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The village magazine for Gayton, Gayton Thorpe, East Walton, Ashwicken,Leziate & Bawsey with East Winch and West Bilney in Norfolk. UK.


  • The Gayton Group of Parishes November 2015 | 03


    Our Pastoral Team

    Revd Jane Holmes Team Rector 01553 636227

    Revd Judith Pollard Team Vicar 01485 601251

    Revd Sue Martin Hospital Chaplain 01553 636570

    Joy Smith Reader 01485 600769

    Nell Steele Reader 01553 840814

    Revd Jane Holmes Pastoral Care 01553 636227

    The Magazine Team

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    & Bawsey 01553 630993

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    Church Contacts

    All Saints Church, Ashwicken & Leziate with St James, Bawsey

    Churchwarden: Steve Williamson 01553 630203

    St Marys Church, East Walton

    Churchwarden: Bill Lewis 01760 337438

    St Marys Church, Gayton Thorpe

    Churchwarden: Sarah Kerkham 01553 636253

    St Nicholas Church, Gayton

    Contact: Stan Watkinson 01553 636629

    The Dec. issue is due from the 27th. Copy in by 17th Nov.

    November 15

    Hello Everybody,

    Well, here we are in November. Quite a reflective month don't you think? Apart from

    Armistice Day, which of course is a day of reflection and gratitude for all those who

    suffered for our freedom, there is this feeling of looking back over the year and

    things quietening down before the mad rush and excitement of Christmas.

    The gardening tools and sandals are put away and the knitting needles and Scrabble

    board dug out as we once again embrace the season of Mist and mellow fruitfulness.

    (Does anyone know the second line of the poem? I think I know the words, but not

    necessarily in the right order!) Enjoy this calm it won't last. Gina

  • 04 The Gayton Group of Parishes November 2015 |


    01485 600341


    Diarrhoea and vomiting are often caused by viruses. Vomiting usually

    settles within 24 - 48 hours, and diarrhoea may persist for a few days

    after the vomiting has settled. Provided that the patient is able to drink

    to replace the fluid lost in diarrhoea/vomit, there is usually no need to

    seek medical attention.

    Try to ensure a normal fluid intake by drinking plenty. If you are

    vomiting, drink small amounts frequently. There is no need to starve.

    In babies, milk feeds may be stopped for up to 24 hours, but should

    then be restarted at full strength. Breast feeding should continue.

    When to see the doctor

    If a child who is ill refuses to drink

    If diarrhoea persists for more than one week

    If diarrhoea recurs on restarting milk feeds

    If a child with diarrhoea or vomiting has a temperature for more

    than 24 hours

    If you think that you (or your child) are seriously unwell

    Sick notes for minor illnesses

    Doctors do not issue sick notes for

    illnesses that last up

    to one week.

    You should ask your employer for a

    Self -Certificate form, which your

    employer is legally obliged to


  • The Gayton Group of Parishes November 2015 | 05

    OLLARISHIONERST A POLLARISHIONERST A PI recently accompanied two of our schools Harpley and Great Massingham - on a

    visit to Norwich Cathedral where, with other Norfolk primary schools, they explored

    the question: Who is Jesus? The children and teachers! - were given many

    opportunities all around the cathedral to explore in small groups different aspects of

    Jesus' life and work. They took with them beautiful crosses they had made with the

    schools' prayers on them which were used in a service at the end of the day. I was

    privileged to be alongside our schools. The children behaved impeccably and really

    engaged with different learning opportunities on offer, which ranged from music and

    movement, writing a praise song, acting and thinking about different ways to pray

    and listening to stories from Jesus' life. Well done to everyone, you did us all


    Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot... Yes, it's

    that Guy Fawkes time of year once more. Don't forget to keep safe if you are

    having a Bonfire Party or going to a fireworks display. Remember the Firework

    Code. You can't be too careful with so many dangers around.


