The Web: resources and links

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The Web: resources and links. Web link. URL. URL. The Semantic Web: typed resources and links. Painting “Woman with hat SFMOMA. Dublin Core creator. ULAN Henri Matisse. Web link. URL. URL. Pillar 1: semantic annotation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • The Web: resources and linksURLURLWeb link

  • The Semantic Web: typed resources and linksURLURLWeb linkULAN

    Henri MatisseDublin Core

    creatorPaintingWoman with hatSFMOMA

  • Pillar 1: semantic annotationDescription of web objects with concepts from multiple shared vocabularyOption 1: semi-automatic metadata enrichmentOption 2: user-generated metadata

  • Pillar 2: semantic search & presentationSearch for objects which are linked via concepts (semantic link)Use the type of semantic link to provide meaningful presentation of the search resultsPresentation styles:Semantic clusteringMapTime lineFacet browsingParisMontmartrePartOfQueryParis

  • The myth of a unified vocabularyIn large virtual collections there are always multiple vocabularies In multiple languagesEvery vocabulary has its own perspectiveYou cant just merge them But you can use vocabularies jointly by defining a limited set of linksVocabulary alignmentIt is surprising what you can do with just a few links

  • Pillar 3: vocabulary alignmentTokugawa

  • Planned: large-scale deploymentMoving to 100-150M triples, 30+ collectionsEU cultural heritage portal http:/ Scalability is keyLoad balancing, 32+Gb RAMSearch algorithmsMethodology for including new collections Continuous user and usability studies