The Infallible Holy Twelve Imams(as)

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The Infallible Holy Twelve Imams(as) brief description

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The Infallible Holy Twelve Imams(as)Just as Allah(swt), The Most High, appointed His Messengers for the guidance of mankind in the same way of the appointment of deputies and successors for the Prophets was a matter of sheer neccessity! Allah(swt), The Most High, appointed Twelve distinguished Holy Personalities, one after the other as successors of The Holy Prophet(pbuh) of Islam, starting with the First Holy Infallible Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as).

The Holy Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) had said

"After me there are Twelve Caliphas. And they are all from Quraysh."

These Infallible Twelve Holy Imams, or the Leaders of all mankind, are very well know to all Muslims. 1. Imam Ali Al-Murtatha(as) 2. Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba(as) 3. Imam Hussein Al-Shaheed(as) 4. Imam Zain Al-Abdeen Al-Shujjad(as) 5. Imam Mohammed Al-Bakir(as) 6. Imam Jaffar Al-Sadiq(as) 7. Imam Musa Al-Kathum(as) 8. Imam Ali Al-Reda(as) 9. Imam Mohammed Al-Jawad(as) 10. Imam Ali Al-Hadi(as) 11. Imam Hassan Al-Askari(as) 12. Imam Mehdi Al-Muntadar(as) Still living and awaiting God's Divine Command of his "SECOND COMING!"

These Twelve Imams(as) are, The absolute authorities of, Allah(swt), among all the mankind.

They all were from the same Divine Light, out of which The Holy Prophet(pbuh&hf) was created from.

Like The Holy Prophet(pbuh) they all were special personalities in matter of knowledge, forbearance, moral excellence, justice, high moral standards and other intellectual achievements as being the successors of The Holy Prophet(pbuh&hf) and Leaders and Divine Guides for all mankind.

Sadly of all the Twelve Infallible Holy Imams(as), Eleven of them have been murdered, either by the sword or by poisioning. It has been narrated by The Holy Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf). That even the last of the Infallible Holy Twelve Imams(as), the Imam Mehdi Al-Muntader(as) will also be murdered after he had accomplished his divine quest.

By ridding the world of all miseries and injustice. Then he will establish Justice, and human rights to all mankind!Even The Holy Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf), himself wasn't spared, and was poisioned by a Jewish old woman, who he later, unconditionaly freed and forgave. Soon after The Prophet's(pbuh&hf) death, his beloved daughter the Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(as) was also killed due to the blow she recived to her chest breaking her ribs, causing her sevear internal bleeding and misscarriage of her unborn baby

The Infallible First Holy Imam

Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as)

Name: - Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as) Title: - Al-Murtatha(as) Kunyat: - Abul Hassan(as) Born: - On Friday 13th Rajab, in The Holy Kaba in Mecca, Arabia. Father: - Abu Taleb, The Clan Chief of the Bani Hashim(as) Mother: - Fatimah Bint Al-Assad(as) Wife : - The Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(as) The Prophet's(pbuh&hf) daughter. Children : Imam Hassan(as) - 2nd holy Imam(as) Imam Hussain(as) - 3rd holy Imam(as) Zaynab(as) - Herowin of Karbala Umm Al-Kaltum(as) Mohsen(as) - still born Date of death: - On 21st. Ramadan, 40 AH. - at the age of 63 years old, Cause of death: - Assinated in the Mosque of Kufa., Iraq. Buried: - He was buried in secret in Najaf, Iraq

Dua Al-Kumail An important prayer of supplication given by the Imam Ali(as) Picture Gallery of the Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as)

The First Infallible Holy Imam Ali(as) He is the son of the Clan Chief Abu Taleb(as) of the family of Bani Hashim and his wife Fatimah Bint Al-Assad(as). He's the nephew and the son in-law of The Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf). He was the designated as the Calipha or the First Legitimate Successor of The Holy Prophet(pbuh&hf) and the Leader of all mankind and he is the holy Father of all the Eleven Infallible holy Imams(as) after him. The Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as) was the only person to have the honour bestowed upon him of being born in The Sacred Holy Kaba in Mecca on

friday, 13th day of the month of Rajab, 600AD. Thirty years after the year of the Elephant in 570 AD. Nobody before him or after him has ever had the honour bestowed upon him by Allah(swt), to be born in The House of God, The Most High, thus his position in Islam is being dignified in its all greatness. He was fatally wounded by the blow from a poisionous sword upon his head, by an assasin Abdurrahman Ibin Al-Muljim on Friday, 19th. of the Month Ramadan in the great Mosque of Kufa, while the Imam(as) was leading the early morning prayers. Three days latter at the age of sixty three he died in his home of his fatal head wound. His body was prepared for burial by his two holy sons Imam Hassan(as) and Imam Hussain(as) and was secrectly buried, as explicitly willed by him, in an umarked grave, at Najaf, in southern Iraq, where his Sacred Shrine stands now.