    November also brings the season of Remembrance. This year November 8 will be th

    Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day falls the following Wednesday (11 .) It is

    profoundly important to have this annual opportunity to remember with deep

    gratitude the ultimate sacrifice made by members of our Armed Forces (and also

    civilians) both in previous wars - and those who tragically continue to lose their lives

    to this day in theatres of war throughout the world for the freedoms we hold so dear.

    Let us also remember the work of the Royal British Legion, providing lifelong support

    for the Armed forces community, and other important military charities. There are

    many veterans living with the consequences of life-changing mental or physical

    injuries, re-building their lives. You may have seen the recent BBC programme DIY

    SOS from Manchester? It brought home the great need to affirm and empower our

    veterans and their families in civilian life after their careers in the Armed Forces have

    ended. May God bless us all,

    Revd Judith.


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    Yoga ClassesBeginners & improvers

    Young & not-so-young

    Mondays & Wednesdays

    7.30pm - 9pm

    Wednesdays 6.10pm - 7.10pm

    Methodist Chapel

    Chapel Road

    Pott Row

    Call Debra on

    01485 601136

    Full, part or assisted DIY livery

    Secure yard, trailer parking

    Indoor school

    (available for external hire)

    Jumping paddock

    Grazing only available

    Quiet location, secure fencing

    07900 083208

    01485 600120 (evenings only)

    EWING &

    DAUGHTERsCarpentry Maintenance Renovations

    All Building Works Undertaken Fitted Kitchens

    Internal Carpentry Works (Doors,Wood Flooring,Custom

    Fitted Wardrobes etc.)

    External Carpentry Works ( Traditional Cut Roofs,

    Windows & Doors, Facias, Fencing and much more)

    Tel: 07794 151588 or 01553 630227


    Please contact for a free friendly no obligation quote.





    The Parish Council met on Wednesday

    14th October 2015.

    The Parish Council was pleased to

    report that a solution had been found to

    having a bus stop formalized along

    Gayton Road. This stop has been in

    existence for a while, but NCC is

    hoping to formalize it with a pole.

    Residents at number 14 have very

    kindly agreed to this outside their

    house. Cllr Coke was present and

    explained that money is allocated at

    County for a small number of projects

    like this; the money couldn't be used in

    any other area. The Parish Council is

    delighted with this solution and pleased

    to have a formal bus stop as it appears

    The silica sand review is now under

    way. Leziate Parish Council was very

    keen that they would be involved at the

    beginning of the next stage which is the

    areas of search. Cllr Coke explained

    that this won't happen and we will only

    be consultees after this has taken

    place. The Parish Council felt that the

    whole review needs to be monitored

    It seems that a lot of the Highway work

    that was expected to be actioned is still

    waiting to be done. Once again

    Councillors raised the issue of the

    Parish Council and NCC liaising,

    particularly in the case of Highways and


    teams to paths that hadn't been cut

    rather than cutting certain paths a

    number of times.

    The Clerk will continue to try and get

    some work done by Highways.

    Once again a query was raised about

    the speed limit in East Winch Road. Cllr

    Coke explained that this road does not

    meet the criteria for a lower speed limit.

    Cllr Barnet queried if the criteria for

    Norfolk should be reviewed.

    Concern was raised about obnoxious

    odours in Gayton Road. If this affects

    you then the advice is to contact

    BCKLWN on 616200 option 2. They are

    aware of the problem but if they can

    highlight who is being affected then it

    will help their investigation.

    Cllr Coke reported that there are going

    to be some severe cuts at County Hall,

    and the council tax will probably

    increase, but hopefully by no more than

    2%. It appears that the Parish Council

    will be asked to take on more duties in

    the coming financial year.

    The Parish Council agreed to get

    quotations to prune the hedge on the

    left hand side of the Village Hall and

    next month we should be able to make

    a decision on this work.

