the serpent seed (nephilim, rephaim, bestials, hybrids) ??2015-03-14the serpent seed (nephilim, rephaim, bestials, hybrids) ... I have read some of those who think William Marrion

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Text of the serpent seed (nephilim, rephaim, bestials, hybrids) ??2015-03-14the serpent seed (nephilim,...

  • the serpent seed (nephilim, rephaim, bestials, hybrids)

    December 10, 2013 at 5:31am




    37"For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.

    12God looked on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the


    I have read some of those who think William Marrion Branham taught false doctrine concerning this

    topic but it is only due to a lack of understanding on their part that they wrongly accuse him of

    such.'s_Seed As I show in this exposition

  • mankind is referred to in all these ways and more by our Creator in the Holy


    logicalExistenceExplained.pdf Such that all the scriptures cited are not in contradiction at all to the

    Truth of the serpent seed doctrine; because men in the Bible are referred to as many kinds of beasts,

    trees, devils, angels, etc. It is only due to an improper connotation of these terms that people find error

    with the revelation of truth that on earth there are both people that are incarnate enlightened beings

    (angels) and other people who are darkened and wicked (not just lost sinners; but persons who

    knowingly reject the Gospel of YAHOSHUAH AM MESCHIACH, aka Jesus the Christ, and the Instructions

    for Life presented to us all by our Creator in the Holy Bible). There is a huge difference between a

    demonically possessed person and an incarnate devil. One can be saved and the other knowingly and

    willfully rejects Salvation and has a seething hatred of all that is good; God, Christians, innocent children,

    and all of God's Creation. These beings INTENTIONALLY sow lies, deception, perversion, death and

    destruction worldwide and have no desire to repent and will never do so. (those are the serpents Christ

    and John the Baptist were addressing:

    44.htm and they are the MANIFESTATION (INCARNATION) of the

    "falling away". and is what the Battle of Armageddon is

    really about. I am not herein going to retype everything in the linked material of what I've already

    written by Divine Revelation; but I will emphatically state that if you fail to comprehend the meaning of

    the serpent seed doctrine and fail to learn how to recognize who the serpents are; then you are leaving

    you and your loved ones to be victimized by them. It is time to stop childish ignorance and tendency to

    reject God's Messengers by your envy and false understandings through your mistaken carnal

    interpretations of the Holy Writ (you MUST pray fervently to our Creator to give you HIS Understanding

    of what you read in His Word; and I would caution everyone who has not received DIVINE REVELATION

    on any topic to SAY SO; "that based on your understanding of what you read, your opinion is..." but both

    Branham and myself are speaking and writing on this subject by Direct Divine Revelation (and mine

    came in the form of numerous dreams from GOD and LONG BEFORE I had ever even heard of William

    Marrion Branham)).

    The signs of a true prophet were wrought by Branham and it is time for you to re-examine what our

    Creator revealed through him. He may not be perfect; as none of us who dwell in flesh and blood are;

    but he was absolutely correct concerning the serpent seed on earth (as well as his insights on the seven

    seals and seven church ages and seven spirits/angels/messengers etc.) HOWEVER, people tend to think

    chronologically and categorically and God's Word is fulfilled more like rain drops from Heaven moment

    by moment bits and pieces of ALL He has Created (thought of) is MADE (becomes manifest) until ALL is

    fulfilled! (in other words, just like people mistakenly ready the book of revelation and think it is written

    in chronological sequence of events, the seven church ages may have concentrations of fulfillment; but

    since they were all seeds planted in the Garden of GOD, we now have on earth manifestations of ALL of

    them! (all the types of the church ages, all the judgments in the seals, etc. moment by moment like

    snow flakes bits and pieces of God's Word fall from Heaven (spiritual, invisible thoughts) to earth

    (carnal, visible manifestations) such that the End Times are the culmination of all that has come before

  • as we approach the climax of the Glorious Return of our Lord and Savior!!!!!!!!

    The manifestation of lucifer in the serpent form; seducing Eve is nothing like modern snakes. Our

    Creator didn't punish Adam and Eve for eating some kind of fruit off a tree; but for listening to the

    deceiver and being enticed from holiness and purity to learn evil things from the serpent, the snake, the

    dragon, the beast, the devil, and from then on mankind who learned other things from the fallen angels;

    (who because they fell, took on horrific forms, some looking like reptiles, some like bats, vampires,

    human beast hybrids and such (nephilim and rephaim)). The pure genetic makeup of mankind was

    altered in the process (death came upon them through genetic corruption in the sin of seduction,

    manifesting the serpent seed - mankind hybrid with demons) The result of the genetic modification and

    learning how to do evil from demons and devils (fallen angels) is what brought about the global flood

    (their cities many of them are still beneath the oceans to this day) and we have skeletons showing the

    results of human/demon hybrids all over the world.

    ( the genetic

    corruption is beginning to surge once again by these same methods of evil occult practices (hence the

    rise of genetic modification these days; an evil of the highest order (worst kind) in perverting the designs

    of our Creator) Is one of the strongest signs that if mankind doesn't repent we are on the verge of a

    catastrophic event proportional to the global flood of Noah's day.

    The "serpent seed" doctrine has been criticized by those who even acknowledge the nephilim and

    rephaim because they are unwilling to face the evidence that the first sin (and wh