The Pioneer 2019-03-04آ  “fox gameâ€‌ played by the Intelligence agencies, was used ahead of the action

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    Days after Union HomeMinister Rajnath Singh’s assertion that “something big has happened” in retaliation to BSF jawan Narender Singh’s brutal killing by Pakistani forces, it has now emerged that the BSF killed 14 men of Pakistan Rangers and destroyed six bunkers on the intervening night of September 25 and 26 along the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir.

    As a tit for tat for tying the feet of Singh and slitting his throat, the BSF also inflicted befitting injuries on at least two personnel of the Pakistan Rangers, top sources said.

    The BSF jawan was killed on September 18 by the Pakistan Rangers while clear- ing elephant grass on the inter- national boundary along with a team.

    “Hamare BSF ka ek jawan, abhi uske saath jis tarike se bad- salooki ki hai Pakistan ne, shayad aapne dekha hoga. Kuch hua hai, main bataoonga nahi. Hua hai, theek thaak hua hai, vishwaas rakhna bahut theek thaak hua hai, 2-3 din pehle. Aur aage bhi dekhiega kya hoga” (Something has hap- pened, I can’t tell you what. It happened, something substan- tial. Trust me something big has happened 2-3 days back, now wait and watch what hap- pens in the future), the Home Minister had said on Friday while referring to the killing of BSF jawan Narender.

    After India’s retaliatory strike, Pakistan Army corps commander visited the border area on September 26 to boost the morale of the elite unit of Pakistan Rangers trapped and hit by the BSF. Outgoing BSF DG KK Sharma had on Friday said sufficient action was taken and Narender ‘s killing was avenged on the LoC. Sharma

    had also said the Pakistan side had vacated five km of the area from the zero line fearing fur- ther retribution and mortar shelling from the BSF.

    The retaliatory action was planned by the BSF swiftly, and “fox game” played by the Intelligence agencies, was used ahead of the action against them. In a fox game, the agen- cies use the communication and media platforms to hood- wink the adversary and reduce their alertness.

    The casualty figures are

    significant especially when the BSF has not used mortar firing to retaliate against the coun- terpart.

    “A series of fronts and posts were activated along the LoC, fox game was in full play and a successful coordinated action was executed against the adversary. All the action was executed on their (Pakistan) side of the LoC,” an official privy to the details said.

    The sources also did not rule out further action against Pakistani forces.

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    ASpecial Investigation Team(SIT) has started a probe into the killing of an Apple executive Vivek Tiwari in police firing in Lucknow on Saturday. The killing of the young man sent shock waves across the State and pressure is mounting on police bosses to punish cops involved in the alleged brutal “murder”.

    The 38-year-old executive of a private company who was allegedly shot dead by a trigger- happy constable while he was going to drop his colleague Sana Khan in Gomti Nagar here was on Sunday cremated in presence of Uttar Pradesh Ministers and family mem- bers at Bhaisakund.

    Giving details, ADG Lucknow Zone Rajeev Krishna said the team collected details from the crime scene during the investigation. “The aim of the investigation is to collect corroborative and scientific evidence to reach to a conclu- sion in the case,” he said.

    The SIT led by IG Lucknow Range Sujit Pandey visited the crime scene and Gomti Nagar police station on Sunday morning.

    IG Lucknow range and SIT head Sujit Pandey said the team studied the dents in the walls of the underpass to exam- ine what would be the speed of the vehicle at the time of inci- dent. “We observed tyre marks on the road. The forensic team which helped in collection of evidences had been asked to find out the reason behind the same.

    “We are also trying to find out the exact sequence of inci- dent. The team spotted blood trail between the place where the car was initially spotted and the underpass. There were blood stains inside the car also,” he said.

    The IG said police will reconstruct the crime scene to know what exactly would have happened at the time of inci- dent. “We did not want to pre- sent any sketchy picture of police investigation. Every find- ing will be shared with the media and the culprit in the case would not be spared,” he said.

    On whether the prelimi- nary findings were against the constable who opened fire at Vivek, the IG said it is too early to comment on this. “We just started the SIT probe. Every aspect related to the incident was being probed. We had sought help from the public to share if they had any clue or any information related to the incident,” he said.

    The IG Lucknow range said the entire crime scene had been earmarked in two parts crime scene 1 and crime scene 2. “In the crime scene 1, the SIT is examining if the car was moving or it was stranded. Why the constables stopped the vehicle? What was the cause of conflict which led to the unfor- tunate incident? What was compulsion that the constable

    opened fire?” He said the team also vis-

    ited the Gomti Nagar police station where both the vehicles were parked for technical inspection. “The bike had dent to the right side. The team is finding if it the dent was caused after it was hit by the victim’s vehicle. The team is also find- ing out how the victim’s vehi- cle had dent at one of the doors,” he said.

    The IG said he cannot tell the time frame during which the probe will conclude. “This is a sensitive case and the police was trying its best to get scientific evidences to reach a conclusion,” he said.

    Pandey said there is no restriction for anyone to get another FIR registered in a case.

    He was answering the queries about Vivek’s wife demand to register a new FIR.

    Speaking about the delay in registration of the case and alle- gation that Sana, who was with Vivek in the car, was given a blank paper and asked to put her signature on it, the IG said the SIT will also investigate into these.

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    The quality of air in thenational Capital has dete- riorated once again with pol- lution level going up after wit- nessing a few days of ‘good’ air quality. Officials attributed the rise in pollution level to certain local factors mainly vehicular pollution.

    The Air Quality Index (AQI) was recorded at 159, over four times more than last Tuesday, according to the Centre’s System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research Institute (SAFAR). Monsoon rain had improved the air quality in the last two months.

    An AQI in the range of 0- 50 is considered ‘good’, 51-100 ‘satisfactory’, 101-200 ‘moder- ate’, 201-300 ‘poor’, 301-400 ‘very poor’ and 401-500 ‘severe’. Since July, the air quality remained ‘satisfactory’ and even witnessed three days of ‘good’ category.

    A Central Pollution

    Control Board (CPCB) official said the rise in pollution level is due to local factors especial- ly the vehicular pollution. “After the monsoon subsided, the local reasons resulted in increase of pollution in the city,” said the official.

    According to the data from the CPCB, the PM10 level (presence of particles with diameter less than 10 mm) was recorded as ‘