The Higher Ground (With Pictures)

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Essay by Adi Cox


The Higher Ground

written by Adi Cox

12th April 2015_____________________________________________________________________

It is a shame to see people who are full of themselves for all the wrong reasons. People generally like people who are happy. We like people to be happy and celebrate their happiness with them when we can. To be proud, jovial and boastfull are some great qualities to live by if we can share these feelings and give others some satisfaction, encouragement to be who and how they want to be.There are some lowly people who have positions of power. With their positions of power they have become corrupt. Their behaviour is justified by the tolerance and moderate behaviour by those around them:

Quality people who conscienciously keep themselves in check can open the way for a weak and bullying boss to be tolerated. The problem is when these weak and bullying bosses are oblivious to their faults. We all make mistakes and when we do we usually regret our mistakes and hopefully correct ourselves. The corruption occures when twisted ideas take hold. Those traits that make a strong boss does not always make a strong person. Personally people should come first before intolerance, greed and selfishness. Any society that reveres those traits that subjugate people is twisted and morally bankrupt.

Milkmen used to deliver milk to peoples houses early in the morning. People would wake up to pints of milk on their doorstep. The Milkman would come round on a Saturday to collect the money that was owed. The milk that we used to get was whole milk and the cream would rise to the top of the bottle. It would be a treat to open a new bottle of milk and put the cream of the milk in a coffee. Sometimes we would shake up the milk so that the cream was evenly distributed amongst the milk for everyone. "The cream will always rise to the top." is a phrase often cited to justify the status quo. This is an attempt to reassure people in a patronizing way that if you have a talent or a quality then you will naturally find your just place in society. Well that all depends on the society that you live in. The milk that I drink now is semi skimmed so some of the fat has been taken out, as we are told that too much fat in your diet is bad for you. This is what cream is. It is decades since I have poured the cream of the top of the milk in my coffee and there are no milkman now. Milk is bought from the shop with all the other food items. So the conclusion is that the cream does not always rise to the top and in turn this means that not all societies allow the best, brightest, most talented and most deserving to rise to the top positions in that society. In some cases it is only the scum that will rise to the top positions and I believe in Britain today that we really need to keep this in check.

People and power is an oxymoronic combination because power by its nature is corrupt and creates struggles within society, whereas people are by nature usually a force for the good of others. My last point can easily be overlooked in a society where its media hypes and sensationalizes everything that it can in order to sell and to make money. The depths to which the press will go to is astounding. It is easy to lose faith in people when the media circus that surrounds us is constantly bombarding us with the worst of human nature. The world is full of great people and to base your life on any other assumption will constrict your life.