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The Temple Tidings Temple Sholom · PDF file Tikkun Hanefesh – repairing and renewing our souls through the study of a genre of Jewish literature called Middot. These Middot, or

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    What’s Inside

    Temp l e T i d i n g s

    2 High Holy Day Schedule 3 Preschool High Holy Day Schedule 4 Rabbi’s Message Yizkor 5 Notes from the Cantor Shabbat Services Time Change Religious Practices Ctm. 6 Director’s Corner Community Coordinator Summer Paras 7 High Holy Day Volunteer Opportunities Sanctuary Minhag 8 Board Greetings Lay Leadership Groups 9 Studying Abroad with Abgail Browngoehl 10 Brotherhood News Shabbat in the Park Inclusion/Special Needs 11 Mazel Tov New Members Summer Tanakh Schedule 12 Sisterhood 13 Hilltoppers 14 Sisterhood Book Club Oneg Sponsors 15 Conversations with Men Restless Heart 16 Women’s Spirituality 17 Preschool 18 Preschool Flyer 19 Rimon/Rimon Noar 20 October B’Nai Mitzvah 21 Sisterhood Gifts Rimon Cafe

    Rimon Registration DMax Casino Night 22 ToaSTY Jr. ToaSTY High Holy Day Food Drive 23 Sisterhood Happiness & Memorial Cards 24 JNF Trees 25 Movie Lovers Mitzvah Meals 26 L’Dor V’Dor Gift Garden Discussion Group Havdalah at Home 27 S’lichot 28 Tashlich Experience 29 Culture Club Tour 30 Culture Club Rocktoberfest 31 Dr. Les Rachlin 32 Sukkot & Simchat Torah 33 Sisterhood Welcome Dinner: Denise Moser 34 Bark Mitzvah 35 Social Media 101 36 Dueling Cantors/Dessert Auction 37 Susan Strasser 38 Temple Trip to Spain 39 Temple Staff and Board 40 Temple Funds 42 Tzedakah 43 September Yahrzeits 44 October Yahrzeits Recent Deaths 45 September Calendar 48 October Calendar

    Temple Sholom September/October 2018 Elul/Tishri/Heshvan 5778/ 5779

    Celebrate Simchat Torah & Religious School


    Sunday September 30 at 6 PM

    See page 2 for full

    schedule of Holy Day Services

    High Holy Days 5779

    S’lichot Saturday September 1

    Erev Rosh Hashanah Sunday September 9

    Kol Nidre

    Tuesday September 18

    Sukkot Sunday September 23

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    New Time!

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    We invite all our preschool age friends & their families to:

    Rosh Hashanah Morning

    Monday, September 9th, 9:00 am

    Yom Kippur Morning Wednesday, September 19th, 9:00 am

    All services are in our Main Sanctuary

    Members & Non-members are welcome

    Non-members and guests please go to

    the library to sign in

    No tickets required

    Contact us with any questions: 610-356-5165

    Temple Sholom in Broomall 55 North Church Lane, Broomall, PA 19008

    Lori-An Penchansky / Early Childhood Education Director 610-886-2065 [email protected] mailto:[email protected]

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    Our tradition has much to teach about how we interact with our families and the world around us. We know well our responsibility to perform acts of love and kindness and that it is our responsibility to repair the world. Through my own study over the past few years, I realize how little we speak about the impact Judaism can have in

    our own personal growth and development. Judaism offers an incredible tool box of ways to work on our inner being. Judaism can help us become who we want to be. This year, at Temple Sholom in Broomall, we will be working on Tikkun Hanefesh – repairing and renewing our souls through the study of a genre of Jewish literature called Middot. These Middot, or soul traits, are found in Mussar, a Jewish wisdom tradition, the purpose of which is to help us bring ourselves into better balance. “Mussar refers to a spiritual perspective and also a discipline of transformative practices.” … “It shines a light on the causes of suffering and shows us how to realize our highest spiritual potential.” (Alan Morinis) The goal of Mussar or Middot practice is to help us develop and reach our greatest potential as people. We often reach to other methods for this work, but Judaism has provided us with an enriching path for bettering ourselves. We look forward to working hand in hand with you in realizing a new and exciting potential for Jewish learning and living in our community and lives. This study will be conducted using Facebook and at home assignments. We also will share with you the history and development of Mussar. “The one stone on which the entire building rests is the concept that God wants each person to complete himself, body and soul.” – Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, author of the seminal work The Path of the Just (1740)

