The Stanford Way for Innovation and International Graduate Education Transatlantic Science Week 2011

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  • The Stanford Way for Innovation and International Graduate Education Transatlantic Science Week 2011
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  • Research Technology Transfer Stanford Collaboration Education Stanford
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  • Innovators in Education Leland and Jane StanfordFrederick Terman
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  • Extending the research and teaching of Stanford faculty through multi-disciplinary graduate and professional education online | at Stanford | at work Stanford Center for Professional Development
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  • Degrees, Certificates, Individual Courses to meet your education and schedule requirements Stanford University Curriculum and Research Meeting the education needs of engineers, technology professionals, managers, and executives Professional/ Executive Education Graduate Programs
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  • Biomedical Informatics Chemical Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Computational & Mathematical Engineering Computer Science Electrical Engineering Management Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Statistics Areas of Study
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  • Advanced Project Management Biodesign Design Thinking Entrepreneurship Innovation International Security Product Creation and Innovative Manufacturing Multidisciplinary Programs
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  • Expanded Topics School of Earth Sciences Energy Resources Environmental Earth Systems Geological and Environmental Sciences Geophysics School of Humanities and Sciences Applied Physics Economics Financial Mathematics International Policy Mathematics Political Science Science, Technology and Society Sociology
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  • National University of Singapore Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Biotech Rotational Development Program Trans-Atlantic Program in Innovation Global Blended Education Model Case Studies
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  • Objective: expose young high potential students to the innovative entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley Attend classes at Stanford while undertaking internships at Silicon Valley companies Blend of courses online and at Stanford Stanford credit accepted by NUS for co-terminal degree More than 200 participants have been exposed to the Silicon Valley ecosystem On-going support and growing community in Singapore National University of Singapore
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  • Objective: Expose students to best-of-class lessons from entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Sweden, Singapore, and Silicon Valley. Teaching faculty located at KTH in Sweden and at Stanford Project-based course work engaged multi-cultural teams Each team comprised of students from each location Teams utilized online collaboration tools for all work, communication, mid-term and final presentations Global Entrepreneurial Leadership
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  • Objective: Reduce time to autonomy for new hires Recruit high potential analysts into 2-year program 6-month operations assignments align with Stanford graduate study toward a customized multi-disciplinary certificate in Product Creation and Innovative Manufacturing More than 100 analysts in 8 years Learned to work on diversified teams strengthening communications across the organization Program graduates demonstrate higher level of performance Biotech Rotational Development Program
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  • Trans-Atlantic Program in Innovation Objective: Prepare startups in a European incubator to evolve their organizations, networks and go-to-market strategies Innovation immersion program One week at Stanford concludes with proposal presentations Intersession research and development work with coaching/mentoring Concluding session in host country
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  • Global Blended Education Model Objective: Leadership and innovation program for 600 managers across world-wide locations in the US, Europe and SE Asia. Pre-work: online and collaborative learning management system Face-to-face meetings at international locations On-going interaction via learning management system Springboard for education technology innovation Fully integrated learning management system Content download to iDevices
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  • Stanford/Norway Collaboration Model
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  • Research Technology Transfer Stanford Collaboration Education Stanford
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  • Questions
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  • Points of Contact Michelle Lucas Graduate Program Manager 650 444-5328 Joyce Rice Director of Marketing 650 353-8055 Carissa Little Director, Professional Programs 650 444-4829