The Solid PVC Cover with Hooks & Eyelets - Pool The Solid PVC Cover with Hooks & Eyelets This solid

The Solid PVC Cover with Hooks & Eyelets - Pool The Solid PVC Cover with Hooks & Eyelets This solid

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  • The Solid PVC Cover with Hooks & Eyelets

    This solid PVC cover, using the traditional hooks and eyelets fastening method, is a smart choice for pools with multiple levels, an irregular shape or design, or obstacles in the coping / paving that make other covers difficult to integrate into the pool surrounds.

    This cover is typically left on the pool for extended periods and can require two people to operate it / open and close the pool. If you are a frequent swimmer using your pool daily in season, please chat to us about our other cover options.



    A solid pool cover offers significant environmental benefits. Because the water is no longer exposed to the natural elements (sun, wind and rain), one achieves a far more eco-friendly pool, in addition to the household savings.

     Water savings: by reducing evaporation by 98%+, less water is required to maintain optimum levels.

     Power savings: by preventing dirt, droppings and leaves from entering the pool water, the water aesthetics and hygiene are greatly improved. This in turn reduces the amount of filtration required.

     Chemical savings: in sunlight, chlorine quickly evaporates. By covering the water, chlorine works more efficiently and input can be scaled back by 60%. The reduction in light entry also sees a reduction in algae growth.

     Winter solution: solid covers are a savvy solution for closing a pool in winter months or when not in use for long periods. When re- opening the pool, the water is clean and swim-ready with little effort.

    BENEFITS  Reduced maintenance: by sealing off the water from the

    natural elements, water hygiene is improved which results in less filtration and less chemicals required, and less cleaning.

     Pool heating: while this is not a cover designed to heat a pool, it does assist in reducing the amount of natural heat that is lost to wind chill. The top layer of water directly under the cover will increase in temperature and, when circulated, the overall water temperature is raised.

     Secure fastening: the hooks and eyelets fastening method is a tried and tested method of securing pool covers that are designed to completely seal off the water. Although unlikely, there is no central tensioning system to prevent small children releasing the hooks and eyelets, thereby gaining access to the water. For this reason, this cover should not be considered a child safety cover. Secondly, rain and garden water can collect on top of the cover and will need to be swept off to avoid a drowning risk—a further reason this is not a safety cover (please see the section below on using inflation as a drainage system).

     Aesthetics: available in Blue, Black or StoneGrey.

     Pet safety: this cover is an excellent way to keep small pets out the pool!

     Affordable: for those on a budget, the Solid PVC Cover with Hooks and Eyelets is an affordable way to close a pool and to reduce money and time spent on pool maintenance.

    Cape Town: 021 703 5880 | Fax: 021 703 4864 |

    JHB: 011 262 0373 | Fax: 011 262 0386 |

    National tel no: 0860 COVERS

    It’s a lifestyle choice - we’ve got you covered!

    MATERIALS  Made from durable 550gsm PVC, and high quality hooks

    and eyelets.

     The pool’s coping needs to be such that the hook plates can be sufficiently secured into the paving.

    WARRANTY The Solid PVC Cover with Hooks and Eyelets has a one-year warranty but can be expected to last longer with correct care.


    PowerPlastics Pool Covers manufacture an innovative range of pool cover solutions, taking an insightful approach to product development

    and promoting a lifestyle choice, not just a pool cover. Our solutions are always innovative, directly addressing issues affecting South

    African pool owners. We have tailored a range of thermal pool covers in response to local crises including the ongoing electricity and

    water crises and the need to shrink carbon footprints in the domestic setting. PowerPlastics Pool Covers is widely regarded as the leading

    supplier of covers for the eco-conscious pool owner and runs a broad educational campaign regarding the environmental impact of

    swimming pools.

    PowerPlastics Pool Covers has teams servicing Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George, Vereeniging, Nelspruit,

    Bloemfontein, Hoedspruit, Pietermaritzburg and Polokwane. Our superior manufacturing and locally unparalleled designs combined with

    an unfailing customer centric approach are what sets us apart in the industry. Visit for more info.

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    23 Seventh Avenue, Sandton

    National tel no: 0860 COVERS

    It’s a lifestyle choice - we’ve got you covered!


    There are two ways to fit the Solid PVC cover: 1. Plate and eyelets 2. Hook and eyelets (see right) The coping/paving/stones around the pool are usually what determine the best fitment method. If you have a clear preference between the two methods, let us know, otherwise let us guide you on what’s best for your pool.


    In situations where water frequently collects on top of the pool cover, we can fit an inflatable two-layer solid cover with hooks and eyelets. By inflating the cover with a small hand pump to raise its central point, water runs off and eliminates any ‘pooling’ of water on top of the cover, something which may be a drowning risk for small children. Furthermore, raising the center of the cover also increases the cover’s tension around the edges/at the hooks and eyelets. It is possible to achieve a similar effect by placing an inflatable lilo or pool toy under the cover. Typically, inflatable covers are suited to those who keep their pools closed for long periods. Chat to us directly for more info on inflatable solid covers and their specific applications and we’ll guide you on the best solution for your pool’s design and usage habits. If child safety is of concern, chat to us about the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover which complies with international safety standards and has drainage holes to prevent water collecting on the cover.

    Use a two-layer cover and/or inflation methods to assist with

    the drainage of rain or garden water from the surface of a solid

    pool cover.