The Relevance of Name Badges

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  1. 1. The Relevance of Name BadgesDo you shrink at the concept of wearing a Name Badge? Whether or not white colored andsticky or plastic material and magnetic, there is just some thing so mortifyingly geekish aboutsporting a Name tag. Or maybe it is moi: everyone is aware of my Name. Or the opposite: noa single needs to know my Name.But the humble Name Badge is extremely, extremely essential.This weekend I attended a writers convention. Discuss about the ultimate in geekinessmeeting Name Badges are the worst. (And is it just me or does wearing your Name allaround your neck make you look down at it, as if to remember your very own Name, eachtime an individual asks you?)Anyway, Im at this convention dutifully sporting my Name Badge when I spot one moreentire-on soulmate geek with a different type of Name tag. Hers is from her graduate method.I may well not have imagined anything at all of it if not for the simple fact that my great buddywho transpired to be across the area at the time speaking to the wild cat girls other writersexperienced graduated from that really same system not long back.Quickly we all grew to become fast close friends. My pal and the just-a-instant-ago strangerexperienced instructors and mentors in prevalent, and we all experienced a excellent timemerging our little tribes. This new buddy even invited my pal and I to lunch with the literaryagent she was web hosting. And that is a extremely huge offer at a writers convention. Theresult of a foolish tiny Name Badge was new friendship and special connections.That is why these days, I little bit the bullet and donned a name tag on my way into a lunchassembly exactly where I understood no one realized my Name. Even although they mostlikely ought to by now.What are you absent out on when you really dont identify your self?