The Law of Fascination by Reg Bryson

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Key pointers on the Law of Fascination: an Advertising "Law" in terms of how advertising is affected by the attention, or fascination, of the audience.


<p>The Law of Fascination by Reg Bryson Me too kind of thinking The Law of Fascination demands a more positive and proactive attitudeto advertising: People now buy in repertoires The advertising industry may have been wrongly convinced of e!actly what advertising is capable of The "trong Theory # that advertising is indeed persuasive The $eak Theory # that advertising%s key role is one of reinforcement or reminder More commonly held theory is the weak force rationalist%s view that advertising%s primary role is that of maintaining or reinforcing a brand%ssalience among consumers $e are told that advertising is&amp; at best&amp; a supporter of other&amp; more direct marketing activities and a reinforcer of e!isting attitudes&amp; values and predispositions 'rand loyalty is most markets is a misnomer (onsumers are purchasing across a repertoire of brands they perceive to be more similar than dissimilar 'rands&amp; the cornerstone concept of modern advertising practice&amp; havereached a crisis of commodi)cation # no di*erentiation&amp; no loyalty and no impact Too many of today%s advertisers seem content to simply follow the crowdCONVERGENCE ADVERTISING +o one is challenging preconceived motions (reative advertising is becoming an o!ymoron F,(T: Me too strategies rarely work F,(T: ,dvantage does not come from imitation The e!tent and serious e*ect this commercially crippling convergence force actually has on a corporation is not widely known !AT !A""ENED TO DIFFERENTIATION# (onsumers see most brands in a category more or less the same (-+"."T/+(0 ,+1 (2/1/+T.,L" 3 (2/,T.4.T0 5igher need for recognition and awareness than for consumer interest and involvement 1i*erentiation remains a critical aspect of marketing (-+4/26/+(/ not 1.FF/2/+T.,T.-+ is currently the de)ning forceBRAND "ARIT$ !AS BECO%E&amp; T!RO'G! BLAND ADVERTISING&amp; BLAND "ARIT$ '2,+1" ,2/ '/(-M.+6 6/+/2.( (reativity in advertising is now more about processing and packaging than about uni7ueness or creating di*erentiationT!E DANGER OF SAFET$ , safe brand idea or advertising is actually dangerous because it can delude the company buying it into thinking it will work for them 'rand names or advertising ideas that merely )t are lost in a cluttered environment ,gencies must reward the consumer and be di*erent amidst the cluttered world of advertising instead of merely satisfying the client L-T -F 2."8" '/ 1.FF/2/+T&amp; '/ (2/,T.4/&amp; '/ '-L19 ",F/T0 : M-2/ 5,2M T5,+ 6--19!$ ADVERTISING IS $O'R %OST "OTENT EA"ON,dvertising "ituation: ,dvertising that signi)cantly disturbs the status 7uo in a market is remarkably rare ,dvertising;s role is achieved by being creative (ompanies&amp; however&amp; would prefer to </p>