The United Nations estimate that there are 67 million primary school age children in the world. 11.4 million of the world’s children fail to complete

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  • The United Nations estimate that there are 67 million primary school age children in the world. 11.4 million of the worlds children fail to complete primary school. Lack of even this basic education has a direct impact on the lives of young people they lack even the basic skills to break the cycle of misery and poverty. United Nations, State of the Worlds Children Report 2012
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  • Without basic literacy and numeracy skills, children like these will be condemned to a life with hope. They will struggle to feed themselves and their families. They will die young, in the same misery they were born into.
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  • Were doing something about it and having doing for over 70 years.
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  • We work with local organisations all around the world. They are set up by local people, to bring local solutions to local problems.
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  • Heres just a few more: Grace Christian School, Siyabuswa, South Africa HIV/AIDS affected children, orphans and local vulnerable children. Word of Hope childrens home, Yangon, Burma. New Vision Orphanage, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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  • And more JKPS, Calcutta, India children of sex workers and trafficked young people. Beginning of Life, Moldova girls and young women who are sex trafficked victims. EMAF, coastal Brazil daycare centres in isolated fishing communities.
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  • Cookie Challenge - Raise money for projects worldwide! Schools and groups in the UK raise money by making and selling cookies and biscuits for their chosen project. To encourage your fundraising efforts, we provide regular updates, videos and messages from children you are helping. More info at:
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  • How to contact us: WorldShare Registered Office Address: Armstrong House, First Avenue, Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster DN9 3GA Tel : 01302 775209 Email : Web : Other legal info: The 'WorldShare' and 'ChildAid' logos are registered trademarks. WorldShare is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales No. 2498199 Is WorldShare a charity - registered with the Charity Commission in England & Wales? Yes! our registration number is No. 803575


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