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The Recovery Module

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  • The Recovery Module !

  • Superhuman Recovery

    Definition: The ability of the cells, muscles, joints and nervous

    system to recover from physical strain as quickly as possible.

  • The Bodys Injury Response

  • What Happens Post-Workout?

  • What Happens Post-Workout?

    Growth Resistance overloads capacity of muscle to contract Trauma or injury to the cellular proteins in muscle. Satellite cells are signaled to begin muscle growth and repair (inflamma?on).

    Muscle growth (hypertrophy) Stress Response

    Extended exercise programs reduce markers of inflamma?on over the long-term

    Increased oxida?ve capacity/enhanced immunity Mitochondrial hormesis Increased natural an?oxidant produc?on/ac?vity

  • What Is Hormesis?

    Hormesis is a biological phenomenon whereby a beneficial effect (improved health, stress tolerance, growth or longevity) results from exposure to low doses of an agent that is otherwise toxic or lethal when given at higher doses.

    Examples: calorie restric?on cold temperature heat shock Radia?on germs physical stress/exercise

    In other words: things that are bad in high amounts can be good in low amounts.

  • Why Do We Get Injured?

  • Red Flags For Inflammation CRP (C-Reactive Protein)

    Above 10mg/L

    IL-6 (Interleukin) Elevated range

    Omega 3 tissue concentration

    Less than 60+% Omega 3 index

    Less than 12-15%

  • Red Flags For Recovery HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

    Variability decreases significantly (more on that later)

    Heart Rate Resting heart rate greater than 5% & inability to maintain

    normal higher heart rate during exericise

    Body Mass Loss of more than 2%

    Water Retention Sleep

    Interrupted or constant peeing Oxygen saturation

    Below 95%

    Hydration Yellow or orange urine

  • Red Flags For Recovery Appetite


    Soreness Constantly high or sore too touch

    Energy level

    Low Mood state

    Low Well-being


    Headache, nausea, diarrhea, sore throat, nasal congestion

    Restwise for tracking?

  • HRV?

    Heart Rate Variability

    Time interval between heart beats Controlled by autonomic nervous system (release of acetycholine by

    vagus nerve affects hearts pacemaker cells)

    Good training status and good recovery = high HRV Also trainable with and correlated to emotions, thoughts, feelings and

    alpha brain waves

    Track with

    HeartMath EmWave2 iThlete

    Bioforce HRV Restwise

    Resources: The HeartMath Institute

  • Why Do We Get Overtrained?

    Inflammatory diet sugar + processed foods

    Gut dysbiosis

    Low intake of whole food anti-inflammatories/antioxidants

    Poor omega 3:6 ratio (anti:pro inflammatory)

    Low quality sleep

    Poor blood/lymph circulation from staying sedentary

    Inadequate recovery methods

    Inadequate recovery time

    Lifestyle and emotional stress

  • Overtraining (continued)

    Two types:

    Sympathetic (what you usually read about) Acute overtraining & high intensity training High cortisol & insulin, low testosterone & DHEA

    Fluid retention/swelling Flight & Flight overstimulation, highly variable HRV

    Parasympathetic (sympathetic fatigue) Chronic overtraining and endurance training Adrenal exhaustion (low cortisol, low insulin, low

    testosterone, low DHEA)

    Weight loss

    Rest & Digest overstimulation, low HRV

  • Overtraining (continued)

    If youre overtrained with VOLUME, you take naps while


    If youre overtrained with INTENSITY, you cant sleep at


  • Recovery Tools


    Ultrasound Electrostimulation Massage

    Cold Laser Vibration Therapy

    Acupuncture Magnesium Kinesiotape

    Prolotherapy PEMF

  • #1: RICE

    Acute Response Methods?

    Dixie Cups Ace Bandages

    Ice/peas/carrots Ice Baths Chemical Ice?

  • Wraps

    110% Compression Gear coldoneinc.com icewraps.net thermotekusa.com ACE

  • GameReady


  • Heat?

    Post-acute period Warm-up

  • #2: Ultrasound

    Sound waves --> vibra?on --> heat Scar ?ssue break-up Expense Efficacy?