His excellent attributes are of a great number 1. He was brought up and taught by The Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) himself. 2. He was the first to become a Muslim. 3. He never worshipped any kind of pagan idols or other gods. 4. He was the most closest, faithfull and the most loyal to The Prophet(pbuh&hf), of all his Companions. 5. Under his flag of Leadership, victory was always assured. 6. He never turned his back on the enemy. 7. His courage was magnificient and second to none. 8. As a Judge he received this compliment from The Holy Prophet(pbuh&hf), "Ali is the best judge, amongst all of you." 9. About his vast knowledge The Prophet(pbuh&hf) had said, " I am the city of knowledge and Ali is it's gate!" 10. In Imam Ali's(as) relation to the Truth The Prophet(pbuh&hf) had said, "Ali is with the Truth, and Truth is with Ali." 11. He was just in his dealings with all the people. 12. He treated all the people equally. 13. He never indulged himself in the worldly materials and it's luxuries.

14. He would enter the Bayt Al-Mal (Public Treasury) and would look at the gold and silver with indifference and address it by saying, "White and yellow, attracts the people, but not me!" White meaning silver and yellow meaning gold 15. He would then distribute them among the needy. 16. He would treat the destitute with mercy and would at every opporturnity sit with the poor and homeless and would rush to help any person in need. 17. He would speak out for the truth and issue his decrees on the basis of justice. 18. He would never appease anyone and comprimise or undertermin justic, honesty and the truth. 19. He would never supported any person's selfish interest over the interest of Islam and human justice. In short he was very much like The Holy Prophet(pbuh&hf) in virtuous attributes and for this reason Allah(swt), The Most High, has considered him in the Holy Koran as the Soul of The Holy Prophet Mohammad AlMustafa(pbuh&hf).

Warn Thy Family The Prophet(pbuh&hf) invites Ali(as) to help him in a task, that God had commanded of him Succession Ali(as) is clearly appointed the Calipha to succeed The Prophet(pbuh&hf) Migration The Prophet(pbuh&hf) ask Ali(as) to cover for him, by sleeping in his bed, so that he may escape undected Nahj Al-Balagh, A fine collection of Speeches and Hadeeths of Ali(as) His Exploits Decribes how Ali(as) endavoured for the sake of Islam Battle of the Camal Rebels try to seize the Caliphate from Ali(as), by raising a formidable force in Basra, Iraq Muawiyah revolts Refusual of to step down from his post as govenor in Damascus

Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba(as) The Infallible Second Holy Imam

Name: Hassan Ibin Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as) 5th Calipha Title: Al-Mujtaba(as) Kunyat: Abul Mohammad.

Born: On Tuesday, 15h. Ramadan, 3 AH in Al-Medina, Arabia. Father: The First Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as) Mother:The Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(as) Cause of death: Poisioned by his wife bribed by Muawiyah Ibin Abu Suffayan Date of death:On Thursday, 7th. Safar, 50 Ah. Buried:Al-Baggea public cementary, in Al-Medina, Arabia.

The Second Holy Imam Hassan son of the Imam Ali Ibn Abu Taleb(as) and Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra(as) the daughter of The Holy Prophet(pbuh). He died, as a martyr because of poison mixed in his food, by his wife paid for her deed by Muawiyah. His younger brother, Imam Hussain(as) prepared his body for the burial, in his grandfather's The Prophet's(pbuh) house but was violently forced to bury his dead brother's body instead in the nearby Al-Baqgea cemetery in Medina. He excelled all others in his time in worshipping Allah(swt), in knowledge and in spiritual perfections. He was more like the prophet than other people. He was the most kind hearted person in his family at his time and the most forbearing among people. Once a house maid presented him a bunch of flowers and because of this the Imam(as) set her free. He then said that it was because of how Allah(swy) has disciplined us and he stated this from the Holy Koran, "When you are greeted, you should respond in even a better way or just return the greeting." Once a person from Syria on a horse back met the Imam and started to abuse him but the Imam did not respond. When the Syrian said all that he wanted to say the Imam went closer to him and said with a smile, "May peace be with you. I think you have just come to this town. If you need some food we can provide you. If you may need anything we can give you and if you need directions we can give directions and if you may need a ride we can provide one and if you need protection we are ready to protect you." The man after hearing all this began to cry and said,

" I testify that you are deputy of Allah on earth and Allah knows better who to entrust with Divine message."

Imam Ali Zain Al-Abideen(as) The Infallible Fourth Holy Imam

Name: Ali(as) Title: Zain Al-Abideen(as) Kunyat: Abu Mohammad Born: On Saturday, 15th of Jumadi Al-Awwal 36 AH, in Medina, Arabia Father: The Third Imam Hussain Ibin Abe Taleb(as) Mother: Shahe Zanan daughter of King Yazd