The Quilt Story Vocabulary and Amazing Words Second Grade Reading.

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The Quilt Story Vocabulary and Amazing Words Second Grade Reading Slide 2 Vocabulary blankets pretended quilt stuffing trunks unpacked wrapped stitch hatchet patchwork Slide 3 blankets Soft, warm covering for beds. Slide 4 pretended To make-believe that something is real when it is not. Slide 5 quilt Soft covering for a bed. Slide 6 stuffing Material used to fill or pack something. Slide 7 trunks Large boxes for carrying clothes. Slide 8 unpacked To take things out that were packed in a box, trunk, or other container. Slide 9 wrapped To cover with paper. Slide 10 stitch To sew or fasten something with stitches. Slide 11 hatchet A small ax with a handle about a foot long, for use with one hand. Slide 12 patchwork Pieces of cloth of various colors or shapes sewed together. Slide 13 Amazing Words preserve represent valuable tough concentration frown homeland patient Slide 14 preserve to keep protected from anything that would cause to be ruined or spoiled. Slide 15 represent to stand for or symbolize something. Slide 16 valuable worth something or important. Slide 17 tough something that is difficult to do. Slide 18 concentration thinking about one thing very carefully. Slide 19 frown when you wrinkle your forehead and draw your eyebrows together, usually when you are worried, angry, or thinking. Slide 20 homeland the country in which you were born and where you feel you belong. Slide 21 patient to wait for something or put up with some trouble without complaining or getting upset.


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