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The Holy Grail: interoperability of interoperability Holy Grail: interoperability of interoperability standards

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  • The Holy Grail: interoperability of interoperability standards

    Neill PawseyEuropean Project ManagerThe FIATECH Consortium

    4th Annual ECTP ConferenceBrussels, BelgiumNovember 24-25, 2009

  • First, a word about FIATECH


    is an industry-led consortium that provides global leadership in identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration and deployment of fully integrated and automated technologies to deliver highest business value throughout the life cycle of all types of capital projects. has developed a Roadmap for Capital Projects to ensure right technologies are developed in the order that delivers highest business value across all phases and processes of the capital project life cycle.

  • FIATECH is a Consortium

  • FIATECHDelivers!

    Industry-led, collaborative, not-for-profit, RD&D consortium

    Mission: accelerate deployment of integration and automation technology

    Mechanism: Focused implementation Projects

    Guide: Capital Projects Technology Roadmap

    Life Cycle Data Management (LCDM) Capital Projects Technology Roadmap AEX 8 Smart Chips ReportsCatalogue of Emerging Construction TechnologiesDecision Sequence and Influence Diagrams for project planning BIM for Precast Concrete Report Leveraging Technology to Increase Construction Productivity Report Automated Design Workflow Mappings Operational Facility Roadmap DirectoryTools for streamlining the building regulatory process Electronic Valve Cross-reference Catalogue GVCC Report - Developing Core Technology Competencies Report - attracting the next generation to industry Full implementation of ISO 15926 standard

  • FIATECHs Capital Projects Technology Roadmap Initiative

    Create, maintaina technologyroadmap for the capital projectsindustry Use it to guide investments in technologyRD&D

  • RoadmapFacts

    330 pagesNine Elements43 Focus Areas161 Projects

    This is not just a FIATECH agenda; its for the whole


  • Current FIATECH Projects

    Capital Projects Technology RoadmapAutomated Design Workflow Mapping and Checklists Global Valve Cross-Reference e-Catalog Automating Equipment Information Exchange Smart Chips (RFID)Leveraging Technology to Improve Construction ProductivityOperational Facility Roadmap Directory Streamlining Building and Land Use Regulatory ProcessesUser Acceptance of Mobile IT Attracting the Next Generation Teaching Core Technology CompetenciesRFID CookbookAccelerating Deployment of ISO 15926

  • Advancing Sustainability Throughout The Project Life-Cycle

    - Establish Sustainability Vision, Objectives & Measurements

    - Implement Systems Approach

    - Integrate sustainability values into design

    - Implement sustainability approaches in site, building envelope, facilities, materials, wastes, energy, water, ecosystems, and life cycle

    - Implement sustainability practices in logistics, site management, equipment, materials, and methods

    - Construction waste management reduce, reuse and recycle

    - Endorse commissioning

    - Implement sustainability objectives throughout the supply chain

    - Evaluate suppliers & materials- Educate suppliers and contractors

    - Implement sustainability practices in O&M

    - Environmental compliance, alternate materials

    - Manage energy, waste and water

    - Individual behaviors

  • Lets talk about Interoperability, Interoperation, and Standards.

  • The Benefits of Interoperability

    Increases economic competitivenessCompresses time to marketReduces infrastructure vulnerabilityExpands markets for companiesDecreases supply chain communication costs Provides global access for software vendors

  • The cost of inadequate interoperability in the U.S. capital facilities industry: $15.8 billion per year.

  • Current Standards Landscape

    Commercial & Institutional Buildings

    Industrial Process Facilities

    Geospatial and Infrastructure

    Roadmap Element

    UniFormatInformation Standards





    National BIM

    National CAD Std

    Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

    Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE)

    Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

    Uniform Facility Guide Specs





    CIS/2 (CIMSteel Integration Standards)




    Standards Activities in the C&B Industry

    2004 FIATECH. All contents and rights reserved.

  • Closer Look at Standards ActivitiesName Description Name Description

    gbXML green buildings XML (affiliated with aecXML

    MatML XML for construction materials

    aecXML Architecture engineering and construction XML

    NCSBCS XML for building permitting and regulatory process

    AEX Automating equipment information exchange

    NIBS-OMSI NIBS Operations Maintenance and Support Information

    ASHRAE Guideline 20P ProcessML XML to support European data warehouse standards

    CIDX Chemical industry XML PIDX Process Industry Data eXchange

    CIMIS Common industry material identification standards (not XML)

    ppdXML Physical properties XML(DIPPR)

    cfiXML Capital facilities industry XML ThermoML Thermodyamic XML

    IFC Industry Foundation Classes - a conceptual framework for holding building information

    UnitsML XML for units of measurement

    ISA Instrumentation Systems and Automation Society (datasheets)

    XMpLant XML for plant geometric description

  • A word about BIM

  • BIM is Everywhere

  • Bring me back a BIM

  • The view from FIATECH

  • The vision of the future is of a highly automated and seamlessly integrated environment across all phases and processes of the capital project life cycle. All information is available to whomever needs it, whenever its needed, and whereverits needed.

  • Where Are We Now?

  • Where Do We Want To Be?Where Do We Want To Be?

  • How do we get there?

    Identify the most appropriate standards for the industryFind a way to accelerate their development and deploymentDo it

  • What standard?

    ISO-15926: Integration of life-cycle data for process plants, including oil and gas production facilities A standard for explicit information integration

    and interoperabilityStandardizes Terminology Information organization How systems connect and exchange information

    Implemented using standards from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

  • Problem

    ISO 15926 has been under development for 15 years and was not expected to be completed for at least 5 more yearsProject requirements for data deliverables in industry were increasing in quantity and fidelityCompanies couldnt wait for ISO to complete its deliberationsThey needed to develop something to use now, not 5 years from now Many companies developed their own versions of the standard for internal use only

  • Solution

    Work with POSC Caesar to convince ISO to release to FIATECH what it had developedAdd to their results what the industry had been developing for internal useMake that available to the industry for widespread use and further developmentCall it ISO 15926 Work in Progress (WIP)Give it back to ISO to complete the formal standardization process

  • Accelerating Deployment of ISO 15926

    Project Goals Accelerate deployment of a standard-based neutral platform for

    exchanging sharing integrating hand-over

    lifecycle information between different computer systemsDeliverables Tested Open Source, compliant integration software that can be

    used as basis for commercial developments Evergreen Internet-based online library providing a Single Global

    Source of reference data core classes and object information models

    Bentley Class Editor available to FIATECH project members to define/harmonize ISO 15926 classes and information models

    Intelligent Data Sets Accelerating Deployment of ISO15926

  • ISO 15926: How it Works


    ISO 15926

    Company EPC

    Company Supplier

    Reference Data Library (RDL)

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