    Leziate Parish Council next meets on th

    11 November 2015, 7.30pm in the

    village hall. All parishioners are


    The Parish Council could have directed

    The Gayton Group of Parishes November 2015 | 07

  • 08 The Gayton Group of Parishes November 2015 |

    Leziate Village Hall.Proudly present

    The King's Lynn Centre Stage Swing

    Band Christmas Concert

    On December 7th - 7pm for 7.30

    Tickets on the door. Price TBA

    Refreshments provided by the WI.

    Everyone is welcome.

    East Walton Bonfire & Fireworks - Its That Time of Year Again

    Saturday 7th November @ 7pm Adults 4 Children 2

    "Will the special effects work this year?????

    This years proceeds are going to the Riding for the Disabled



  • The Gayton Group of Parishes November 2015 | 09



    Members were pleased to welcome Hazel Gillingham to the October meeting. She

    gave a talk on the life of Mary Seacole. Mary Seacole was born in Jamaica in 1805 of a

    British father and Jamaican mother. She was brought up by her grandmother as her

    mother owned and ran a store and hotel on the island. However, much of Mary's

    entrepreneurship and medical knowledge came from her mother. She gained further

    knowledge as she embarked on many travels outside the Caribbean. With her brother

    she owned a hotel in Panama for a while and there was instrumental in helping and

    saving patients suffering from cholera, having suffered from the disease herself. She

    once again journeyed to England when the Crimean War broke out. She applied to the

    War Office and Florence Nightingale's group of nurses to be allowed to go to the Crimea

    and tend to the sick and wounded but was turned away. Undeterred she joined a

    distant relative who was going to Balaclava on business. They set up a general store

    and hotel near the British camp in the summer of 1855 near the besieged city of

    Sevastopol. Although her work tending wounded soldiers was appreciated by the

    British Army, when she returned to England after the war she didn't receive the

    recognition she deserved and which was afforded to Florence Nightingale and her

    group. However, in recent years Mary Seacole's efforts in overcoming discrimination

    and prejudice - risking her life to bring comfort to wounded and dying soldiers - is at last

    being recognised. Hazel was thanked for her most interesting and enthusiastic talk.

    Various Centenary events had been enjoyed in September, particular the Nar Valley

    Group Tea Party held in the Assembly Rooms, Swaffham, when the food served was

    based on the same menu as that served to W.I. members at the Buckingham Palace

    Garden Party in June. Arrangements were discussed for the Nar Valley Group Meeting

    as was the annual visit to Caithness Crystal in November.

    The competition to guess the weight of an object was won by Hilda Bond the winning

    weight being 2lbs. 10 ozs. and the prize being the object a bottle of rum. Handy for

    your Christmas cakes Hilda!


    The next meeting on Tuesday 3 November will include the Annual General Meeting

    when various reports will be given and an election of the new Committee will take place.

    Andrea Lorriman

  • 10 | The Gayton Group of Parishes November 2015

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  • The Gayton Group of Parishes November 2015 | 11

    Gayton EvergreensUnfortunately due to the new entry date and my absence I have been unable to

    make reports for the September and October magazines, my apologies for that just

    in case anyone was relying on it for information.

    At the August meeting we had a very good speaker from the Stroke Association.

    Members listened to a very interesting and informative talk.

    The winners of 5 each on the football tote Mrs Alex Fenn and Mrs Dion Fosgate.

    In September members enjoyed a lovely cheese & wine spread and the winners of

    5 each on the football tote were Mr Ron Woolard and Mrs Mavis Coats.


    October was the month in which our AGM took place, on the 21 , but once again the

    date is such that the report will be another

    This November 25 members will gather at the Farmers Arms for an early Christmas

    Lunch, Will all members that want to come but haven't yet paid please ring Derek

    asap on 01553 636377 thank you. Just a little reminder for members please do not

    arrive before 12-30pm

    Our Carol service will take place in the Gayton Jubilee Hall at 2-30pm on th

    Wednesday December 16 ; to be followed by Sher...