The Great Nephilim Great Nephilim Great Nephilim Deception: ... One even boasts of this intention in its title ... The Emerging Church is yet another,

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    The Great Nephilim Deception:Why Christians are Being Tricked

    into Believing in ETs and UFOsby Jeremy James

    The great End Time deception began with the Counter-Reformation and has beengrowing in scope and complexity ever since. The goal, ultimately, is to draw allprofessing Christians into a false version of Christianity. To do this the church needsin effect to undergo another Reformation. The resulting Church will appear to belegitimate but will preach a gospel that cannot save anyone.

    Modern apostasy opens the door to greater deceptionToday we have several major movements within the professing church that haveactually proclaimed their intention to bring about a new Reformation. One evenboasts of this intention in its title the New Apostolic Reformation. Another is thePurpose-Driven Church which redefines the church in terms of its purpose, whichin turn is determined by its leaders (who promote, among other things, Hindupranayama and the occult practice of Reiki). The Emerging Church is yet another,which likes to proclaim, loudly and clearly, its goal of transforming the church into anentity better suited to the perceived needs of modern man.



    Even though it arose over a hundred years ago, Pentecostalism too was areformation of the church since it made a number of basic changes to doctrine andpractice without being rejected as a cult. It succeeded in shifting the focus fromChrist, knowledge and humble service, respectively, to the Holy Spirit, experienceand self-empowerment. Believers were expected to perform at least one miracle speaking in tongues and, to some extent, to regard the Holy Spirit as a force. TheNew Apostolic Reformation is really Pentecostalism in a more advanced stage of'reformation.'

    The Word Faith movement is in many respects a merger of Pentecostalism andChristian Science, where faith is a force, thoughts are quasi-physical realities, theuniverse operates in accordance with spiritual laws that anyone can master, andimagination is the principal means by which man can manipulate reality.

    We are also witnessing the eclipse of the traditional evangelical church by the 'NewEvangelicalism', a church that rejects separation, Biblical inerrancy, the reality of hell,and the fear of God. Furthermore, the line of demarcation between it and theEmerging Church is becoming increasingly blurred over time. For example, both areenamoured with contemplative spirituality and the paganism of the Roman CatholicChurch.

    Chuck Missler and Koinonia InstituteIf one looks at the various discernment websites on the Internet many of whichcontain excellent information and are well worth exploring we find ample analysisof these various reformed (i.e. aberrant or apostate) versions of Christianity.However, there is one 'reformed' version that has not been receiving the attention itdeserves, even from websites that profess to offer comprehensive coverage of themain strands of contemporary heresy. This is the strange new version of Christianitythat Chuck Missler and his friends at Koinonia Institute are developing.

    Chuck Missler (left) with fellow UFO enthusiasts,LA Marzulli (center) and Tom Horn.



    While it is probably too early to give the Missler version a definitive title, somecommentators are referring to it as 'Quantum Spirituality'. This is intended tohighlight the way Missler is importing concepts from modern Physics, often in a NewAge form, and applying them to a traditional Biblical worldview.

    In this paper we propose to examine only one element of Misslers New Age versionof Christianity (though we will address other elements in a future paper, God willing).

    While the element in question has major implications for Christian doctrine, followersof the Missler system seem unable to recognize the fact. Much the same blindnessafflicts the thousands who study his teachings on television and DVD or who attendthe annual Nephilim prophecy conferences where Missler plays such a prominentrole.

    The element, of course, is ETs and UFOs.

    Why ETs and UFOs cannot possibly be physically realA major effort is being made by the Second Reformation planners in the Vatican toconvince Christians that physical vehicles are visiting this planet from other galaxiesand that these vehicles are manned by intelligent physical beings. The principal targetaudience for this deception is the Bible-believing church.

    The ground is being prepared in a systematic way. In recent years senior spokesmenfor the Vatican have indicated that belief in the theory of Evolution is not inconsistentwith Christian doctrine and that intelligent life may conceivably exist in othergalaxies. The Jesuits even have their own astronomical observatory on MountGraham, Arizona. It is difficult to see how this could serve any purpose other than toprovide early detection of unusual activity in outer space and to corroboratesignificant claims made by other observatories. This will lend credence to anystatements they might make if, and when, an ET/UFO 'contact' is officially declared.

