The Rise of Internet-Modified Business Models

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An opening keynote presentation by Tomasz Rudolf at a seminar organized by Google and Demos Europa in October 2012 in Warsaw. How does internet change the DNA of companies and modify their business models? Using the metaphor of GMOs and business model canvas developed by Alex Osterwalder, Tomasz Rudolf presents how internet affects business models.

Text of The Rise of Internet-Modified Business Models


2. Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are usedas a stronger alternative to their natural versions Source: wikipedia 3. GloFish has used this method to create unique, fluorescent fishSource: GloFish 4. There is a lot of controversy around the GMO and its impact on our worldSource: 5. Organizations have a DNA that can be genetically modified just likeliving organisms we call it a Business Model. 6. Internet is changing the business DNA in a way that impacts jobs &markets by creating IMOs Internet-Modified OrganizationsIMOINTERNET-MODIFIEDBUSINESS MODEL 7. The book publishing industry for example is undergoing big changes,with a majority sold now as e-books on Amazon 8. New business models like Lulu.Com disrupt this industry, byallowing anyone to self-publish their book and put in the store8 9. How does the internetaffect business models? 10. przez innowacjeWe help companies grow revenuethrough innovation. 11. The glass seemsemptier for manycompanies 12. In some companiesrevenues are falling 13. as business model innovatorsdisrupt their industries. 14. At Innovatika, we work a lot with the methods inspired byAlex Osterwalder, author of Business Model GenerationSource: 15. Beyond using the method in our strategy work for for clients,we are also partners of the Polish edition of the bookSource: 16. We shared our experise on business models together withAlex during our Warsaw Innovation Summit in March 2012 17. What is a business model? 18. Business model canvas PARTNERSKEY VALUE RELATIONS CUSTOMER PROCESSES PROPSEGMENTS KEY CHANNELS RESOURCES COST STRUCTUREREVENUE STREAMSSource: 19. How does the internetaffect business models? 20. Business model canvas PARTNERSKEY VALUE RELATIONS CUSTOMER PROCESSES PROPSEGMENTS Global reachKEYCHANNELSRESOURCES COST STRUCTUREREVENUE STREAMSrdo: 21. Business model canvas PARTNERSKEY VALUE RELATIONSCUSTOMER PROCESSES PROP SEGMENTSKEYCHANNELSRESOURCESE- Commerce COST STRUCTUREREVENUE STREAMSrdo: 22. Business model canvas PARTNERSKEY VALUE RELATIONS CUSTOMER PROCESSES PROPSEGMENTS Mass customiz- ationKEYCHANNELSRESOURCES COST STRUCTUREREVENUE STREAMSrdo: 23. What is the influence of the Internet on firms? IMO 1 Catalytic IMO 2 AdditiveIMO3 Transformational 4 Destructive / Distruptive 5 No impactrdo: Tomasz Rudolf 24. IMO 1 Catalytic 25. 1 New players for the Internet EraIMO 26. 1 New players for the Internet EraIMO 27. 1 IMOLocal Motors 28 28. 1 IMOCrowdsourcing29 29. IMO 2 Additive 30. 2 Additive+IMOSource: 31. 2 Moving towards Software as a Service (SaaS) + IMOSource: www.sage.pl32 32. Some companies find it hard to make the shift...rdo: Microsoft ClipArt 33. 3 Transformational IMO 34. End of paper! IMOSource: 35 35. IMO 36. 4 Destructive / Distruptive 37. 5 No impact 38. The last group are companies where the role of the Internet inthe business model is marginal you could call them IMO freeIMO FREEINDUSTRY 39. Looking at Top 500 Polish companies you can see a lot ofmostly traditional industries, with limited role of the Internet 40. The same happens when you look at Fortune 500. The role ofthe Internet in the business models is not obvious 41. Whats next? 42. The Internet of Things connecting objects, not just peoplewill transform even more tradtional industries into IMOs 43. Even areas like agriculture will be affected 44. Danish company Sparked is using wireless sensors on cattlethat send SMS messages when they are ill Internet ofCows? 45. THEOPPORTUNITIES ARE ONLY JUSTBEGINNING 46. NGOs and Governments change their modelsto IMOs too 47. We will change our personalbusiness models too 48. Tomasz RudolfChief Innovation Igniterat INNOVATIKASpeaker, consultant and facilitator ofstrategy & innovation projectsWe lead workshops and consulting projectsin USA, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France,Saudi Arabia and Poland.Our clients include 3M, Aon, Abbott,AkzoNobel, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bank,Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom,Goodyear, HJ Heinz, Netia, Masterfoods,Polish Telecom, Saudi Aramco, Sage,Warsaw Stock Exchange and many more.I have a passion for turning leadingmanagement books & theories into practicaltools that help teams with strategydevelopment and revenue generation. Email: 49. 50.