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<ul><li><p>The Knowledge Movement: </p><p>Trends and Opportunities </p><p>Thank you for joining us. We will begin promptly at </p><p>1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT. </p><p>To hear the audio, you will need to use WebEx audio </p><p>receive a call back or dial-in options available. </p><p>All lines are muted. Please use the Chat panel for </p><p>questions. </p><p>This presentation is part of the </p><p>CX Super Heroes Webinar Series </p></li><li><p>Welcome </p><p>Thank you for joining today! </p><p>Submit questions via the WebEx </p><p>Chat panel &amp; Twitter - </p><p>@MoxieSoft &amp; @ekolsky </p><p>Session will be recorded and </p><p>sent to attendees with </p><p>presentation </p><p>Speakers </p><p>Randy Nasson Director, Product Mgmt </p><p>Moxie Software </p><p>Esteban Kolsky </p><p>Founder and Principal, </p><p>ThinkJar </p></li><li><p>the knowledge movement - trends and opportunities </p><p>how the new world is changing the way we do knowledge management in the enterprise </p></li><li><p>knowledge workers spend 60 percent of their time looking </p><p>for information to do their work </p></li><li><p>product </p><p>services </p><p>corporate </p><p>partners </p><p>suppliers </p><p> organizations provide the information they need </p></li><li><p>or do they? </p></li><li><p>three trends, endless possibilities </p><p>three trends in enterprise technology today </p><p>social networks and collaboration </p><p>cloud computing </p><p>analytics and big data </p><p>How do they affect knowledge? </p></li><li><p>tribes of knowledge workers </p></li><li><p>72% of organizations leveraging tribal knowledge reported cost reductions, higher customer satisfaction, effective interactions </p><p>example: italian soccer club, managed by tribal knowledge, expertise provided as needed, all for one common goal: win </p></li><li><p>finding the right answer or resource for each interaction </p></li><li><p>more communities are searching, targeting, finding, embracing, and leveraging SME </p><p>traditional 90-9-1 model for community contributions has shifted to 70-20-10 </p><p>peoples needs to contribute, belong, be recognized </p><p>leveraging SMEs for community buildup </p></li><li><p>customer has an idea </p><p>co-create to build new product, service </p><p>SME creates knowledge </p><p>company leverages knowledge created, maintains together </p><p>consumer knows fix for problem </p><p>company rewards contributions </p><p>communities business </p><p>quickly disappearing membrane </p><p>elimination of the inside-outside membrane </p></li><li><p>feedback and suggestions </p><p>ideas for new products and services </p><p>answers, SME and knowledge </p><p>reviews, opinions and recommendations </p><p>advocacy and champions </p><p>dont go that far, lets stick to usefulness </p><p>using communities as knowledge repositories </p></li><li><p>partner </p><p>k k </p><p>k </p><p>k </p><p>k </p><p>k k </p><p>k </p><p>k </p><p>k </p><p>k </p><p>k </p><p>m </p><p>m </p><p>m </p><p>m </p><p>partner </p><p>supplier </p><p>k knowledge repository m km system </p><p>company </p><p>federated knowledge management helps save </p></li><li><p>social and cloud have simplified the creation and maintenance of federated knowledge </p><p>SME willing to support federated across different knowledgebases and communities help as well </p><p>still, not a simple turn-key solution </p><p> when investing in a federated knowledgebase, more advanced issues emerge quickly </p><p>federated knowledgebases must we well planned </p></li><li><p>knowledge base </p><p>document repository </p><p>island data </p><p>ontology taxonomy </p><p>business rules content rules </p><p>partner knowledge </p><p>crm inventory shipping ecommerce financing </p><p>communities internal users </p><p>deploying a knowledge platform extends investment </p></li><li><p>organization must be committed, in process of migrating to cloud computing </p><p> still in planning stages, few deployed </p><p>collaboration inside and outside must be common terms, concepts for organization </p><p>starting to see knowledge seep across departments, partners </p><p> five-to-ten year issue, must plan soon </p><p>knowledge platforms prepare organization for the cloud </p></li><li><p>intent-driven enterprises are becoming reality </p></li><li><p>Part of the governing triad of content and knowledge management </p><p>most complex aspect, eluded before social </p><p> missing data