    The Vatican AdvancedTechnology Telescope onMount Graham, Arizona.

    The observatory is ownedby the Vatican and operated

    by Jesuit priests.



    There is one crucial fact that readers will need to keep in mind if this paper is to makeany sense. If the Bible is the Word of God (and it is) then physical ETs and physicalUFOs cannot exist. Many will argue that the Bible does not address this question andtherefore the existence or otherwise of physical ETs/UFOs is not, in itself, a doctrinalmatter. But they are wrong.

    Lets see why.

    While several reasons may be given there are two that ought to be evident to the vastmajority of Bible-believing Christians:

    1. The Bible describes life as Gods creation. Nothing evolves. Sinceonly two intelligent lifeforms are described in the Bible, then only twocan exist. These are angels and men. If another intelligent lifeformexisted in this physical universe then it too would be subject to sin anddeath and thus in need of redemption. Since Christ incarnated as manin order to take on the sin of man and die in his place, his redemptivework related only to man. It could not relate to another intelligentlifeform. If God had created another intelligent physical lifeform butmade no provision for its subsequent redemption, he would have actedcontrary to his holy character since "His mercy endureth forever."Since it is impossible for God to act contrary to his holy character, noother intelligent physical lifeform can exist.

    2. The Bible clearly states that all celestial objects stars, etc weremade after the earth was made. Their only purpose was to serve man(re times and seasons) and to declare the glory of God to all mankind.Unless another intelligent being was created at the same time "in thebeginning" it could not otherwise exist. The scope of the accountgiven in Genesis must be comprehensive if Scripture is to declare"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was verygood." If Genesis necessarily embraces the totality of God's perfectwork of creation, and the only physical being made in his image andlikeness was man, then man is the only intelligent physical lifeform inthe universe.

    The power of modern indoctrinationPrevious generations of Bible-believing Christians had a clear understanding of thisbasic truth. However, with the advent of the false theory of evolution in 1859, theinauguration of science fiction as a literary genre by Jules Verne and HG Wells in thelate 19th century, and the seemingly never-ending production of movies and TV seriespromoting the reality of intelligent life in other galaxies, mankind is being steadilyconditioned to accept the possibility of alien intelligence.



    This progressive indoctrination has been supplemented by a huge increase inscientific knowledge regarding the vastness of interstellar space and the staggeringnumber of galaxies that actually exist. As a result, most professing Christians havebeen lulled into adopting an open mind on the question.

    The great ET/UFO deception has also been augmented by countless reports of UFOsightings and abductions, a supposed cover-up at Roswell, and a wealth of secondaryevidence, such as crop circles and animal mutilations.

    If an extraterrestrial race of intelligent beings is not producing these phenomena, thenwho is? There are only two possible options wicked men or fallen angels. Given theimportance of this grand program of deception in Satan's End Time plan, we can befairly certain that both groups are involved.

    Satan has no choice but to exploit every kind of deceptionIn order to appreciate the magnitude of what is happening, we need to consider thestakes from Satan's perspective. A staggeringly large army of intelligent beings willbe consigned to eternal damnation if they fail to prevent the return of Christ. As theirsupreme commander, Satan is prepared, even obliged, to use the entire arsenal ofresources at his disposal to secure victory. We should recall that he was willing tohand over his entire domain to Christ if he would only bow down and worship him. Inrevealing this fact, the Word of God is telling us that Satan is prepared to commiteverything under his control to achieve his goal. If this is the case, then we shouldexpect the Satanic world system even now to be feverishly at work, albeit in secret, onschemes that will contribute, one way or another, to his ultimate victory. This meansthat a substantial part of the wealth of this world, along with the very best brains andtechnology, are currently being deployed surreptitiously to prevent the return ofChrist.

    Oddly enough, we don't need tangible proof of this.