The Spanish American War

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The Spanish American War. “Splendid!”. Places of Importance. Cuba. Spanish Colony Since 1515 Home to massive Sugar & tobacco plantations Very profitable, S pain doesn’t want to give it up. Slavery a big business, only abolished in 1886. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Spanish American War

The Spanish American WarSplendid!Places of Importance

CubaSpanish Colony Since 1515Home to massive Sugar & tobacco plantationsVery profitable, Spain doesnt want to give it up.Slavery a big business, only abolished in 1886.Native Cubans want independence, war fought between 1868-1878, Spain Wins, keeps Cuba.

US Interest in CubaMonroe Doctrine: Europe to the Europeans, America to the Americans, US Influence.US offers to buy Cuba 1854, Spanish say no.US interested in sugar, tobacco plantations, fat stacks of cash.

Say You Want A RevolutionBetween 1878-1895, seventeen years of peace in Cuba, American investment boom, island becomes more dependent on US.In 1895 Cubans try again at the revolution thing, lead by Jose Marti, expat who lived in the US. Didnt want American Involvement.

The Rebels

WAR!!!!Marti is killed shortly after the beginning of the war, however it grinds on, becoming a guerilla conflict.Eventually the Spanish call on Valeriano the butcher Weyler. He separates rebels from civilians with use of concentration camps, thousands die.

Yellow Journalism American sentiment is tilted towards the Cubans in part because of exaggerated stories of Spanish cruelty peddled by newspaper magnet William Randolph Hurst, a Practice called yellow journalismHurst once said give me the pictures and I will give you the war

Remember the Maine!!!!With tensions boiling the USS Maine is sunk by a mysterious explosion in Havana Bay. It was in Cuba to protect American lives and property. No one knows exactly what happened, but Hearst thinks it was the Spanish. The US president asks for a declaration of war against Spain & gets one.The cry rings out, remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!

American EntryIn response to the Declaration of war Commodore Dewy steams a USN fleet not to Cuba, but to another Spanish possession, the Philippines, which was also facing a native rebellion, beats the Spanish fleet at the Battle of Manila Bay and with native help takes the Philippines.Riding RoughAfter Manila US Army Forces Land in Cuba and Puerto Rico.Colonel Theodore Roosevelt leads his cavalry unit to victory at the battle of San Juan Hill.The US wins the War in only a few months.Spain Cedes Rico and the Philippines to US, Cuba becomes US protectorate.

QuestionsImperialism.Progress, Social Darwinism, Trade, Industrial Revolution, Christianity, A.T. Mehan1) Pick one of the above topics and connect it to the Spanish American war. 2) 2 big terms, Yellow Journalism and the Monroe Doctrine, a) define both terms b) do you think these will come back up in future history?