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THE THREE FRIENDS BIG ADVENTURE. By Weston Martinez. Once upon a time there were three friends. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • Once upon a time there were three friends.

  • There was Steve the fox who was sort of sneaky by had a good heart and sense of humor. Luke who was nice but sometimes was a little serious because his dad was a bad guy. And finally Mario who was more of a videogame kind of guy.

  • One day Luke and Steve decided to visit Marios house. When they came in they said, Hey Mario. But, Mario got scared and accidentally knocked over his computer. Oh no! said fox Maybe we should go down to the computer store instead of Laser Island to get a new one. So they drove away to the computer store.

  • But on the way, they hit a pothole and spun out of control hitting a car into a pole. The owner of the car stepped out, he had shining black sun glasses his name swept ice cold fear throughout the body, he was Bobby!

  • They all apologized for wrecking the car and called a tow truck.

  • When the truck pulled up a cross eyed man stepped out of it by the name of Tim. He fixed the car and then asked how it happened so they told them. He went to go look at the pothole and said, Wow hey come look at how deep this is.

  • But, when they walked over Mario tripped and knocked over Steve and Luke who tumbled into the pit followed by Bobby and Mario who jumped in after them. When they landed, the hole caved in and trapped them and they heard Tim say he would find another way in.

  • So they went through a door and saw that there were four cars sitting around and two of them had invisible robots in them.

  • Two people would have to race and win to accomplish the task so Steve and Bobby since they were the best drivers won instantly and they moved on.

  • The next room was empty except for a large sword fish sitting there looking at them. All of a sudden a large ugly monster emerged from nowhere with blazing eyes who breathed fire.

  • Mario said, I know what to do so he got the sword fish in hand and climbed on Bobby like a horse with his friends by his side and attacked the mighty beast.

  • All of a sudden a falling pineapple fell on Steves head and he awoke to find himself sitting by his friends.

  • Wow you were out for a while, said Luke. Mario said he put it all on YouTube, What happened said fox Wheres the monster? Dont worry, said Luke, it was all just a dream.