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  • Staley Da Bear @TheRealStaley

    Tackle Reading

    The Chicago Bears are proud to present the most innovative incentive-based reading program in the NFL! Tackle Reading was

    created by Staley Da Bear, the teams official mascot, to promote his love and enthusiasm towards reading and learning. Staley

    is inviting all elementary-aged students to share in his delight by participating in this new program. Staley and his MC will

    jumpstart your childs desire to pick up a book by combining education and comedy into a 45 minute high energy show!

    The Message: Tackle ReadingDive into a good book.

    A 45 minute fun-filled school program discussing the five essential components of reading which, according to the

    National Institute for Literacy include: phonetic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. A special focus is

    given to the area of comprehension and the importance of remembering key strategies that can be helpful when reading.

    Further, Staley and his MC entwine education and comedy to create an engaging hands-on assembly exploring reading

    comprehension and the differences between fiction and non-fiction reading. As a wrap up, Staleys MC invites audience

    members to participate in an incentive-based 5 week reading program called Staleys Tackle Reading Challenge. Each

    student will receive a 7-page activity booklets containing various readingthemed games along with a Tackle Reading chart to

    be used in the challenge.

    The Objective: To foster a students interest in reading both fiction and non-fiction books.

    Similar to a football game, Staleys Tackle Reading Challenge is divided into four one-week quarters and one overtime

    week. Students are encouraged to read one book per quarter. The first half (weeks one and two) should be comprised of

    fiction books. The second half (weeks three and four) should be comprised of non-fiction books. Students are invited to

    complete the overtime portion of the program by either writing a book report on one of the 4 books read during regulation,

    or by writing a short story. All information can be logged in your students Tackle Reading chart located at the back of his/her

    activity booklet. A PDF version is available at

    Every student who finishes Staleys Tackle Reading Challenge wins a prize!

    Staley will present every student who completes the regulation portion of Staleys Tackle Reading Challenge with a unique

    Chicago Bears certificate commemorating the readers accomplishments. Students who complete the overtime portion will

    become eligible for the Grand Prize.

    The Grand Prize: A select number of winners will score the ultimate prize!

    Everyone who finishes the overtime portion of Staleys Tackle Reading Challenge will be entered into the Grand Prize

    Drawing. In April, 100 students will win the ultimate experience.a mini-camp experience conducted by Chicago Bears players!

  • Staley Da Bear @TheRealStaley

    Staleys Tackle Reading Challenge

    To get started:

    Step 1: Ask your parents permission to begin Staleys Tackle Reading Challenge. Remember, your

    parents and your teacher must sign each quarter in order for you to be considered for the Grand Prize


    Step 2: Print out one chart and follow the rules of each half.

    Step 3: Chart your progress by filling out the required information in each week or quarter of your

    chart. Readers should choose fiction books for the 1st and 2nd quarters. Readers should choose non-

    fiction books for the 3rd and 4th quarter. Readers are eligible for a Certificate of Completion upon

    completion of regulation. Readers are encouraged to complete the 5th week or overtime portion of

    the program by writing a book report on one of the 4 books read during regulation, or by writing a

    short story of their own.

    Step 4: At the end of the overtime portion of the program, make sure one of your parents or legal

    guardian has signed the chart. Be sure to include your book report or short story. (Younger children may

    draw a picture accompanied by a sentence)

    Step 5: Send in your chart and book report or short story to:

    Chicago Bears

    c/o Staley Da Bears Tackle Reading Challenge

    1410 S Museum Campus Drive

    Gate 10

    Chicago, IL 60605

    (To reduce shipping costs, schools and teachers may send in only names and the grade level of each

    student who successfully completes the challenge.)


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