The Spanish Masters : Early Artists of Spain El Greco Velazquez Goya

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The Spanish Masters : Early Artists of Spain El Greco Velazquez Goya. El Greco 1541-1614. Named for birthplace Studied under High Renaissance painter Titian Influenced also by Tintoretto and Michelangelo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Spanish Masters : Early Artists of SpainEl GrecoVelazquezGoya

1El Greco 1541-1614

Named for birthplaceStudied under High Renaissance painter TitianInfluenced also by Tintoretto and MichelangeloHis patrons were religious . Most commissions were from the church.

2Subject of paintingssaints religious scenesportraitsone famous landscape3Characteristics:Elongated faces and figures elongated into flame-like forms bearded figures with eyes looking up to the skyoften painted in contrasting colors lights and darksused cold, eerie, bluish colors to express intense religious feeling

4Christ Driving the Traders from the TempleNational Gallery at London.

5Saint Jerome as Cardinaloil on canvassMetropolitan Museum of ArtNew York

6St. Louis: King of Franceapprox. 1586-94 Muse du Louvre, Paris


Portrait of a Cardinal, oil on canvasThe Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

8Lady with a FurIt is supposed that this is a portrait of Jernima de las Cuevas, his common-law-wife and the mother of his son.1580

9Self Portrait1604Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York


Portrait of the Artist's Son Jorge Manuelc. 1603Oil on canvasMuseo Provincial, Seville

11Portrait of a Lady1594-1601, Philadelphia Museum of Art

12The Virgin Mary, 1604


Christ Carrying the Cross 1600-05Oil on canvasMuseo del Prado, Madrid

14The Trinity, 1577-79, oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, Madrid.

15The Miracle of Christ Healing the Blind, 1575The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

16The Disrobing Of Christ1583, canvassPinakothec at Munich


Virgin and Child with St. Martina and St. Agnes1597-99National Gallery of Art, Washington

18The Holy Family1592

19Obras Maestras20

El entierro de Conte OrgazThe burial of Count Orgaz(1586 Church of Santo Tome, Toledo, Spain)

The lower part portrays a nobleman laid in his grave by Saints Stephen and Augustine. Above that the soul rises to heaven where there are many angels. This part is painted with bright bluish colors, and elongated figures representing their holiness. This work conveys the awesomeness of great spiritual events with a sense of mystic rapture as Greco seems to free his subjects from earthbound restrictions 21The Baptism of Christ1614

characterized by an eerie light generated by the holy figures themselves who are enveloped by a steamy haze22The Repentant Peter1611

23Vista del Toledo

View of Toledo1597, MET NYC

24Diego Velazquez 1599-1660

born in Seville to parents of minor nobilityinfluenced by Flemish and Italian realismapprenticed to Pacheco who introduced him to the court King Phillip IV became his main patrongranted knighthood in the Orden de Santiago and received la Cruz Roja 25Subjectsmembers of the courthunting portraitsdwarves common people around the court some painted in combination with still-life objectsreligious scenes

26Characteristicsknown as baroque artiststyle: realismpaintings capture the moment seem as if they were a photodid not exaggerate to make subjects look better treated all subjects with dignity regardless of social standingskillful use of light and shadow27Philip IV1624Museo Del Prado

28Infante Don Carlos1626Museo del Prado

29Doa Maria de AustriaQueen of Hungary 1630

30Philip IV in Brown and Silver1653

Portrait of Philip IV1652-53

Philip IV1655-60

Infante Philip Prosper1660


Venus at her Mirror (The Rokeby Venus)1649-51Queen Doa Mariana of Austria 1652-53

Maria Teresa of Spain ("with two watches")1652-53

Infanta Marguarite Theresec. 1654


The Count-Duke of Olivares on Horseback, 1634Oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, Madrid

Queen Isabel of Equestrian1634-1635Oil on canvas, 301 x 314 cmMuseo del Prado, Madrid


