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<ul><li><p>The Next Big Thing?</p><p>Natural gas is becoming the new contender in the energy race as reports of it producing as much power as coal are coming in.</p><p>Coal may just become an obsolete commodity. For natural gas is turning out to become the future of the energy sector in the USA. In June 2012, for the first time in American history, natural gas generated as much electricity as coal. Natural gas is readily available in the state of Louisiana, which also consists of the countrys largest producing natural gas field. The Intellectual Property Attache Act (IPAA) believes that the state will contribute 49% of the entire countrys natural gas in the next 20 years.</p><p>There are many advantages to using natural gas. One major point is that it is a cleaner fuel than coal. A study conducted by Cornell University on the usage of natural gas finds that the country can reduce 40% of its carbon emissions with natural gas. </p><p>With natural gas becoming a top contender in the energy race, this is certainly good news for the oil and gas industry, especially for original equipment manufacturers. Nearly 85% of oil well boring is done with drilling equipment. The demand for products such as drilling dampeners and pulsation dampener will probably grow along with that of drilling equipment. </p><p>Oil well boring requires equipment that will work in difficult conditions as well as have a long work life. One company that has made its mark in the oil and gas industry is Integrated Equipment. We are known for our blowout preventers, pulsation dampeners, wellhead equipment, and drilling dampeners, to name a few. </p><p>Integrateds pulsation dampeners are unique in design and construction. The bodies are made from a single piece of construction, thus eliminating the risk of onsite weld failures. The dampeners also comprise removable top and bottom plates, which are easily replaceable on field. Our dampeners have capacities between 1 and 20 gallons. They have a pressure range between 285 psi and 7500 psi. The inside surfaces are machined for smooth diaphragm movement. The diaphragms are equipped with stabilizer to prevent fluid entrapment. The diaphragms can also be replaced without removing the unit from the drilling line. These many aspects make Integrateds drilling equipment the best for the job. </p></li><li><p>Model Volume MAWP Weight Dimensions</p><p>A B C </p><p>Gallons psig Pounds inches mm inches mm inches mm IE-10-3000 10 3000 950 23.75 603 22.68 576 29.44 748 IE-10-5000 10 5000 950 23.75 603 22.68 576 29.44 748 IE-20-3000 20 3000 2500 28.25 718 29.00 737 38.50 978 IE-20-5000 20 5000 2500 28.25 718 29.00 737 38.50 978 IE-20-7500 20 7500 2500 28.25 718 29.00 737 38.50 978 </p><p>Yet, the question still remains. Will natural gas become the next big thing in the energy industry? We will just have to wait and see. </p></li></ul>