The Presidential Election of 2000

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The Presidential Election of 2000. Introduction to the election. Election Night. 7:50 pm EST (10 minutes before polls closed in Republican Florida Panhandle) some networks declared FL for Gore Based on exit polls Actual vote tally favored Bush 10 pm EST Networks put FL as undecided - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Presidential Election of 2000

The Presidential Election of 2000

Introduction to the electionPartyDemocratic PartyRepublican PartyGreen PartyPresidential CandidateVP Albert Gore, Jr.

Governor George W. BushRalph Nader(2.74% of Popular Vote)Vice Presidential CandidateJoseph Lieberman

Richard Cheney

Election Night7:50 pm EST (10 minutes before polls closed in Republican Florida Panhandle) some networks declared FL for GoreBased on exit pollsActual vote tally favored Bush10 pm EST Networks put FL as undecidedApprox. 2:30 am EST with Bush leading by in FL 100,000 votes networks started declaring for BushFox News was firstThis meant Bush won Gore called to concede

The Next DayBy 4:30 am EST Bushs lead dwindled to just over 2,000 votes in FLNetworks again retracted predictionsGore rescinded concessionThe race was on!Florida state law require mandatory machine recount for elections this closeReduced Bushs lead to about 300 votesOverseas ballots increased Bushs lead to about 900 votesBut there were questionsfrom Democratswhether the machine counting was reliableElection Problems?Hanging ChadsButterfly BallotsOverseas Military BallotsIntent of VotersHow do you determine that?

Butterfly Ballot

Votomatic Machines

Reading the Chads


The Legal Battle BeginsGore requested hand recounts of 4 counties in FLBrowardMiami DadePalm BeachVoluziaState Law provided for thisFlorida Sec. of State, Katherine Harris set Nov. 14 DeadlineVote couldnt be completed because of disputesFL Supreme Court extended deadline to Nov. 26Miami-Dade County halted recountPalm Beach County failed to meet new deadlineNovember 26th State Canvassing Board certified Bush winner of FloridaKatherine Harris was on the FL committee to elect Bush11The Legal Battle ContinuesFlorida Supreme Court ruled that Gore should have his recountIncluding 70,000 votes previously rejected by machines!December 12th U.S. Supreme court ruled 5-4 that statewide recount was unconstitutionalAlso, that Florida recount couldnt be completed before the Safe Harbor DeadlineOrdered that certified total should holdNow the Legislative Branch gets into the frayJanuary 6, 2001 joint session of Congress met to certify electoral college vote20 House Members filed objections to Bush getting Floridas electoral votesA 1877 law stated that a senator needed to co-sponsor objectionsNo one would stand against Supreme Court rulingV.P. Gore (serves as President of Senate) had to rule these objection out of order)2000 Election by the Numbers

2000 Election by the NumbersPartyDemocratic PartyRepublican PartyPresidential CandidateVP Albert Gore, Jr.

Governor George W. BushElectoral College Votes

266271Popular Vote

50.966.582 (48.4%)50.456,062 (47.4%)

The AftermathJanuary 20, 2001President Bush is inauguratedThe President of the United States is the President of every single American, of every race, and every background.

Helping this to never happen againHelp America Vote Act (HAVA) passed to help upgrade election technologyNews organizations tightened criteria to call states during elections

The AftermathAmerica The DurableWhat I like to remember for this debacle is that we still had a peaceful transfer of power.


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