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The PERSEUS BOOKS GROUP TLA Book Buzz · PDF fileThe PERSEUS BOOKS GROUP TLA Book Buzz 2013 ... Love and Math The Heart of Hidden Reality Edward Frenkel ... This Land that I Love

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    No Better TimeThe Brief, Remarkable Life of Danny Lewin, the Genius Who Transformed the InternetMolly Knight Raskin978-0-306-82166-0 $25.99 HCSeptember Biography/TechnologyDa Capo Press

    The extraordinary story of a young genius whose pioneering work not only transformed the internet, but made him a billionaire overnightand how a life cut tragically short can still leave behind a powerful and lasting legacy.

    Cat SenseHow the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your PetJohn Bradshaw978-0-465-03101-6 $27.99 HCSeptember PetsBasic Books

    The bestselling author of Dog Sense uses the latest scientific and behavioral research to explain the origins, evolution, and modern-day needs of mans other best friend: the enigmatic domestic cat.

    Pigs Cant SwimA MemoirHelen Peppe978-0-306-82272-8 $22.99 HCFebruary MemoirDa Capo Press

    An outrageous, hilarious, and touching memoir of childhood as the youngest of nine children in a hardscrabble, beyond-eccentric Maine family.

    The GapThe Science of What Separates Us from Other AnimalsThomas Suddendorf978-0-465-03014-9 $29.99 HCNovember ScienceBasic Books

    A leading psychologist argues that a capacity for fiction is what separates man from beast.

    Three SquaresThe Invention of the American MealAbigail Carroll978-0-465-02552-7 $27.99 HCSeptember History/CookingBasic Books

    From pease porridge and cornmeal mush to TV dinners and PB&J, a soup-to-nuts history of the American meal.

    When They Were BoysThe True Story of the Beatles Rise to the TopLarry Kane978-0-7624-4014-6 $24.95 HCAugust Music BiographyRunning Press

    The unbelievable story of the Beatles sev-en-year rise from teenage dreamers to legendary icons.

    One ChanceA MemoirPaul Potts978-1-60286-228-9 $15.99 PBSeptember MemoirWeinstein Books

    The inspirational memoir by international classic music star Paul Potts, winner of Brit-ains Got Talentsoon to be a major motion picture from The Weinstein Company.

  • A Mathematician Reads the NewspaperJohn Allen Paulos978-0-465-08999-4 $14.99 PBSeptember MathematicsBasic Books

    From the Senate, the SATs, and sex to crime, celebrities, and cults, Paulos takes stories that may not seem to involve mathematics at all and demonstrates how mathematical navet can put readers at a distinct disadvantage.

    Finding the Dragon LadyThe Mystery of Madame NhuMonique Brinson Demery978-1-61039-281-5 $26.99 HCSeptember HistoryPublicAffairs

    A young womans quest to find the infamous former first lady of South Vietnam becomes a fascinating exploration of image and reality, truth and fiction, and the confusions and self-delusions of the Vietnam War itself.

    Love and MathThe Heart of Hidden RealityEdward Frenkel978-0-465-05074-1 $27.99 HCOctober MathematicsBasic Books

    A top mathematicians lifelong quest to find a theory of every number.

    This Land that I LoveIrving Berlin, Woody Guthrie, and the Story of Two American AnthemsJohn Shaw978-1-61039-223-5 $26.99 HCNovember History/MusicPublicAffairs

    A narrative history of the writing of This Land Is Your Land and God Bless America that uncovers the conflicts and common ground between two classic, patriotic songs.

    Mr. PresidentGeorge Washington and the Making of the Nations Highest OfficeHarlow Giles Unger978-0-306-81961-2 $25.99 HCNovember BiographyDa Capo Press

    In this startling narrative, award-winning author Harlow Giles Unger reveals how George Washington converted his ceremonial post as president into the most powerful office on earth.

    The Nazi and the PsychiatristHermann Gring, Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, and a Fatal Meeting of Minds at the End of WWIIJack El-Hai978-1-61039-156-6 $27.99 HCSeptember HistoryPublicAffairs

    In 1945, an improbable relationship between a fallen Reichsmar-schall and an ambitious US Army physician becomes a hazardous quest into the nature of evil.

    The TellThe Little Clues That Reveal Big Truths about Who We AreMatthew Hertenstein978-0-465-03165-8 $26.99 HCNovember PsychologyBasic Books

    A leading psychologist shows how effective our intuition is for making predictions.

    Mastering the Art of QuittingWhy It Matters in Life, Love, and WorkPeg Streep and Alan Bernstein978-0-7382-1654-6 $24.99 HCDecember BusinessDa Capo Lifelong Books

    Mastering the Art of Quitting explores the myth of persistence and the fascinating psychology of why and how we sabotage ourselves by holding onto the familiar.

    Our Hidden MotivesThe Undiscovered Economics of Everyday LifeUri Gneezy and John List978-1-61039-311-9 $27.99 HCOctober BusinessPublicAffairs

    Two superstars revolutionizing economicsindeed all social scienceprovide the breakthrough ideas for taking on big, complicated problems, using colorful stories from their travels and experiments around the world to get the evidence about what works and what doesnt.

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    A Big Fat CrisisThe Hidden Forces Behind the Obesity Epidemic And How to End ItDeborah Cohen978-1-56858-967-1 $26.99 HCDecember Social ScienceNation Books

    An M.D. argues that obesity is an inevitable consequence of the fundamental limits of human nature playing out in a world where food is cheap, ubiquitous, and insidiously marketed.

    One Hundred VictoriesSpecial Ops and the Future of American WarfareLinda Robinson

    978-1-61039-149-8 $28.99 HCOctober Current AffairsPublicAffairs

    Based on unique inside access and new on-the-ground reporting, the author of the New York Times bestseller Masters of Chaos and Notable Book of the Year Tell Me How This Ends explains why the future of US military presence abroad belongs to the Special Forces: how that happened and what it means.