  • #3: Electros?mula?on

    Electrical current Contrac?on --> heat/blood flow Accuracy/pad placement Not TENS Combine with Ice

  • Home Units

    Shopcompex.com Globussht.com

  • #4: Massage

    Blood flow/relaxa?on Adhesions/scar ?ssue Prac??oners

    Local sports clubs/teams Angieslist.com Ncbmb.org

    Foam Roller/S?ck Foam Roller must be hard (i.e. Rumble Roller)


  • #5: Cold Laser

    Non-heat producing light laser AKA infrared Circula?on/heat Vetrolase.com Coldlasertherapy.us Infrared Spas?

    Increase growth hormone

  • #5: Cold Laser (con?nued) 1. It seems that mul? wave lengths do make a difference, in that some are more effec?ve with some injuries while others are beber for different injuries.

    2. A real conflict exists over power and technology.

    3. Seems that the research is more plen?ful for low power, but there might be reasons for that-- availability and who was funding the study.

    4. Frequency that the laser is switched at - seems that the jury is s?ll out on that one.

    5. Most combine infrared and high wave lengths, and they too show posi?ve effect.

    6. Cost's seem to have an extreme range - $800 for a high portable hand

    held to $12,000 for a professional unit.

    7. Nicer models have pulsed and have e-s?m, and also will find areas of inflamma?on.

    8. To get any of these ones that require a prescrip?on all you have to say is that it is for your cat.

  • #6: Vibra?on Therapy

    Blood flow/hormonal response Plates/plamorms/handheld

    Turbosonicusa.com Vibeplate.com Powerplate.com

  • #7: Acupuncture

    Blood flow/decreased inflamma?on/endorphins

    Licensure important Acufinder.com www.aaaomonline.org

  • #8: Magnets

    Blood flow Vessel constriction/dilation Convenience Pads/sleeves/wraps


  • #9: Kinesiotape

    Mimic skin elas?city Lio skin from soo ?ssue Blood flow/lymph drainage Rocktape, Spidertech Kinesiotaping.com

  • #10: Prolotherapy

    Injec?on of irritant Dextrose (sugar water), cod liver oil, lidocaine, glycerol

    Re-ini?ates inflammatory process

    Chronic pain management

  • #11: PEMF

    Increased oxygen uptake Myosin phosphoryla?on Mild heat shock protein s?mulus

    Blood flow Use over injured area, north pole face up, 15-20 min

    Use for sleep Recovery mode

  • Recovery Nutrition Anti-inflammatory diet

    Sugar --> acidity --> inflammation Avoid nightshades, processed meats, processed fats, vegetable oils Avoid cereals, grains, and refined or processed sugar

    Eat dark skinned fruits/vegetables Pomegranates, cherries, blueberries, plums, artichokes, spinach and


    Cold-water fish

    Salmon, mackerel Nuts (if also taking omega 3s)

    Walnuts, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseeds

    Green tea High intake of greens/alkaline foods

    Cherry juice, ginger, turmeric, curries

  • Recovery Supplements

    Vitamin C

    Proteolytic Enzymes Fish Oil Iron

    BCAAs/AAs Phenocane

    Glucosamine Chondroitin Plants/herbs (valerian, cherry juice, turmeric, curcumin,

    ginger, garlic, etc.)

  • #1: Vitamin C

    Collagen/connec?ve ?ssue forma?on Enzyme ac?vity An?oxidant 1-2g whole food source

    Solar Synergy LivingFuel SuperBerry

    Risk Gut discomfort Sugar

  • #2: Proteoly?c Enzymes

    Trypsin/Chymotrypsin/Papain/Bromelain An?-inflamma?on, Protein diges?on, Protein ac?va?on

    Empty stomach Examples

    Wobenzymes Recoverease Pineapple/Papaya

    Quick Time a nd a decompre ssor

    are n eeded to se e this picture.

