The Seattle post-intelligencer (Seattle, Wash.) (Seattle ...· filifornia Athletic club directors

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frank Hall* of Anstralia, WhoOnre Stopped Him.


pjfr Men Heard Blancheprobably in Training?Gossip About

John L. Sullivan and Slavin.

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.HO *"HTHE ITYALLtP ODD Interest ?* T.cotnn in Northern

racfftc's Claim.TACOMA Jan. i().?Jacob C. Maun, acapitalist of this city and one of the heavi-

est buyers of \ alentine scrip, with whichto secure tide lands, is feeling verv self-congratulatory today over the assertionsmade by Chief Counsel Mi-Naught yester-Jrn pIS I' o, w li? e effm that thc?,? 1 would claim the odd sections ofnni i?

Puyallup Indian reservationunder Its land grant. For sev-*ra. t , days Mr. Mann has beenu'ith k ar s^"ine , thafl l,arrin K a treatywithithe Indian* later than that of iv>i,

~fl"P,a9 nc *>"w, and undoubt- TOW. r^a 'ni the odd sections in-rl". n \n .Lhe "Ration, from the simplelaft that the odd sections had been grantedto the railroad company previons to thegranting of land in severalty to the In-