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$16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint Part #1The SNG Planet Guide To Building Your Poker Bankroll

Marks Course IntroductionWelcome to the $16 per hour SNG Blueprint, within just 30 days I will teach you a straight-forward system of playing online poker which can be used to build up your bankroll by $16+ per hour. I strongly believe that anyone with average or better intelligence, a little discipline and willingness to move around to find the weakest games can quickly beat the $16 per hour in our headline What it depends on is your willingness to understand and implement the concepts and to focus on finding the most profitable games. This 4-part course will focus on single-table SNG tournaments. It starts by giving you a solid understanding of where your profits come from and then outlines how you can best adjust to benefit. We will gradually increase both the number of games you are comfortable playing simultaneously and the buy-ins levels that you play. At the same time we will sharpen your game with strategy insights that improve your returns from each stage of the game. Remember, poker is about more just how you play the cards you are dealt the most profitable players are those who take the time to find the games where their edge is greatest! Good Luck At The Tables, Mark

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$16 / Hr SNG Blueprint List Of Contents1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 30 Days From Now Where You Can Be After Completing This Course SNGs Introduction, Why These Games Are Great For Building A Bankroll Bankroll Management, ROI Definition And The Effects Of Variance Starting Bankroll, Get Off To A Flying Start By Finding The Most Profitable Games Multi-Tabling, Introducing Hourly Rates + Strategy Changes Strategy Introduction, Starting Hands And Position Strategy Introduction, Objectives, Stages And Stack Sizes Strategy Insights, Early Stages Strategy Tips For Multi-Tablers Strategy Insights, Mid-Stages Strategy Tips For Multi-Tablers Strategy Insights, The Bubble, Equity And Aggression! Strategy Insights, In The Money + Heads-Up Play Summing It Up Key Take Away Points And Tasks For The Next 7 Days!


Chapter #1 30 Days From Now Where Will You Be After Completing This CourseWith the skills and knowledge to earn an average of $16 per hour (or more!) from the tables your bankroll could be starting to grow very fat indeed after completing this course. Let us be more specific, by way of introducing the main concepts. I expect that the average player will be logging on to their chosen poker site, firing up 6 to 8+ turbo SNG tournaments, following our guidelines to avoid having too many multi-tabling opponents. They will be making fairly automatic decisions in most cases, based on a clearly defined strategy specifically designed to minimize difficult decisions without leaving too much value on the table. Our player will be cashing and winning at a rate which sees their bankroll move up and up and up with more games played. Busting out will not be a problem, youll simply fire up more games focusing on the bubble where the skills and knowledge to take advantage of opponents mistakes can be used again and again. In 30 days time you will have the tools to grow your poker bankroll at will. Whether your objective is to move to the high-stakes tournaments, transition to cash games or even just to generate some useful extra money for non-poker uses youll always have the ability to come back for more. We have broken the course into 4 separate areas, each building on the last: Part #1 The SNG Blueprint: This part of the course will give you the big view, showing you how SNGs can mean big profits and giving you a new perspective which will quickly boost your profits, along with strategy and profitmaking advice and insights which we will build on as the course progresses. We outline the principles of push / fold poker and prize pool equity which you can use immediately, and also introduce the reasons why a disciplined early game is key to long term profitability. Part #2 - Becoming A Bubble Ninja: This part will arrive in 1 week; it will break down the bubble of a 1-table SNG tournament like you have never seen before. By the end of this section you will know exactly what mistakes your opponents are making at the bubble, and possess an effective counter-strategy for each one. You will also be provided with the ability to identify your own bubble leaks between sessions and of course the ability to plug them!3

Part #3 Turn Up The Volume: Next we will teach you how to gradually increase the number of games you are playing while maintaining that profitable edge. You will be amazed how quickly playing 6, 8 or more games can become as simple a routine as playing just 2! Part #4 SNG Profit Booster: In many ways this is the most important part of the course, arriving a week after Part #3. While we would love to share the insights and advanced strategy tips with you earlier they become even more valuable after you have a solid grasp of the principles from the earlier sections. If you are prepared to put in effort to learn the key concepts and seek the most profitable sites and games then read on, mastering SNG tournaments is easier than many people think!


Chapter #2 SNGs Introduction, Why These Games Are Great For Building A BankrollSit And Go Tournaments are usually defined as a poker tournament with no fixed starting time. When enough players sit down, the game begins. These can range in size from 2 players to more than 300. This course focuses on 1 table tournaments (sometimes referred to as STTs or Single Table Tournaments ) featuring 9 or 10 players, you can think of this as the standard SNG, with the many size, structure and betting variations coming from this base. Payouts for 1-table SNGs are usually for 3 places in a 50% / 30% / 20% of the prize pool format. This has a huge effect on the correct strategy (from a mathematical perspective), which many of your opponents will not understand this is a key reason that SNG tournaments are so profitable! There are actually several reasons why SNG tournaments are a great choice for players looking to build their bankroll. Firstly, these games are attractive to inexperienced players. If you think about when you first discovered online poker, the 1 table games looked like a great way to learn without spending too much in one go A second reason these are good bankroll builders is the speed of the games make them ideal to divide up into short and sharp sessions. Add to this the fact that (with the right strategy) they are the easiest games of all to multi-table and you have a situation where you can increase the volume of games to turn on that money tap any time you please! My final reason is that your opponents simply have more opportunities to make mistakes in SNGs than in cash games. The shift in strategy from one stage of the game to another is not obvious, and errors can get expensive (well explain these changes below!). Good players do not stay playing SNGs for long the lure of cash game profits or the big-prize multi-table tournaments soon sees them leave, making these games a consistent profit source.


Chapter #3 Bankroll Management + Return On InvestmentThis is a critical chapter, so make sure you understand it! Poker Bankroll Management is kind of dull, we know it, you know it, everyone knows it but get this, those who do not use it are very unlikely indeed to ever be consistent winners in poker. Yep, it is that simple, use it or eventually you lose. The reason is Variance which describes the natural swings in the game due to the chance fall of cards. We are not going into the chance vs. skill debate in too much depth here. It should be enough to say that the result of one bubble coin flip (for example a pair of Queens vs. Ace-King) can make the difference between being $50 down or $50 up at the end of a session of SNGs. Add to this runs of missing the flop and you can see that it would make little sense to have too much money riding on a small set of games. Pro SNG players often ensure that they have 100 (or more) buy-ins for the level they are playing at. While we are not going to be that strict, we do recommend starting with at least 20 buy-ins and ensuring that you could replace this should the natural variance deplete your cash. It seems impossible to many newer players for a proven winner to hit a 30 or 40 buy-in downswing trust me, it is far more common than you think. Return On Investment is known as ROI and is how we measure our success in SNG tournaments. If you are playing the $5+50c games and have a 20% ROI then your profit is $1.10 per game. When you play many tables you give up some ROI in exchange for a bigger hourly rate this is explained in chapter #5 below. Bankroll Management is so important for SNG players that we created a dedicated section just for this subject at SNG Planet you can reach it by clicking here.


Chapter #4 Starting Bankroll For This Course + Choosing The Easiest GamesIdeally I would like to see readers that you start with a minimum bankroll of around $100 to $150 to achieve the results within 30 days. If you can not raise this much then do not worry, youll just need to start at slightly lower levels and work your way up if you have the time and inclination this should not be a long delay in reaching our goal! This will involve starting at the $5.50c SNGs and working up as you win money and clear the great bonuses as