  • #3: Fish Oil

    High Omega 6:Omega 3 Eicosanoids

    Prostaglandins/cytokines Cell membrane/growth/delivery Use triglyceride form

    Carlsons LivingFuel SuperEssen?als

    Others Flax/Hemp Udo 3-6-9

  • #4: Iron

    Ferri?n/injury correla?on Hypoxia -> fa?gue -> injury Esp. for females Risks

    Stomach Upset Toxicity

    Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dark veggies

    Ferri?n pyrophosphate Floradix

  • #5: BCAAs or AAs

    Leucine, isoleucine, valine Decreased inflamma?on/inflammatory markers

    Examples: Recoverease (also includes proteoly?c enzymes) Protein powders Methionine/cysteine/glutamine

  • #6: Phenocane

    Ingredients: Curcumin Phenyalanine Boswellia Nattokinase

    Alternative to NSAIDs

  • #7: Glucosamine Chondroi?n

    Components Amino sugar/car?lage forma?on + repair Carbohydrate/water reten?on, elas?city, enzyme inhibi?on

    Risks Blood pressure Shellfish allergies Efficacy?

    Combine Proteoly?c Enzymes Example: Capraflex

  • What About NSAIDs?

    Inhibit Prostaglandin/pain Quick relief Effective (but not advised) for acute use

    Problems Inhibit healing long term Gut/ulcer/stomach irritation Liver/kidney toxicity

    Topical NSAIDs?

  • Example Recovery from Injury

    IT Band Preven?ve

    An?-inflammatory diet Vitamin C/Fish Oil/Recoverease Massage

    Phase 1 Injury Ice/Electros?mula?on/Cold Laser Phenocane + Capraflex Topical Magnesium

    Phase 2 Injury Magnets/Acupuncture Kinesiotape/Compression

  • Your Personal Recovery Plan

    Check the items you have access to and can begin using daily/weekly:

    Foam Roller Muscle Trac or Myorope Compression Compression With Ice Electros?mula?on Massage Vibra?on Therapy Infrared/Cold Laser Vitamin C Proteoly?c Enzymes BCAAs Fish Oil Iron (if low)

    If Injured, add: Glucosamine Chondroi?n Phenocane Ultrasound Prolotherapy Acupuncture Kinesiotape Magnets

  • Your Personal Recovery Plan

    Which type of overtraining do you have?:

    Sympathe?c: High cor?sol Cant sleep at night Fluid reten?on/swelling Sore a lot Easily excitable/restless High morning res?ng HR S?ll mo?vated to workout Variable HRV Sex drive s?ll there

    Parasympathe?c: Low cor?sol, testosterone, DHEA Sleepy all the ?me Weight loss Cant get HR up during exercise Depressed, down Low workout mo?va?on Low HRV Sex drive gone

  • Your Personal Recovery Plan

    If youre sympathetically overtrained, overreaching, or just need to recover better

    you should know what to do now!

  • Personal Recovery Plan

    If youre parasympathetically overtrained/adrenal exhaustion:

    Plan on 4-18 weeks significantly reduced exercise volume (by 80-100%) 1-2 TianChi (Chinese adaptogenic herbs) and 1-2 Energy28 (maca root and

    antioxidants) per day, both on empty stomach.

    High electrolyte intake, preferably with trace minerals and coconut water Nighttime use of melatonin and magnesium (i.e. Hammer REM Caps and

    Natural Calm magnesium). I also like GABA, and there is a product called Somnidren GH you can use pre-sleep for this.

    Sleep in total darkness and silence OR a white noise device. No TV/phone/computer 1-2 hours prior to bed, and preferably blue light blocking glasses like Gunnar pre bed (check the Sleep resources forum thread for this stuff). Go for 8 hours per night, and be in bed by 10:30 at the latest.

  • Personal Recovery Plan

    Parasympathetic overtraining (continued)

    High dose vitamin D and huge amounts of morning sun exposure L-theanine (get it from green tea or use delta-E in SMALL amounts (i.e. 1/day) Avoid anything more than 40-50mg caffeine/day, limit chocolate (even the dark

    stuff) and stay far away from stuff like yerba mate, ephedra, ephedrine, guarana, kola nut, prescription stimulants like Ritalin, and any common commercial energy drinks/powders.

    No fasted workouts or intermittent fasting. Instead, eat a big breakfast with lots of proteins and fats.

    Follow the Superhuman Food Pyramid EAT foods, and avoid the MODERATE and AVOID foods.

  • Q&A

    Resources: SuperhumanCoach.com/Recovery