The Snow Leopard

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By, Vanessa. The Snow Leopard. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Snow Leopard

  • The Snow Leopard

    By, Vanessa

  • Appearance

    I have a long tail that is about 90 cm long. I grow about 1 meter long. My mate grows larger than me. I am 30% smaller than my mate. When I am an adult I will weigh about 27 to 55 kg. I have green or grey eyes, which is unusual for large cats! My species has round pupils. My kind has lighter fur on the belly, but darker on the back. My cubs are grey when they are born. I have a creamy coloured nose.

  • HabitatI live in the mountain steppes, which is an exceptionally high elevation. Sometimes, I come farther down toward the forest scrub. There is not a big difference between the mountain steppes and the forest scrub. The elevation is usually 2000 to 6000 meters high , which is much higher than normal rock climbing height! We have no migration which is obvious. I am mainly found in Central, South and East Asia. I live in the Himalayan mountains of Asia.

  • Diet I like to eat wild sheep, donkeys, birds, goats, game birds, musk deer, hares, yak, pikas, marmots and domestic livestock. We hunt at dusk and dawn. My kind is a carnivore which means we eat meat. Males and females have been known to hunt together during the breeding season

  • ReproductionI mate from January to March. My cubs develop inside my body. One to four cubs are born at a time. My cubs open their delicate eyes seven days after birth. I give birth in rocky dens lined with my soft fur. I wrap my tail around my young to keep them warm on cold, winter nights. I stay with my cubs while my mate hunts for food. I feed my young from my mouth.

  • Care of Offspring I stay with my young for the first winter of their life. At two months old my cubs eat solid food. When my cubs are two to three month Is old they begin to follow me. At three months old my cubs begin to walk. When my cubs turn one-and-a-half they leave me to find their own habitat. After my cubs leave, my mate leaves, too.

  • Natural Enemies Well, my primary predator is man, but I am also hunted by wolves for my meat. To protect myself I can run fast to escape, I can camouflage. I have a strong sense of smell and I have sharp claws. To protect other leopards I scrape in the soil and I yowl loudly. I am also an exceptional athlete!

  • Am I Endangered?I am endangered and very close to extinction, zoos are trying, though to make us repopulate. Also global warming affects me because it melts my habitat, this also causes loss of my prey species, which makes it difficult to find food. People hunt me for my rich fur, and my organs. Recently a baby Snow Leopard has been born in a zoo in 2008 and survived. If we all work together my relatives will live!

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