The struggle is my life ! ---Nelson Mandela Unit 5 Nelson Mandela ---a modern hero

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Text of The struggle is my life ! ---Nelson Mandela Unit 5 Nelson Mandela ---a modern hero

  • The struggle is my life ! ---Nelson MandelaUnit 5 Nelson Mandela ---a modern hero

  • Who is your idol() Please describe your idol in your own words.Try to use the following adj. :famous, friendly, easy-going, honest, handsome. brave, active,warm-hearted, generous, selfless, devoted, honest, lovely, kind......E.g. my idol. I think he/she is...... In my opinion, he/she is very...... I like him/her because he/she is......

    1.Warming up

  • Discussion:Who is the great person?Jay ZhouHe is a famous singer in Hong Kong. He is very friendly, easy-going, honest and handsome.He set up Microsoft Company and makes his own software. He is one of the richest men in the world.Bill Gates

  • 2.Pre-readingRead some information on p33

    Nelson MandelaHe was the first black president of South Africa. He devote his life to helping the black people. Heis brave, active,warm-hearted, generous,selfless and devoted.

  • ELIAS STORYWhats the connection between them?reading

  • 1. Give the general idea of each part.Tip: according to the clue of time, the text can be divided into two parts: Part 1 para 1-2Part 2 para 3-5Step1:skimming

  • Part 2 para 3-5A. The change of Elias life after he met Nelson Mandela and what Mandela did.Part 1 para 1-2A.The life of Elias before he met Nelson Mandela.B. Elias went to Nelson Mandela for advice.B. Nelson Mandela asked Elias to attack the laws and the government.

  • Elias went to see Nelson mandela when he was in trouble.Elias left school because the school was too far from his home.

    Nelson Mandela helped him keep his job.4. true or false?FTTStep2:scanningPart1.Elias' life before he met Mandela Part2 .Elias' life after he met Mandela

  • 4. Elias trusted Nelson Mandela and he joined the ANC Youth League.5. Elias was willing to blow up government buildings.6. Nelson Mandela thought violence was a good way to help black people. TFF

  • What problems did the black people like Elias have at that time?They could not .They couldnt get they wanted.They had to live in .votejobsthe poorest areasStep3. careful reading

  • 2.Why did Nelson Mandela support Elias? Mandela told him the correct papers so that he could keep his to get

  • 3.How did he support Mandela?He joined ______________________.He helped Mandela__________ some government buildings.the ANC Youth Leagueblow up

  • Step4. Retell the storyElias was apoor black worker in South Africa.2. The time when he first met Mandela was a period of his life.very difficult3. He could not and write4. He worried about whether he

    would become out of work.Part1.Elias' life before he met Mandela

  • 5.After he met Mandela, his life changed. For example, he becamemore hopeful about his future.6.In 1963 he helped Mandela blow up some government buildings.7.He was happy to help because he knew it would making black andwhite peoplehelp them achieve their dream ofequal.Part2.Elias' life after he met Mandela

  • What can we learn from the text about Nelson Mandela?

    Step 5. ThinkingGenerousActiveDeterminedBrave Devoted Try to use your own words to write a short passage.

  • Unit5 Language points

  • 1. die forA. ;1.They died for the people; their death is weightier than the Mount.Taishan.

    B. , () 3.Im dying for a cup of water.2.Many people died for need of food.1.Warming up

  • (has been dead)1.die of illness)(hungry)(cold)(old age2.die from(wound)(accident)(snake bite)(lack of food)( drinking)His father _____________ the earthquake in 1976.Before liberation, millions of poor people ________ cold and hungry.Oh , Im ____________ laughter.

    died fromdied ofdying of

  • 2. fight (fought fought) v./ n. fight + n. , .

    B. fight for .

    C. fight against ,

    D. fight with

    They had to fight the government.They told the workers to fight for their rights.We will have to fight against difficulties.

  • 1.fare,(,,) eg.It takes much more money now to travel around as the fares have all gone up., 3.fare ,fee, charge ,price 2.fee ,,, eg.membership fee/party(league)membership fee()

  • 4.price,eg.The price of that house is high. 3.charge ,,, eg.It is such a small matter that I do not care to make any charge., 1.He argued with a cab-driver after refusing to pay his ______.2.Please pay the lawyers _____.farefees

  • 4. be out of work= lose ones job = be unemployedout of breathout of petrol out of use out of order out of control out of dangerout of sight out of fashionout of date

  • 5.see (

    eg.1.This theatre has seen many exciting performances.

    2.The year 1949 saw the founding of the Peoples Republic of China.


  • 6. be in prison go to prison put in prison send to prison throw into prison break (out of ) prison eg.His son was put in prison because of robbery.,

  • 7.Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. only 1.You will be able to master English only by practicing a few hours every day.

    2. He was able to return home only when the war was over.Only by practicing a few hours every day will you be able to master English.Only when the war was over was he able to return home.

  • 8. as a matter of fact

    1.As a matter of factI do know her.2. He doesn't mind. In fact, he is even pleased.