack the colony.The colony surrendered to the __________.

    It became a ________________ the Duke of York was now the owner of the colony.Englishproprietary colonyDuke of York

  • New JerseyThe Duke of York gave land to his friends __________________________________.They encourage settlers to come by promising them ________________.Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeleyreligious freedom

  • PennsylvaniaKing Charles of England owed money to the ____________.In exchange, he gave _____________ a large piece of land in America.Penn was an embarrassment to his family because he was a ________.Penn familyWilliam PennQuaker

  • Penn set up the colony of Pennsylvania as a _____ (safe place) for Quakers.They believed that people should live in peace.They believed in _______________ and _______ to all.They wanted ________________ to be treated fairly.havenreligious freedomequalityNative Americans

  • DelawareThe lower counties of _____________ felt that they had too far to travel to attend the _____________________.They broke away to form their own colony of ___________.Pennsylvaniarepresentative assemblyDelaware

  • Southern Colonies

  • Maryland_______________ (George Calvert) founded Maryland to give religious freedom to ___________.They passed the ________________ in 1649, which gave religious freedom to ______________.Lord BaltimoreCatholicsAct of Tolerationall Christians

  • The CarolinasThe Carolinas were established by the English king as a _______________.People settled in two different areas of the Carolinas, _______________ Carolina.Farmers in the North grew ________.Farmers in the South grew _____.Later Carolina was divided into two colonies.proprietary colonyNorth and Southtobaccorice

  • Georgia_________________ established Georgia as a haven for ___________._________ were people who owed money and were ____________ for not paying.Oglethorpe wanted to give debtors a new life in Georgia.

    James OglethorpedebtorsDebtorsput in prison

  • Georgia was also established to protect the English colonies from the __________________.It was the _____ of the thirteen colonies.Spanish in Floridalast