Cardinale Infante Ferdinand of Austria as Hunter1632-36, Oil on canvasMuseo del Prado, Madrid

Prince Baltasar Carlos as Hunter1635-36, oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, Madrid


Pablo de Valladolidc. 1635, oil on canvasMuseo del Prado, Madrid

Juan Martinez Montezc. 1635Oil on canvas, 109 x 107 cmMuseo del Prado, Madrid

35The Dwarf Don Juan Calabazas, called Calabacillasc. 1639, Oil on canvasMuseo del Prado, Madrid


The Dwarf Sebastian de Morrac. 1645, Oil on canvasMuseo del Prado, Madrid

Diego de Acedo (El Primo)1644, oil on canvasMuseo del Prado, Madrid


Prince Baltasar Carlos with a Dwarf1631Oil on canvasMuseum of Fine Arts Boston


The Needlewomanc. 1640, Oil on canvasNational Gallery of Art, Washington


Mars, God of War1640, Oil on canvasMuseo del Prado, Madrid


Christ on the Cross1632Museo del PradoMadrid

41The Adoration of the Magi1619Museo del Prado, Madrid

42Obras Maestras43

The Surrender of Breda (Las Lanzas), before 1635Oil on canvas, Museo del Prado, Madrid


Las Meninas1656-57Oil on canvasMuseo del PradoMadrid

45Francisco de Goya1746-1828

named royal painter in 1786became deaf in 1792 which affected his mood and his artfell out of favor with the court and church

born in Zaragoza, Spainboth painter and etcherinfluenced by artist friends Francisco y Ramon Bayeau

first commission was for caricatures for tapestries for El Escorial46Subjectsroyal portraitseveryday Spanish life bullfightingfollies of humanity, capriceswitchcraft, mythology (black paintings)some religious scenes (early works)

47CharacteristicsBasically realistic ; however, satirical at times and in dark paintings there is a surrealistic qualityStyle included thick bold strokes of dark color punctuated by brilliant yellow and red highlightspainted frescoes, oil paintings, tapestries, etchings

48The Count of Floridablanca and Goya. 1783

The Marquesa de Pontejos. c. 1786.

Charles III in Hunting Costume. c. 1786-88. Oil on canvas

49Girl with a Jug

Portrait of the Bullfighter Pedro Romero

Dona Isabel de Porcel

Portrait of the Artist Julio Asensio

The Milkmaid of Bordeaux. c. 182750Le motin de Esquilache (The Esquilache Riots). c. 1766-1767. Oil on canvas

The Sacrifice to Vesta. 1771. Oil on canvas

51The Holy Family. c. 1775-1780. Oil on canvas Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain.

The Miracle of St. Anthony1798. Fresco. Detail of the decoration of the cupola of the Church of San Antonio de la Florida Madrid, Spain

52Death of the Picador. 1794, Tin-plate

Fight at the Cock Inn. 1777. Oil on canvas

La cometa (The Kite) 1778 Tapestry

53A Village Bullfight. c. 1812-14. Oil on panel Royal Academy of San Fernando Madrid, Spain.

Scene of Bullfight. c. 1824-1825 Oil on canvas

54Summer. 1786. Oil on canvas

The Snowstorm. 1786-87. Oil on canvas. Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

55A Prison Scene. c. 1810-14

La fragna (The Smithy) c. 1812-1816

56A Procession of Flagellants. c. 1812-14. Oil Royal Academy of San Fernando Madrid, Spain.


Allegory: War or Evil(?). 1824-1828Procession of Monks

The Old Woman with a Mirror. 1824-1828

Two Dancing Old Friends. 1824-1828

El famoso Americano, Mariano Ceballos 182558Obras MaestrasThe Third of May, 1808: The Execution of the Defenders of Madrid, 1814


The Second of May, 1808 at the Puerta del Sol. 181461The Colossus. c. 1810-12. Oil on canvas Museo del Prado Madrid, Spain.

Saturn Devouring One of His Chidren. c. 1820-23.