The Romantic

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Nicci Eldridge. The Romantic. Justin Bieber and his mom, Pattie, go around the world, and try to get all of his fans back. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Romantic.

The Romantic.

Nicci Eldridge.1Justin Bieber and his mom, Pattie, go around the world, and try to get all of his fans back.

Justin Bieber is going to obtain all of the flower shops around the world, because all of his fans left him by a thread. He has his mom and band, thats all. Pattie says, Justin, are you sure this is what you want to do? Justin says, "Yes mom, I know this will make things right.

Justin Bieber will go to all seven continents and just roam around to see what would happen. He gets to the United States and he goes to Pryor, Oklahoma, and finds two girls yelling at each other, at the movie theater.

He listens in, and it is about who loves him more. He gets a kick out of it, but then, it gets serious.

Pattie says, Justin, are you going to stop them? Justin says, Yes, In a minute, I am just going to see how far this goes.

Justin was walking over to break them up, when all of a sudden Kaitlyn tackles Nicci. Justin runs up quickly and said, This has gotten way out of hand!

Kaitlyn said, Well if you would just tell her that me and you are going to get married, this would have never happened. All Justin said was, I cant say that Kaitlyn freaks out when he said that. Nicci gets Justin Bieber.

Justin would have to get Kaitlyn away from the both of us. But that would be harder than he planned.

Justin told Kaitlyn, You need to leave me and Nicci alone, Im sorry it has to go this way.

Justin, Nicci, and Kaitlyn all stood around in awe.Kaitlyn got distracted and Justin and Nicci ran off away from Kaitlyn. They got in the car, and Kaitlyn ran after them.

Kaitlyn called Nicci and said to go back. They were hesitant to turn the car around, but they did anyway, Kaitlyn apologized, and they forgave her. Now they are all good friends. (: