The Gingerbread Giant

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5th grade project

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Page 1: The Gingerbread Giant
Page 2: The Gingerbread Giant

Once upon a time there was an old lady who

wanted another gingerbread man because the last

one was eaten by the fox. She made the dough

and put it in the oven. A fairy accidentally

dropped her wand and the gingerbread man be-

came giant!

Page 3: The Gingerbread Giant

The old lady took him out of the oven he hopped of the cookie sheet

and ran.” He said I need to take revenge on that fox for eating my

brother I know that because the fox is very chubby and my brother was

kind of fat so when the fox ate my brother he got very chubby”. So the

giant was running and running He said “oh I forgot my wand” he went

back got the wand and kept running. A pig saw him and chased him.

Soon a horse saw him and also chased him. then the giant saw he was

being chased and shot spitballs at them the m and they stopped.

Page 4: The Gingerbread Giant

He saw the fox and waved the wand and said “tasty

tasty turn this fox into a pastry!” and the fox turned into

a cupcake! The giant ate the fox. On the way home he

noticed a sign that said “Lost Gingerbread Giant” and

on the top was a picture of him, so he ran all the way

home to find the old lady gone.

Page 5: The Gingerbread Giant

He ran around the house and

when he got back he saw Mr.

Milk now he wasn’t that nice

but he really wasn’t mean he

was just weird, crazy, and not

that bright. Mr. Milk spit on the

gingerbread giant five times the

gingerbread giant got real soggy

Page 6: The Gingerbread Giant

Before the old lady could get

home and eat him he ran.

When he was in the forest he

lonely, but he heard some-

thing. It was a girl ginger

bread giant! She was lonely

to. Nobody knew about her

but him. They had kids and

lived happily ever after.

The end