The 'Way' to Live a Spiritual Life by Mariz Zaragosa

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?A Sermon is an oration made by a prophet or member of a clergy.? -Wikipedia.A sermon is always a Mo...


  • 1. The 'Way' to Live a Spiritual Life by Mariz Zaragosa ?A Sermon is an oration made by a prophet or member of a clergy.? - Wikipedia. A sermon is always a Moral topic with a belief between both the past events and the present context. It is conveyed in a place for worship like Church. Sermon is not a Native English Word. It has been derived from the Medieval English which again is derived from a French Word which in turn again came from an Latin Word Sermo. The equivalent word for it in English is Discourse and can also mean Conversation. Sermon on the Mount is the most famous Sermon in Christianity and was delivered by Jesus Nazareth. Ok so this was a technical discussion on this topic dealing with the origin of the word and its importance in the History. But what these sermons are actually meant for is to guide a lay man to lead a life of Respect and be in constant touch with GOD. I guess, I am still a bit technical. So let me get extremely simple with this. The most precious thing we have gained as a Human being is that we have the ability to Think. One major difference between the Humans and the Animals is that, they are programmed to lead a certain kind of life by Nature while in our case Nature has been generous enough and has given us the powers to program our mind the way we like and lead a life. This enables us to Believe in a Divine Power that governs us all on a Common Rule Set which is completely based on Ethics and nothing else. But as every coin has two sides, the mind which can lead us to an extremely fulfilling and spiritual life is also the one which make our life a living hell, a complete disaster. And I stress that the line that separates the Good from Evil is extremely thin. If you are the Master you lead the former life. If your ?Mind? is the master, you will be forced to live through soulless life. Just to save ourselves from this condition, these sermons were delivered and are still delivered to us. These Sermons are so Basic and complete that they stand correct everywhere and at anytime. They are time-tested facts that can help us lead a spiritual life. So now you must have understood the importance of the Sermons in your life. But then I see another question haunting you. Where am I supposed to find them and understand them? Fortunately, the Sermons are accessible in their most detailed form the following Website.

2. Now just think, if you have found a way to learn those sermons, understand them the correct way, learn how to follow them correctly in your life and have found a way to make your soul worthy of you, what would you do? The answer to this question will make the whole difference that is to be seen in you. If you have heard about Dr. David Mains and his wife Karen Mains, you would not wait to read the following paragraphs. I know that but if in case you are unaware of it then this is just introduction. Karen Mains is a prolific writer and is the author of the Best Selling book Open Heart, Open Home. This book has changed the life of many people. The book is written in an extremely practical manner and the author has taken enough care to make it applicable instantly. She has also started an extended program to help the people out in a more beautiful way after the success of her book. David and Karen's initiative has shown profound impact on the social life of the people. Their only motive was to help people realize GOD, become more spiritual know their soul better. This introduction is more than enough for any person, who wishes to quench his spiritual thirst, to be set on the track to spiritual renounciation. You are being offered a new life, a life completely free from worries, jealousy, hatred, failure and aloneness. It now counts on your decision. The ball is your court and believe a wrong decision now is impossible.