and information, social helps </p><p>example: online retailer investing in social tracking, monitoring, analytics discovered why customers buy different products, leveraged information into near-time marketing, sales exploded (30% or more in three successive quarters), sales cost reduced by 12% at the same time </p><p>building an intentional enterprise </p></li><li><p>customer agent </p><p>efficiency (fast and cheap operations) effectiveness (right answer at the </p><p>right time) </p><p>process </p><p>satisfaction </p><p>end-to-end effectiveness and efficiency index </p><p>performance morale loyalty </p><p>effective </p><p>demographic, sentimental, attitudinal, behavioral, and operational are variables in this model </p><p> feedback model that simplifies collection, improvement </p></li><li><p>focus on effective interactions needs best answer </p><p>two percent response rate for content feedback is considered good </p><p>four percent is unheard of </p><p>analyzing usage patterns, merged with profile and customer information </p><p>determine BNO (best next offer) </p><p>figure best answer based on need, intent, and past performance </p></li><li><p>demographic operational </p><p>behavioral attitudinal </p><p>sentimental </p><p>who the customers are </p><p>how efficiently the business operates </p><p>what customers do and how they work </p><p>how effectively the business operates </p><p>how the customers feel about the business, products, services as expressed publicly </p><p>crm social crm big data </p><p>evolution of data and analytics, including big data </p></li><li><p>building a collaborative enterprise, ten year plan </p><p>more data and big data </p><p>filtering is more important than collecting and storing </p><p>better analytics </p><p>co-creation </p><p>collaboration to understand needs and desires </p><p>build what the company needs, customers wants </p><p>adjust as quickly as analysis is possible </p><p>take training, patience, and iterating </p><p>collaborative enterprise, model of the future </p></li><li><p>let your imagination run wild what can you envision? </p></li><li><p>Social Knowledge Use Cases </p><p>Randy Nasson </p><p>August 30, 2012 </p></li><li><p>26 </p><p>Who is Moxie Software? </p><p>Our Customer Needs to: </p><p>Engage customers via their </p><p>communication channel of choice </p><p>Connect employees with </p><p>collaboration technology </p><p>Deliver the right answers via a </p><p>powerful social knowledgebase </p><p>3 Billion + Mission Critical </p><p>Social Transactions </p><p>Per Year </p></li><li><p>Converging Markets </p><p>External Communication Internal Collaboration </p><p>Next Generation Social Enterprise </p></li><li><p>KB + Collaboration Use Cases </p></li><li><p>Central HQ &amp; Distributed Field Offices </p><p>HQ: Content Editors </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p><p>Field Office: Sales &amp; Agents </p></li><li><p>Feedback Today </p><p>HQ: Content Editors </p><p>Field Office: </p><p>Sales &amp; Agents </p></li><li><p>KB-Collaboration Spaces Feedback Loop </p><p>KB Article Authoring </p><p> Definable Workflow </p><p> Versioning </p><p> Publishing </p><p> Related Content </p><p>Collaboration Spaces </p><p> Single Social Platform </p><p> Activity Stream </p><p>Updates </p><p> Notifications </p><p> In-Line Viewing </p><p>Social Knowledge </p><p> Rich Comments </p><p> Likes </p><p> Follow </p><p> Sharing </p><p>Feedback Loop </p><p> Single Reference </p><p>Point </p><p> Comments Pushed </p><p>to KB </p></li><li><p>Social Authoring Crowdsourcing Knowledge </p><p>Collaboration Spaces Knowledgebase </p><p>SME Authors Content </p><p>(File, Blog Post, etc.) </p><p>Submit to KB for </p><p>Certification </p><p>Certified Knowledge </p><p>Article Workflow </p><p>SMEs Create Working </p><p>Draft &amp; Revise </p><p>Submit to KB for </p><p>Certified Update </p></li><li><p>End-to-End Customer / Employee Engagement </p><p>1) Customer inquiry </p><p>2) Agent alerted of customer question </p><p>3) Escalated to Subject Matter </p><p>Experts </p><p>4) Employees collaborate to </p><p>resolve the Issue </p><p>5) Happy customer &amp; the right answer is </p><p>published to the </p><p>knowledgebase </p></li><li><p>Thank You </p><p>Questions: </p><p> WebEx Chat Panel </p><p> Twitter: @Moxiesoft &amp; @ekolsky </p><p>Session recording and presentation will be sent via email </p><p>Contact Us: </p><p> </p><p> +1.800.474.1149 </p><p> </p></li></ul>


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