The Top 7 Tech Savvy Cars for 2016

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DESCRIPTION mean many things for many people. To some, the biggest engines, and fastest 0-60mph times, are the most important things in a car. To others, all they need out of their car is an engine that runs, an air-conditioner that keeps them cool and a stereo system that will play their songs


  • The Top 7 Tech Savvy Cars for 2016

    Cars mean many things for many people. To some, the biggest engines, and fastest 0-60mph times, are the most important things in a car. To others, all they need out of their car is an engine that runs, an air-conditioner that keeps them cool and a stereo system that will play their songs. Now though, we live in a world of data plans, smartwatches and iPads; the top-trumps of cars are quickly becoming the technology thatyou can use in order to drive or while you are driving. Only the newest technology will do, which is why we take a look at some of the most tech savvy cars for 2016. Please share your opinions about these cars on our blog at

    1. Chevrolet CruzeThe 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is packing a punch in the technology department. If you havent seen the commercials by now, theyre going to be coming with their own wireless Internet connection thanks to the OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. This hotspot will support up to seven different mobile devices at any given time and the coverage extends to essentially every place in North America that has roads. Anywhere you can take your car, the Internet can now go with you!

    Thats not all you get with the new Chevy Cruze, its also coming with Apples CarPlay and Android Auto. These programs will allow you to hook up your phone to your infotainment system and run apps through the display. This includes apps such as your music streaming or the maps on your phone, but more and more third-party apps are joining in on the fun as time goes by.

    2. Honda PilotWhen the new Honda Pilot hits the roads it will be doing so with a lot of family friendly technology. The Pilot will have some cool technology like an 8 touch screen display. It will also have a new navigation system that includes 3D rendering of terrain, buildings and road signs; heck, it even has an optional Blu-ray player and 9 screen in the back. If you dont like the technology in the Honda dont worry, the Pilot comes with up to five USB-ports, four of which are designed for better recharging of mobile devices, which means you can keep your iPad or smartphone fully charged no longer how long youre eyes are glued to the screen while youre on the road.

    If all else fails, bring along your X-Box or Playstation. Plug in your console to the HDMI port and power outlet and your gaming sessions need never stop.

    3. Ford Electric Vehicles Ford has a lot of cool tech coming out in cars like the Fiesta and Focus, the launching grounds for their newly redesigned SYNC 3 infotainment system, but thats not where the real technology lies in 2016.

  • Fords range of Electric Vehicles, such as the Fusion, are now going to link up with your smart watch with their new MyFord Mobile App. This will allow you to check the charge level of your car, driving range and even help you track it if youve forgotten where you parked it last.

    4. Audi A4Last year Audi launched their virtual cockpit in their TT model and for 2016 theyre bringing it to the brand new A4. The virtual cockpit gets rid of your traditional speedometer and rev-counter and replaces it with a 12.3 LCD screen. The screen can show off a wide variety of information and having your navigation pop up behind the wheel can only come off as cool.

    If that screen isnt enough for you, dont worry the new A4 also has an 8.3 center console. The infotainment system has a touchpad, rotary control and an intelligent text-free search function. If that werent enough the A4 also includes a Bang & Olufsen Sound System and an Audi tablet for rear-seat entertainment.

    5. Volvo XC90 T6Volvo isnt always the coolest car company, but the 2016 XC90 has some undeniably cool tech. The coolest of that tech is undeniably their new Pilot Assist feature, which isnt quite an autopilot feature, but as close as you can come to one for now. If youre in a traffic jam in the new Volvo, no problem, just turn on Pilot Assist, sit back and doanything you want apart from drive thats already being taken care of.

    When doing less than 30mph the XC90 will simply match the speed and steering of the car in front of you. You can sit in traffic without touching either the gas or brake pedal, without even touching the steering wheel. When it comes time that the vehicle is out of its comfort zone and wants you to take proper control again, it simply chimes to get your attention and away you go.

    6. Mercedes-Benz E-ClassThe E-Class has always set a high benchmark for technology and the 2016 model is no different. This year the German sedan will feature remote parking, which will allow drivers to get out of their car as the vehicle controls itself to park in a tight area, all while controlling it from their smartphone.

    Thats not the only thing happening on your phone either as Mercedes-Benz will be the first to introduce the smartphone car key. If you have a compatible phone, thats all youll need to drive your E-Class. No more clunky keys in your pocket or annoyingkey chains, just you, your smartphone and your Benz all working in perfect harmony.

    7. BMW 7-SeriesThe BMW, like its rival from Mercedes, is also going to have a remote parking feature, but thats not the only trick up this Germans sleeve. No, the 2016 7-Series is also going to have Gesture Control.

  • Want to turn up the volume on your favourite song? Simply draw a circle clock-wise with your finger. Pick up a phone call? All you need to do is point at the display screen with one finger when it starts ringing. It may sound a bit unusual, but there isno doubt that this kind of technology will redefine what it means to be hands-free for years to come.