The Latin American Wars of Independence

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1798-1821. The Latin American Wars of Independence. What and Where is Latin America?. Was ruled mostly by Spain Leaders came from Spain, France and Portugal Latin language origins. Outside Causes of Revolution. Enlightenment Revolutions in US and France Napoleonic Wars - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Latin American Wars of Independence

The Latin American Wars of Independence1798-1821What and Where is Latin America?Was ruled mostly by SpainLeaders came from Spain, France and PortugalLatin language origins

Outside Causes of Revolution

EnlightenmentRevolutions in US and FranceNapoleonic Wars -Focus was in Europe -Spain and Portugal both Occupied for a period of timeNapoleon increases nationalismClass SystemPeninsulares: Latin Americans born in SpainCreoles: Spaniards born in Latin AmericaMestizos: People of mixed European and Indian ancestryMulattoes: People of mixed European and African ancestry

Class System

Class SystemHaitiWho rebelled? Slaves rebelled against FrenchHuge Slave PopulationWhy: Freedom

What Happened?

LOverture leads a successful slave revolt in 1798 he was a mulattoNapoleon sends troops to take back Haiti in 1803Guerilla WarfareLOverture is captured, but revolution continuesDefeat of French ArmyHaiti becomes republic in 1820Spanish AmericaArea of New Spain spread from Mid-N. America to tip of S. AmericaVery few rights for native populationWho rebelled? Creoles RebelWhy? Want their freedom

What Happened?

Simon Bolivar was a South American born GeneralServed in Spanish Army against NapoleonWent back to South America and took over Independence movementKnown as the The Great LiberatorSlowly pushes Spanish outHelped by Jose de San MartinMexicoWho rebelled? Father Miguel Hidalgo, a priest, leads the movement with other Native Americans, Mestizo, and CreolesWhy? They want to end slaveryWhat happened? 1820 they gain independence

BrazilPortuguese ColonyPortuguese Royal family flees to Brazil when Napoleon takes overFamily leaves, but one son remain behindWho Rebelled? Creoles and RoyalWhy? Want to end colonial ruleWhat happens?Pedro I- declares Brazil an independent nationHe rules as a monarch