The Wolf Hunters of the Wild History The Wolf, Grey Wolf or Timber Wolf is the largest canine carnivore. The dog family is thought to have evolved from

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<p>The Wolf</p> <p>The WolfHunters of the Wild</p> <p>HistoryThe Wolf, Grey Wolf or Timber Wolf is the largest canine carnivore.The dog family is thought to have evolved from the wolf of a common ancestor.</p> <p>The FamilyDogsCoyotesArctic FoxJackalsDingoes</p> <p>The Hunt For FoodWolves hunt in packs and are able to overcome large animals such as elk and deer.They also eat game birds, waterfowl, rabbits, and smaller rodents.Other species such as the Bald Eagle will excel on their leftovers.</p> <p> Wolf eating their prey.</p> <p>PredatorsTheir only predator is manStarvation and disease are their other biggest killers.Car accidents will take their toll.Bears will sometime eat the young cubs.Fighting among the packs will deaths.</p> <p> Wolf hunting.HuntingWolves will hunt in a pack.They will take turns running their prey for hours.Some prey just quit, and let themselves be killed after the constant stalking.</p> <p> Wolf hunting for prey.</p> <p>Family Planning MatingBegins in its second or third year.May not even mate when the food supply is scarce.Pus may be different colors within the same litterLarge litters are born when prey is abundant.</p> <p>CommunicationsWolves Communicate vocally, using whines, whimpers, growls, barks and howls.HowlingWhines indicate pain or submission.Growling indicates anger or aggression.A bark is a warning sign.Howling is used for gathering the pack for a hunt.Howls are the most enigmatic and fascinating noise made by wolves.For some humans it is a voice of the wilderness. For others it is the sound of evil that strikes a chord of fear and hatred.</p> <p>The FutureWhether you like or hate the wolf, they are a graceful, deadly animal that is part of our history and should be part of our future.</p> <p>The End</p>