The Greatest Beatmaking Machine of All Time

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<ul><li><p>If you want to purchase the software right now Click the link below to get your personal copy with a huge discount and bonus material: Click here to start your music career: </p><p>Many people where asking me a lot of times with which software I make my beats and productions. </p><p>FL STUDIO or also known as Fruity Loops. </p><p>I personally think that FL Studio is the best DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in the whole market and </p><p>I don't care if somebody says it is not good and not to handle easily. In my eyes it is the best way to </p><p>make beats, because the process of transferring your Idea from your brain to your DAW in FL Studio </p><p>is very quick. I tested out every software out there such as Cubase, Sonar, Logic Pro, Garageband, </p><p>Nuendo, Reason and Magix and I came to the conclusion that FL Studio has the best GUI (Graphical </p><p>user interface) and also the best Step Sequencer compared to the other DAW. </p><p>But I only prefer FL Studio for making beats but not for producing whole songs, since recording in FL </p><p>Studio is not as good as in Cubase for example. FL Studio has the function to record Audio but I </p><p>wouldn't recommended it yet. Maybe Image Line will optimize that in FL 12 or FL 13. </p><p>But all DAWs have one common issue. They are very complex and you need your time to find your </p><p>way through it. I remember 7 years ago when I first tested out FL Studio 6. It took me about 30 </p><p>minutes till I deleted the software again :D. No joke!!! I was very frustrated since I didn't know about </p><p>all the functions back then. And because Beat making was very new and only a few people where </p><p>posting Beats on YouTube (me included) there were also no tutorials for FL. It took finally about 2 </p><p>years until I mastered the DAW and was able to make beats with no frustration. </p><p>But in the last years Software engineers and producers teamed up to create a user friendly software </p><p>with full support, so you can concentrate on making beats 100%. </p><p>Check out this new revolutionary beat making software called BTV SOLO </p><p>Only costs 39.95$ and is super user friendly. </p><p>This software is perfect for beginners who have trouble to get in to beat making. </p><p>I always hear that people who want to start with beat making and the art of music production, have </p><p>problems with today's DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). And the complexity is the #1 problem why </p><p>beginners struggle and give up. </p><p>I had the same problems with FL Studio. </p><p>But the BTV Workstation is probably the best software for beginners and music lovers to create beats </p><p>simple and fast. </p><p>I will definitely purchase a copy of my own and post tutorials as soon as I have it. ;) </p><p>HERE IS A PREVIEW FOR YOU!!! </p></li><li><p> WHAT PROFESSIONALS SAY ABOUT THE SOFTWARE!!! </p><p>Dallas Austin </p><p>- Beat Thang Ambassador and Co-Creator; 2x Grammy Winning Producer &amp; songwriter (Michael </p><p>Jackson, Madonna, Monica, TLC,, Pink, Chris Brown, J. Lo, Lady Gaga et al). </p><p>We wanted to create a product for all the people who aspired to be record producers but didnt </p><p>know where to start, or they didnt know how to get the equipment, or it wasnt really </p><p>accessible...Thats why we went back and created Beat Thang Virtual SOLO. </p><p>Everything that we could possibly think of - we tried to put into this device. The sounds in the box - </p><p>theyve been made over a long time. Its the type of thing we dont usually give up in this industry. </p><p>We usually dont offer our sounds to anybody. Your sound is everything...its what you are as a </p><p>producer. Its what you are emotionally. </p></li><li><p> Tricky Stewart </p><p>(Grammy Winning Producer - Beyonce Single Ladies, Rihanna - Umbrella, Ludacris, </p><p>Mary J Blige, Katy Perry Teenage Dream et al) </p><p>One of the greatest inventions in music. </p><p>The functionality of it is really great. I think its laid out very well for a producer. It seems to be one </p><p>of the best workstations that Ive seen as far as an all-encompassing machine of creativity. </p><p>If you want to purchase the software right now Click the link below to get your personal copy with a huge discount and bonus material: Click here to start your music career: </p></li></ul>