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    The very next big things

    W rorld Pumps has just returned from the Europump Assembly in France, the annual gathering of member European pump makers. This year, several topics in particular came to the fore. Life Cycle Cost, for example, seems to be the new anthem of the pump industry. "Think not of the initial capital cost of your pump purchase," we're told, "but of the costs incurred over the entire lifetime of the system. Poor efficiency, unreliable running and frequent repairs all limit the potential for running a profitable operation. The expenditure up front is simply the tip of a very large iceberg." Who can argue with that? Well, one person did. The problem, asserted the lone dissenting voice, lies in the timeframe. How realistic is it to expect to expect contractors for example to configure systems for efficient operation over such a long term? Contractors - it is alleged - are more interested in ensuring their work meets contractual obligations over the warranty period. That's typically three to five years on substantial projects. Thereafter, it's not really their problem.

    T he answer, as ever, lies in education. Whether undertaking the work themselves or through third party contractors, customers need to understand the economics of long term efficient pump

    operation and take action to achieve it. The benefits are clear, and

    potentially iceberg-sized. That's why, if you listen, you'll hear

    manufacturer after manufacturer starting to beat the same drum.

    Expect the Life Cycle Cost message to reverberate ever louder in the

    months to come.

    T he other buzz subject was, inevitably, E-commerce. As World Pumps pointed out in its own presentation, so few pump manufacturers claim to exploit it yet. It's clear though that the manufacturing and industrial world in general is standing on the crest of a wave of Internet-harnessing solutions, that promise to redefine the supplier/customer transaction. Indeed, the Hydraulic Institute - which

    is developing an ever closer working relationship with its European cousin - announced that the theme of its next Spring meeting would essentially be how the pump industry can, should and will embrace the E-commerce revolution. It's an exciting period to be around. This time next year, we'll all be E-millionaires, honest.


    WORLD PUMPS July 2000 i3