    Each month, we will pick a value/a middah. We will ask you to read a section from Everyday Holiness that will give you much more to think about. During the month, we will connect on a special Facebook group. Cantor Marx and I will guide the study with thoughts, questions, and some assignments along the way. What is the goal? Spiritual connection and a chance to take a breath using our own tradition. How can you best take advantage of the year ahead? First, make sure to order the book that will be our guide, Everyday Holiness by Alan Morinis. It’s available on Amazon. (Don’t forget to order through the synagogue link.) Join and follow our Facebook page. We ask that you post and share to the group also. Connect with us as we share this study and make sure to tell us what moved you, what confused you and what has impacted you. Our study will begin in October. Here is the list of Middot we have chosen to look at in coming months:

    October: Humility / Anavah November: Generosity / Nedivut December: Loving kindness / Chesed January: Gratitude / Hakarat ha’tov February: Responsibility / Achrayut March: Trust / Bitachon April: Patience / Savlanut May: Enthusiasm / Zerizut

    Wishing you all a Shana Tova – a good year from my family to yours. ~ Rabbi Peter Rigler [email protected]

    May God remember for ever my dear ones…and may my life always bring honor to their memory. —Yizkor service, Gates of Repentance From its beginning, Jewish literature has focused intently on the subject of memory. Yizkor, meaning “to remember,” appears in the Bible 228 times, referring to such diverse elements as Shabbat, Miriam’s leprosy, and Amalek’s attack on the Israelites. For those of us who have experienced the loss of a loved one we understand how important and powerful rituals are. The Jewish rituals have incredible wisdom and advice for us about how to walk our path of mourning. While it has not been our practice to share Yizkor at Temple Sholom other than Yom Kippur we recognize that our tradtion actually calls for four yizkor services during the year as we mark Holy Days.

    The four memorial services are held on Yom Kippur, at the end of Sukkot, Passover, and Shavuot. Communal and individual prayers of memory are read. The central prayer begins with Yizkor Elohim, "May God remember" the souls of the deceased. Yizkor services are attended by anyone who has lost a parent, child, sibling, or spouse. This year we would like to start the practice here in support of all of those who have suffered a loss and others who may find comfort or would like to offer support.

    Yizkor Dates to remember:

    Yom Kippur - Wednesday, September 19, 5:00 p.m.; Sukkot - Sunday, September 30, 9:30 a.m.; Passover - Saturday, April 20, 9:30 a.m.;

    Shavuot - Sunday, June 9, 10 a.m. followed by a Torah Study brunch

    From the Desk of Rabbi Rigler

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    Every summer, my family and I head down the shore for a week. As we cross the bridge separating Ocean City from the rest of New Jersey I can feel the tension leave my shoulders, my heart rate slows, and a stupid grin spreads across my face. Maybe it’s the beach kid in me. The tang of salty air just

    makes me feel like I’m a kid again in San Diego. Our week in Ocean City is, at least for me, a final respite from High Holy Day preparations. Watching the kids build sand castles or dig sand pits, patiently floating on my boogie board waiting for a wave, soaking in the summer sun, even the perennial struggle to keep sand out of your lunch -- I love it all. But, in truth, the beach is actually the perfect place to prepare your soul for the High Holy Days. Watch a child’s single-minded persistence building a sand castle. As adults, we know that all their efforts are pointless. The water will eventually wash the castle away and leave no sign that it ever existed. Still, every kid continues to build sand castles and even take pleasure and pride in the work they do. They’re not fazed by the impermanence. They know that’s how the world works and yet they still get so excited about what they’re gonna build. Each time I get on my boogie board, I have to sit and wait for a wave. Sometimes a good wave never comes.

    Sometimes there a bunch, one after another. More often than not the waves are there, but I’m in the wrong place, or I get set a little too late, or I jump too early. And yet I sit in the water and wait. All year round, I don’t think I’m ever as patient as I am on a boogie board. And when the right wave comes at the right time, it’s the best feeling in the world. It almost feels like I can control the ocean! But of course the ocean will always be ready to remind me that it is vastly more powerful and that my sense of control, even in such a small way, is just an illusion. Our High Holy Day prayerbook constantly re