The greatest recipies of all time

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list of the greatest recipies of all time


Module A- DecisivenessWhile I was still working as a TSO, I was engaging passengers as a Divestiture Officer and noticed an individual who was acting very strangely. While I was not a BDO at the time, I knew that something was odd about this individuals behavior. With limited information and an apparent time restraint, I made the decision to submit this passenger to additional screening. Upon searching the individuals accessible property, I found an excessive amount of currency hidden in a pair of jeans. At that point I notified my supervisor, who notified CBP, and the individual was arrested.While on duty as BDO, I overhear that there was a breach before supervisors were notified. The only data that was available was that it was a male passenger who had a black laptop bag and possibly a knife. I immediately notified my BDO manager and checkpoint supervisor. I notified my partner and we both went to flight board and picked the next departing flight and gate screened the entire flight to include all passengers and their accessible property.

Module B- Self Management While working with the United States Census Bureau, I was in charge of training the numerous employees that were in my group. Aside from training, I was also in charge of overseeing the accuracy and completeness of the census forms that were turned in. As a result of the training methods developed by me and my supervisor, I was able to not only increase productivity among the group, but we met and exceeded our quota for delinquent forms that were filled out. Module C- FlexibilityAlthough I have yet to have many experiences during my time as a BDO, I have had many in the private sector. My time at UPS presented these challenges on a daily basis. One occasion I can recall is when I was in charge of loading four delivery trucks and a van. On any given day, the van load would have to be rearranged completely to account for stops being added or removed. While removing hundreds of boxes from the van and moving them to another truck, I would also still have to keep up the pace of loading the four other trucks. If at any point, the conveyor belt carrying my boxes was too heavy, the entire belt would stop, in turn slowing down the operation of the whole building. In this sense, it was always necessary to be able to adapt to changing conditions and keep up the pace if not increase it in order to ensure the efficiency and stability of the operation.While on Playbook, a passenger on the no fly list was scheduled for departing flight, however, they failed to show up. The passenger shows up the next day traveling on a different airline in a different terminal. Playbook was instructed to stop current activities and report immediately to the terminal to conduct gate screening of flight.